[APPROVED] Proof of Vibes X Creatives DAO Partnership



Proof of Vibes is a global network of tastemakers, promoters, and curators. Our mission being to curate the best experiences possible for our clients. We aim to foster active engagement and community learning, serving as a platform for creatives to network, collaborate, and showcase their talent.

Team Experience

So boom between my Co-Founder and I we have over 30 years in event planning. Yes 30 years. Selling out shows and concerts across the globe. All the way from the legendary Apollo Theatre to South Africa!

My Co-Founder Anthony Marshall (https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonymarshall) Established the Lyricst Lounge in the early 1990s, which began as an open mic event for aspiring hip hop artists in New York City. The aim was to provide a platform for young and talented lyricists to showcase their skills in a safe and encouraging environment. The event quickly gained popularity and recognition within the music industry for its ability to discover and nurture new talent. And even landing it’s very own show on MTV. (The Lyricist Lounge Show f Snoop Dogg - We The Hostages (2000) - YouTube)

Over the years, the Lyricist Lounge expanded its scope and reach, transitioning from small gatherings to larger events and performances. Notable artists like P Diddy, Wu-Tang Clan, and DJ Jazzy Jeff graced its stage, providing a significant boost to its reputation and further solidifying its position as an influential force in the hip hop scene.

Furthermore, the Lyricist Lounge was also instrumental in launching the careers of many now-famous artists. It provided them with an opportunity to perform in front of live audiences and connect with industry professionals, a critical step in their journey towards fame.

Value Proposition

Our proposal is designed to increase the reach of Creatives DAO within the global creative community. We aim to host three major events that will place NEAR and Creatives DAO at the heart of key conversations, nurturing growth and innovation within the ecosystem. These events are estimated to attract a substantial number of participants, expanding NEAR’s user base and increasing on-chain activity.


:telescope: Overview

Welcome to the NEAR Toronto Hub: Kick-Off Party, an exhilarating event that marks the launch of the NEAR Toronto Regional Hub and concludes the three-day Collision Conference. Join us as we celebrate the intersection of innovation, technology, and community, immersed in a social atmosphere filled with great people and creativity.

Throughout the evening, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, explore Toronto’s vibrant culture, and experience music and art. Indulge in delicious food and beverages while witnessing the official introduction of NEAR Toronto, solidifying its position as a key community in the NEAR and Toronto ecosystems.

Taking place on the final day of the conference, this event serves as a fantastic opportunity to forge lasting connections, drive collaboration, and ignite innovation within the NEAR Toronto community.


•6:00 PM - 7:00 PM: Registration - Social Hour
•7:00 PM - 7:30 PM: Welcome and Introduction
•7:30 PM - 10:00 PM: Socializing, Networking, Music, Food, and Live Art Painting

Expense Categories Estimated Cost
Booth Setup (Table Banner, Chairs, Monitors, Octulus, and Projector) $1,200
Step and Repeat $300
JXDY Live Painting $1,000
Staffing (2 Ambassadors working 4 hours) $400
Videographer + Editing $400
Merch $700
Total $4,000


:telescope: Overview

Join us on July 8th as we roll up our sleeves for a beach clean-up at ETH Barcelona. It’s a great opportunity to contribute to our environment, bringing the NEAReFi community together in a hands-on way.

Following the clean-up, on July 9th, we’re hosting a relaxed happy hour on a boat. This is your chance to network, discuss insights from the week, and explore potential collaborations while enjoying the Mediterranean views.

Two unique events, one common goal - to create impact and foster connections. Be part of this engaging experience!


  • Beach Clean Up / July 8 11 AM-3 PM
  • Regens on a Boat Happy Hour / Mixer July 9th 5pm-9pm
Expense Categories Estimated Cost
Postal and Shipping $200
Creative DAO Raffle $250
Merch $700
Videographer + Editing $400
Creatives DAO raffle $250
Total $1800


:telescope: Overview

Ignite the Future is a full day emerging tech summit during ETHCC in Paris. We’ll be bringing together ReFi innovators & builders to engage them on movement to revitalize and regenerate the world. This event will be on July 18th with stunning view of the Eiffel Tower; the perfect combination of web2 and web3.

Not to mention Kevin Owocki from Gitcoin/Supermodular will be leading ReFi & public goods workshops.

Expense Categories Estimated Cost
Booth Setup (TV, Screens, Projector) $1,400
Live Art Painting $1,000
Staffing (3 Ambassadors working 4 hours) $700
Merch $700
Videographer + Editor $400
Total $4200

Brand Awareness for CDAO

Our planned events aim to boost Creatives DAO’s visibility. We’ll engage directly with NEAR and Creatives DAO, aiming to increase brand recognition and social activity. Each event is expected to draw 50-300 attendees, potentially creating hundreds of new wallets in total. As well as helping increase the social media presence on all platforms.

Monthly Active Wallets

"Given the exciting upcoming events, we’re expecting an influx of fresh NEAR wallet signups, capitalizing on the high participation rates that these events typically generate. Our analysis shows that about 40% of these newcomers become active users - a testament to the inherent value and usability of our platform.

So, let’s talk numbers: conservatively speaking, we’re looking at welcoming 40 to 160 new active users every month. That’s not just a number, it’s a growing community of engaged users finding real utility in our wallet. And this estimate isn’t a pie in the sky - it’s a realistic figure derived from our data.

Each of these active users represents a new advocate for our platform, contributing to our ever-expanding user base. Imagine the growth, the impact, and the potential as our platform becomes a vital part of the NEAR ecosystem for hundreds, if not thousands, of new users in the coming months. This isn’t just about adding numbers – it’s about expanding a thriving, active, and engaged community."

On-Chain Activity

With a dedicated focus on fostering a collaborative and engaging environment, we’re not just planning to see a boost in our user numbers - we’re preparing to ignite a significant surge in on-chain activity as well. And how do we plan to stimulate this interactive participation? Through the innovative use of NFTa

Here’s where it gets really exciting. We’re leveraging the cutting-edge KeyPom/ SharDog technology every event attendee will automatically be enrolled into the Proof of Vibes DAO. This isn’t just an attendee list – it’s a membership into an influential community where each member can make a tangible impact.

DAO members will gain a voice in governance and decision-making processes. In addition to the power of decision-making, DAO members will also be privy to an array of exclusive benefits such as airdrops and prizes. It’s our way of rewarding and acknowledging the valuable contribution of each community member.

In essence, every event is a doorway to joining a vibrant community, where every voice matters and every member enjoys unique benefits. Our platform is not just about providing a space to attend events, but about ensuring that each attendee is valued, heard, and rewarded.

Partnership Roadmap

  1. Receive funding approval - June 2023
  2. Organize and host “Near Toronto RC Kickoff” event - June 28-29, 2023
  3. Organize and host “ETH Barcelona” event - July 5-9, 2023
  4. Organize and host “ETH CC” event - July 17-20, 2023
  5. Evaluate outcomes and report back to Creatives DAO - August 2023

Alignment with CreativesDAO’s Purpose

Our proposal aligns with CreativesDAO’s purpose by fostering a vibrant and inclusive platform for creatives to showcase their work. By hosting these events, we aim to enhance community learning and participation, aligning with the core values of Creatives DAO.

KPIs & Deliverables

  1. Logo Display: We should ensure that the IAH logo is prominently displayed at all of our events. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Banners at the entrance and key locations within the event space.
  • The event’s digital platforms such as the website, mobile app, social media channels, etc.
  • On any event merchandise or handouts, including brochures, T-shirts, mugs, etc.
  • In any event-related press releases, newsletters, or email communications.
  1. Onboarding Campaigns: To increase our onboarding numbers for the CDAO Iah, we will initiate email campaigns targeted at activated wallets. This will involve:
  • Sending welcome emails outlining the benefits and features of IAH.
  • Regular updates and information emails to keep users engaged and informed about any new features, updates, or events related to IAH.
  • Personalized emails based on user activity and preferences to enhance user engagement and retention.
  1. App Limitations: As the IAH app can currently only onboard 200-250 new users per month due to its limitations, we’ll make sure to pace our outreach campaigns accordingly. We could potentially explore options for improving the app’s capability if user demand exceeds this limit.
  2. Voting Reminders: In instances when we require votes, we will send targeted emails to our users. These emails will:
  • Clearly outline what the vote is for, why it’s important, and how to participate.
  • Ensure that users feel their opinion is valued and that their participation can make a real impact.
  • Be timely, so users receive them well before the voting period starts and have ample time to participate.
  • Include simple, clear instructions for how to cast their vote, reducing the barriers to participation.

With these strategies in place, we should see an improvement in IAH’s visibility, user onboarding, and overall engagement.

Funding Type

We are seeking one-time funding to cover expenses related to these events.

Total request number: $10,000

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): Ogruss.near


Thanks for sharing the proposal Russ,

As this meets the parameters for strategic partnerships and will bring in massive value to the NEAR ecosystem and Creatives Constellation, this proposal is granted approval.

The reports will be expected by second week of August for transparency and accountability.

We are very excited and proud that Creatives Constellation’s name will be showcased in 3 major events Globally and this partnership will add 800 new users to our community.

You will get all the help you need from our side, please feel free to reach out here or on telegram.

All the best for the next steps @RussLive215!!


Please @RussLive215 could you correct this link, it is not the RSVP, it looks like the NDC meeting slide.

Hey @RussLive215!
Thank you for the updated proposal, and congrats.
Your proposal follows our Charter and partnership parameters.
Please follow the steps in the guide below in order to receive a grant: