[APPROVED] April 2022 - Social Media Production & Maintenance Budget for Demonstra DAO


Project Name: Demonstra DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members:

Daniel Moraes @dani danimore.near

Rebecca Johnson @RebeccaJ rejoh.near

Juliana Matsumura @JulianaM jmm.near

Yuli Anastassakis @yuli07 yuli07.near

Project Accounting: current account balance 1,195.96 USD

Funding: monthly

Funding Period: April 2022

Our Introductory post


Impact and value:

We expect to grow Demonstra’s followers having as its central objective the development of an inclusive and accessible communication to all audiences with functional diversity. Another important value for Demonstra Project is to spread the artistic production of people with disabilities in the visual arts and social networks, in order to value and spread more and more such professionals and inclusive projects, aggregating these values and concepts to the Near community.

Metrics for measuring success:

  • In the last month our reach grew 973% compared to the beginning of the year. Our work effectively started on March 15th and this can be seen in the chart below. We have progressively increased our reach and we intend to continue at this pace of growth.

  • In addition to the reach of our publications, we also grew 8.7% in terms of interaction and only 0.5% in number of followers. We aim to reach more followers with more posts and interactions in the coming months.

  • With a person (@yuli7) dedicated to social media management and regular boost, we intend to improve these numbers, reaching more followers and highlighting the importance of funding and community Near.

  • We are publicizing our partnership with near on our networks and tagging all our posts with #nearprotocol and #near.

post near + demonstra

Estimated timeline and achievement milestones:

  • Produce 2 to 4 weekly posts on Instagram;

  • Weekly boosts with investments of 20 to 25 USD per week. We believe it is necessary to invest a little more in boosting some posts on instagram to continue to reach more people and interactions. We intend to continue the actions of last month, improving the focus and reach of our project;

  • We also intend to create greater engagement and interaction with the audience that already follows us (10.9m), maintaining consistency and regularity in publications, through the creation of teasers created by @lucterra from CUDO DAO;

  • We will start to publicize the production process of the works that will be presented in the online exhibition of the resident artists. We will have an online exhibition in May and the six resident artists are in the process of developing these works. We believe it would be very interesting to be able to publicize this process;
    Post artists process

  • We will start to publicize the new Demonstra Gallery in Mintbase. 4 visual artists were onboarded in order to produce the works under @juliamorelli55sp’s curatorship and @dani’s direction.

Links to similar, previously funded forum proposals:

MarketingDAO funded proposals:

Reports made to MarketingDAO:

links to march’s posts:

post 1

post 2

post 3

post 4

post 5

post 6

links to april’s posts:

post near + demonstra

Post artists process

Funding Details:

  • Social media content production and profile maintenance: 400 USD / 61.72 N
  • Boost on Instagram: 100 USD / 15.43 N
  • Art direction and co-production of posts: 250 USD / 38.58 N

Total requested amount 750 USD | 115.73 N

P.s: edit by @yuli07 25/05
N= 6.48 N
Total received by NF0 115.73 N

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.
Website | NEAR Forum | Instagram | Facebook | Mintbase
Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: :dizzy:



Good evening, could you please share links on social media ? Thanks


Hi Dacha
In the proposal there are two links to posts from April in the body of the text. I have now added at the end of the text all our links to our social networks and all the posts from last month and this month. Do you think there is still some other information missing?
Thank you! .

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Thanks for updates. Happy to support you proposal.


@yuli07 have reviewed your proposal and am happy to support. Tagging @marketingdao-council for visibility


Thanks for tagging @marketingdao-council. We look forward to the approval of our proposal. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can you please provide a detailed summary of:

  1. All the NEAR Related projects that the Council and Team Members are currently working on?

  2. All the proposals the current Council and Team Members have had approved/rejected from any other funding vertical (Creatives DAO, Education, NxM, etc).

  3. Disclose any conflict of interest or relevant factors such as on-going allegations of misconduct against sitting Council Members and/or Team Members.


Hi @satojandro. Thank you for your interest in the DAO Demonstration activities.
And I’ll try to do it as best I can:

1. All the NEAR Related projects that the Council and Team Members are currently working on?

The Demonstra DAO projects that are currently in place related to NEAR are:

  • Demonstra Webinar_ Which aims to develop a new communication network where it is being possible to disseminate audiovisual materials for research, actions, debates of ideas, collaborations and workshops related to the purpose of Demonstra. Currently, this project has 4 webinars already produced that are in the editing and implementation stage of Portuguese gestural translation and Brazilian Libras. Directed by @dani and produced by @RebeccaJ

  • Demonstra Gallery_ Which aims to promote and market works in NFTs by artists and designers related to the Demonstra Project through the MintBase platform. This is the second month of activity by Galeria Demonstra, which is curated by @juliamorelli55sp. Monthly we will invite new artists to exhibit their work related to the Demonstra Project.

  • Demonstra Seminar_ Public closing event of the artistic residency program Edition #01 Poéticas Informes that is currently taking place (Residências | Demonstra). The event will take place online on May 21, 2022 and will feature resident artists, curators and guest art professionals with debates about the productions and works that took place during the residency period. Directed by @dani and produced by @RebeccaJ and @yuli07.

  • Demonstration Exhibition_ Development of the virtual exhibition that closes the Demonstrar Artist Residency program Edition #01 - Poetics Informes. The concept of the exhibition starts from the idea of ​​virtual occupation of spaces, websites and social networks of the art institutions that support the Demonstra project, and among them are: Galeria do Lago, VAGA, Duplex, Arquipélago, 55SP, 3XR and Nowhere. Exhibition artists: Guto Oca, Jeff Barbato, João Paulo Racy, Juca Fiss, Lua Cavalcante and Nara Rosetto. Curators: Daniel Moraes e Isabel Portella. The exhibition will take place simultaneously on Demonstra’s Instagram, Demonstra’s Website and Demonstra’s Gallery with support from Mintbase and 3XR.

2. All the proposals the current Council and Team Members have had approved/rejected from any other funding vertical (Creatives DAO, Education, NxM, etc).

  • Daniel Moraes e Rebecca Johnson (Council members):

[APPROVED] Demonstra DAO - January Budget Overview / Creatives DAO

[APPROVED] Demonstra DAO - February Budget Overview / Creatives DAO

[Approved] March 2022 - Social Media Production & Maintenance Budget for Demonstra DAO / / Creatives DAO

[Approved] Demonstra DAO - April Budget Overview / Creatives DAO

  • JulianaM (Council member):

[APPROVED] Incubadora DAO April budget overview

All other funds received from the Creatives DAO Vertical (Incubadora DAO)


All funds recevied from the Marketing DAO Vertical (Incubadora DAO)


  • Julia Morelli (Project Member):
  • Yuli Anastassakis (Project Member)

I’m @yuli07 and I’ve been working for over a year as a producer on the Demonstra project. I also participated as a jury in the selection of our artistic residency in 2021. I was recently onboarded in the ecosystem and i’m collaborating with Social Media and Communication strategies. I’m responsible for setting up metrics and taking care of the ongoing and future Social Media goals, that’s why i’m posting here on forum this present month.

3. Disclose any conflict of interest or relevant factors such as on-going allegations of misconduct against sitting Council Members and/or Team Members.

As far as we know there’s no conflict of interest, but you can see all posts and reports that we’ve made so far, containing all info you need to help clarify any question you might have.

Thank you!


Thanks for the reply above @yuli07 … let’s wait for the feed back from @marketingdao-council :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart:


Thank you @yuli07 and thank you @satojandro for asking these questions.

I’m gonna drop my profile here if it helps clarify my activity in the ecosystem:

my stats gallery here: jmm.near's mainnet activity overview - stats.gallery

I’m part of Incubadora DAO (DAO in the ecosystem since May 2021) and Demonstra DAO, currently helping 55SP DAO and its members to expand their horizon inside the Near Ecosystem. These 3 projects are very different from each other and with totally different reach and core identity (see links in the previous posts), with contemporary arts as the common ground. Incubadora is based primarily in Lisbon and it intends to support portuguese-speaker artists from the PALOPs (Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, and so on), matching art and technology through educational and creative support.
Demonstra is focused on acessibility in the arts and it intends to stimulate and disseminate the artistic production of people with disabilities.
55SP is a totally different platform, based in Sao Paulo with huge community of contemporary artists, implementing projects since 2016.

My background in the Near Ecosystem:
I was part of Arroz Criativo DAO in the first months, left a couple of months ago (almost a year ago). I was part of VR-DAO for a couple of months to help reshape it and revamp it after the OpenWeb Hackathon (May 2021) alongside with other Incubadora DAO members, left it some months ago. I also was part of INA DAO in the first phase, helping in the process of setting up and branding it, left it some weeks ago. Plus, I was council member of the Creatives DAO (Vertical) for 6-7 months and left it by the end of last month, working and supporting all creative-related DAOs in the ecosystem and newcomers.

After some experiences in the ecosystem, I am now focused on Incubadora (I’m the co-founder) and on collaborating with DAOs related to the contemporary arts ( I am a contemporary artist as well and very interested in collaborative work).

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


Hi @Dacha @satojandro @marketingdao-council Good Morning. Need more information on our April proposal? Is there any information missing? We sent the proposal 12 days ago, but we still haven’t received a response. We are working normally, but we are a little concerned about the lack of response.


@JulianaM thanks for taking the time to answer the questions and clarify things.

I am happy to support and look forward to seeing results.


So, is it approved? @marketingdao-council @cryptocredit @Dacha @satojandro ??
We are in the last days of the month, so could you give us an update, please?
thank you so much


Hi @JulianaM your proposal still needs the support of at least one more council member.



Happy to support this proposal and look forward to seeing reports on progress. Moving to approved.