[Approved] DAOrecords Activities - Sept & Oct 2023

[Proposal] DAOrecords Activities - Sept & Oct 2023

Introduction: DAOrecords was established in 2020 to help facilitate the release of Music NFTs and onboard musicians into the Web3 space. You can find our Near Social profile here.

For additional background information on DAOrecords you can refer to our approved proposal to Creatives DAO here - [Approved] DAOrecords - Mission: Onboarding // April & May 2023 * The reason for linking this information is that we find it redundant to have to rewrite it every times we create a new proposal. I hope this won’t be an issue.

Funding Proposal

This proposal is comprised of FOUR Elements

  • S.E.A. Road Show
  • ETH Milan Activities
  • BOS Gateway V1

Total Request = $5,000
Target Wallet: daorecords.sputnik-dao.near


We are planning a side event in Ho Chi Minh City as a part of the events to coincide with NEAR APAC that will be focused on Music. This event will be a DAOrecords collaborative event with BeatDAO, Creatives DAO & Proof of Vibes.


BOS Beats is an event aimed to showcase the musical talents of NEAR who are attending NEAR APAC. It will focus primarily on members of DAOrecords & BeatDAO who will be attending and we plan to include additional local artists from our network.

The event will run for 4 hours at Indika in HCMC within proximity of the conference venue and will take place on 12th September. It will be a mix of live performances and DJ sets.

BOS Beats will not only showcase our talents, but also engage the audience through interactions with NEAR technology, such as:

  • NEAR Account Creation for Public Attendees
  • Short talks about Creatives DAO, DAOrecords, BeatDAO & Proof of Vibes
  • QRC for I Am Human registration
  • QRC for Proof of Vibes NFT Claim
  • NFT Ticket for attendance (Limited VIP Tickets & Regular Tickets using Shard Dog)
  • Lucky Draw to win NEAR & Swag (New signups)
  • Additional integrations…


Our main objective is to showcase the talents from Creatives DAO and provide a quality “Side Event” experience for attendees of NEAR APAC. We also aim to showcase what DAOrecords is doing and highlight our partners - BeatDAO & Proof of Vibes to create more awareness for these amazing projects building in the Near ecosystem. By hosting a side event that is focused on Music, this is our way to represent at NEAR APAC as we aren’t able to be a featured project at the actual conference. It’s also an opportunity for use to show how we can host a badass and entertaining event for conference goers!

As this event is aimed to be open to the public, it’s also an opportunity to onboard new people to Near. The venue is “crypto friendly” so it’s also an opportunity to get them onboarded and help them learn more about the cool projects related to their industry on Near as well.

Event Details:

With a venue capacity of 150+ people, we are expecting roughly 100 attendees for BOS Beats. We will be giving away tickets (NFTs) at the NEAR APAC conference with 150 tickets available to be claimed. 25 VIP tickets will be awarded to the first 25 people to arrive at the venue. VIPs will have access to a free drink and Pizza (while supplies last).

  • Tuesday September 12th 2023 at Indika Saigon from 8PM to 12AM
  • Performances by @Wiswiz & @vandal plus DJ sets by @vandal (might include special guests)
  • Short talks about our partners by Vandal & friends during intermissions.

Marketing Plan:

During NEAR APAC we will be distributing flyers to all the people we meet and inviting them to come to the party. The flyers will have a QR code that leads to an NFT ticket claim via Shard Dog. More information on the party will be listed on the DAOrecords Website and shared across BOS. Of course we will be promoting the party across all our social media accounts and will push our partners to do the same.

  • Website
    • A dedicated page on DAOrecords.org with all the details for the event
  • Flyers & Posters
    • Flyers to hand out at NEAR APAC & Posters to pin up at conference & event venues
    • Official Side Event for for NEAR APAC *pending approval from organizing team
  • Marketing Materials
    • Posters - A4 size x 4 (venue) x 4 A4 (Conference)
    • Flyers - Name Card Size (x200)
    • DAOrecords Buntings (x2) - Already in hand (need extra baggage for flight transport)
    • DAOrecords / TR33 Name Cards (x200)
    • QR codes printed & cut out for tables at venue


  • Venue Rental = $100
    • VIP Zone: Drink (x25) & Pizza x 6
    • Use of Venue
    • Audio & Technical needs
  • Marketing Materials = $400
    • Design work
    • Printing needs
    • Website & BOS Page update
  • Flight & Transport = $150 (Return booked on AirAsia - Kuala Lumpur/Ho Chi Minh)
  • NEAR APAC VIP Ticket = $100

Total = $750

S.E.A. Road Show

DAOrecords is collaborating with GOA Music Lab to run a 3 city mini-tour to promote Web3 tools for Artists. As mentioned in the GLOA proposal, the idea is to run a series of small-scale events aimed at testing the waters in Kuala Lumpur, Koh Phangan and Bangkok.


Our primary objective is to create awareness around the amazing tools in the Near ecosystem that Artists can benefit from and to attract more people to join the Creatives DAO community. There will also be a music showcase by team members as well as local artists.

We plan to attract the crypto curious, alongside those already familiar with Web3.


We are requesting the cost of the flights for @vandal to Koh Phangan and Bangkok, with a return to Kuala Lumpur along with the entertainment related costs for the events.

Event Series Dates & Locations:

Kuala Lumpur:

Date: 20th September 2023
Venue: Fono KL
Artists - Vandal, ANIMISM, Abstract Nature

Entertainment budget = $150

Koh Phangan

Date: 23rd September 2023
Venue: The Bambu
Artists - Vandal, ANIMISM + Special Guests

Entertainment Budget = $150


Date: 27th September
Venue: Speakerbox BKK
Artists - Vandal, ANIMISM & Sticky Keys

Entertainment Budget = $150
Flights & Transport = $250

Total = $700

We will be documenting all events and putting together video recaps to showcase the highlights. Videos and Photos will be shared across all socials.

ETH Milan Activities

DAOrecords will be attending ETH Milan! Both @vandal and @masiaone have secured funding from Creatives DAO for flights (view proposal here) and are all booked to fly in on the 4th October until the 9th October.

This request is to cover the cost of accommodation for 5 nights at an AirBNB with an average cost of $200/night for a total of $1000.

Our participation in ETH Milan under the banner of Creatives DAO and DAOrecords will involve our involvement in promoting the Creatives DAO space, any panels or talks related to Web3 Music and performances for any event Creatives DAO will participate in.

We were advised to avoid doing a side event and work together with the ETH Milan events team to be involved in their official afterparty. To simplify this, we will perform (Vandal & Masia One) at any opportunity that will be provided us.

Costs Breakdown:

Accommodation = $1000
Performance Allocation = $250
Per diem = $150

Total = $1400

ETH KL 2023 Attendance

This request is to participate as an attendee at ETH KL 2023. This includes tickets and transportation for the conference dates - 13th to 15th October 2023.

I will be actively promoting DAOrecords and NEAR to all the people i meet and the primary goal is to further awareness of our project as well as connect with potential investors, developers and media people.

I had asked about non Ethereum project involvement, but they were not too responsive to the question, as I was thinking to do something to involve Creatives DAO.

Costs = $150

DAOrecords BOS Gateway V1

It has been our goal to build a BOS Gateway for DAOrecords. An official Gateway would enable us to integrate our various features into widgets and have them all in one place, on-chain and connected to the ecosystem. It’s now come time to propose the construction of V1 of this gateway and get the ball rolling!

Description: Build V1 of DAOrecords BOS Gateway

Expected outcome:

  1. Build Main Tab of DAOrecords BOS Landing Page (Marketplace)
    • Showcase all available DAOrecords Audio NFTs with descriptions
    • Make the NFTs purchasable
  2. Integrate the Audio NFT Player Widget
  3. Integrate TR33 as a widget
  4. About Us Tab & Link to Horizon Profile
  5. Connect DAOrecords DAO
  6. Increase sales & utility of DAOrecords Audio NFTs

Activities & Timelines:

September 2023

  1. Post on Gov Forum about DAOrecords BOS Gateway and share across socials
  2. Create a “Request” on DAOrecords Horizon Profile
  3. Promote Request across ecosystem
  4. Coordinate with Request winner on a call to go over the details

There is a possibility that we will host this “Request” at NEAR APAC as a part of the Hackathon. If this is the case, we aim to complete everything by early September

October 2023

  1. Create visual elements as needed
  2. Deploy Testnet
  3. Deploy on Mainnet & Launch via daorecords.io

Budget Breakdown:

  • Build Budget for “Request” - $1,800
  • Project Management - $200 (vandal.near)

Total: $2,000

What is the goal of the DAO’s objective?

Our goal is to begin developing a robust DAOrecords BOS Gateway, which will become the destination for anyone visiting daorecords.io.

More specific to this proposal, the goal is to create the first version of a tool that DAOrecords can offer current and future Artists and then move forward introduce new functions and integrations over the coming months.


  1. Increase NFT Sale
  2. Create more awareness of DAOrecords BOS Gateway

Roadmap to reach the goal

DAOrecords BOS Gateway V1

  1. Build out the core components of our BOS Gateway
  2. Integrate existing elements - Audio NFT Player, TR33…

DAOrecords BOS Gateway V2

  1. Integrate our NFT Staking widget ($SPLASH rewards)
  2. Build V2 (fork) of the Audio NFT player

TR33 V2

  1. Fine tune UI/UX of TR33 and incorporate a referral element to the dapp
  2. NFTs purchasable from TR33 directly

How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

The objective is always onboarding, whether its new artists or fans/supporters, regardless of the support via Grants. Of course, with support we will be able to move forward according to the plan and continue to collaborate and integrate various Near ecosystem projects into what we are building.

Just to reiterate, we want to build a complete set of tools for Artists and Labels, which includes tools to generate more sales and engage collectors.

What will the community or the team members’ role be?

Team members are always engaged in all aspects of what we are doing with DAOrecords! Their contributions and ideas are always included in what we do!

Total request number: $5,000 (USDc)

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): daorecords.sputnik-dao.near

cc @creativesdao-council :grinning:


Comprehensive proposal. Looking forward to brainstorming and masterminding in S.E.A.


Created a draft poster for BOS Beats and just dropping it here to share progress… The QR code will link to the website page with the detailed event info so don’t scan it now…

UPDATE - I’ve created a splash page for the event at - BOS Beats - A NEAR APAC Side Event


The proposal was granted approval on August 20th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details:

Regarding feedback on your project and the proposal, please check the report:

Please follow the steps in the guide below in order to receive a grant:

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Thanks @Paul I’ve completed the form and previously filled the KYC form. Let me know if there’s anything else I missed or need to do. Cheers!


I’ve made a few Updates…

The final Poster for BOS BEATS is here! You can register for the event by clocking here!

Also… Updated the venue for the BKK edition of our SEA Mini Tour to Speakerbox, as Jam Cafe was booked on the night we wanted.