[CLOSED] POSTAL DECEMBER- Urban Pics of immigrants

Hi everybody :camera_flash:

Reward: 27N for 10 photos

We have reached the month of December and we will have our 5th edition, which will also close the year 2021!

CUDO DAO is looking for 3 photographers from different parts of the world to produce a series of 10 photos about immigrants in the city. The photos will be published on our CUDO DAO Instagram page and will be available for sale in our mintbase.

The works will be published as NFT on our mintbase and will be sold for 1 NEAR. The first sale is split between our DAO (10%) and the artist (90%). After the first sale, the royalties will be split between our DAO (50%) and the artist (50%).

This project will be done in close contact with the administration of the CUDO DAO.

To receive the reward, please reply to this thread expressing your interest and information about your skills and a sample of your art.


-Each of the 10 photos must contain a title that represents it.
-The photos should be sent with a maximum size of 3mb each and in 4x5 format (1350x1080)
-Each artist will be free to work according to their own style, but the theme must be evident. Understated photos will not be considered.
-PDF containing the 10 photos each with their respective titles, a text about the series and an introduction to the artist. (Maximum 3mb)
-Video Selfie of up to 1 minute talking about the experience of participating in the project.
-As in previous editions, the 3 selected artists will participate in a live chat. The date will be set according to the availability of the participants.
-The deadline for submitting photos is December 29, 2021.

Any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our group by telegram.


Excited for this and looking forward to the new project :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi everyone! This is Maria, from Spain but currently living in Lisbon.
I’m commenting this post to express my interest in participating in this project of Urban pics of inmigrants.
As an historian, I know how important is to collect and preserve documents that reflect the current situation, even the day to day life ones, so we can rely on them in the future. Analyze them. Remember our past. Get to know how we have achieved the place where we are right now.
In this case, the main objective of this serie of pictures is to show a graphic history through 10 images. These images will represent how inmigrants connects with each other, how they(we) get to build their groups, how links are formed when they live abroad. And I pretend to represent this using my group of friends here in Lisbon as my better, and my best known example.


My name is Mailana, I’m 27. I’m a brazilian psychologist currently living in Ireland. So, as a Psychologist I’m really into trying to understand and appreciate human beings, and I’ve always been interested at immigration topics. Before coming to Ireland I’ve worked with NGOs and foreigners in Brazil and now I’m living a different life in another country, as a foreigner! I get really thoughtful when I think about this topic since we live in the same World and we are, somehow, all connected, all natives, and somehow… all foreigners. I like the idea of how immigrants help us to understand and see our own culture and beauty in a different perspective. So, when I take pictures I try to show the beauty in every day life, things that people dont usually take their time to apreciate and also how important the immigrants are for a country development and change. I intend to materialize this by taking pictures of the nature and people in their every day life trying to show that we are all natives and immigrants at same time living in the same beautiful world and sharing different perspectives of life.


Good day Sir Can i Join for this and the entries ill send For this Bounty is our own experience being an immigrants in other countries?
Being a exchange student of my brother in israel.
Being me a DOMESTIC HELPER in arab country.
My cousins Being Immigrants Here in our Country and my aunt being a Tourist in other country also❤️

My proposal for this Bounty is my Family Experience in Other Countries :heart: waitong for your replies :heart:


@Ligaya, I am happy about your interest. You can participate, yes.
Introduce us to your photography work (instagram/site/behance for example).
It will be very interesting to see your series of photos.
Take the opportunity to join our channel on telegram.

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@Mailana Mailana , it will be very interesting to see your series of photographs. I believe that your experience and your professional background will bring a very interesting vision about the theme of our project.
I look forward to seeing your photos! :smiley: :camera_flash:
Take the opportunity to join our channel on telegram.

Hi @Mariaaguilar5, I love your idea.
I believe that the eye of a historian will be very interesting.
I would love to see the representation of these connections that are made between immigrants.
I look forward to seeing your photos!
Take the opportunity to join our channel on telegram.

I can’t believe I only saw this topic today :sob:

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Hello @Dazo . If you are still interested, please contact me through telegram.

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Estou la no grupo.
Acredito que para esta edição não dará mais tempo pra mim.
Obrigado, vou ficar atento para proximas oportunidades.

Im already in the telegram❤️ ill just ask if i can use a picture of my sister and Me when we are in Saudia as my model of the 10 pictures?

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I Post The Pictures in my Instagram account but due of the sizes some of It automatically cut, but i still want to participate in This even my photographs is not accepted because of the sizes …

I just want to share with You The stories of my Photos i gather From me Being an Immigrant In Other Country Before :heart:
I been a DH in Arab Country For 4 years and meet a lot of “Khadama” Domestic Helper there too from other Countries. In arab Country they have this a family Gathering/reunion Every week and all Khadama and Employers met in a big mansion. That time you can meet other immigrants too and those pictures i post are some of the Immigrants i met before and some are my friends also❤️.

Being a Immigrant in other Country you will Conquers all the problems and issues how to communicate with them especially not all Arab know how to speak english. Being You working with them really need to try harder everyday to learn thier Cultures, How to react when they are around how to treat them, and How to Communicate them so they understand you and you understand them.

Second is The Photos i present, and thier stories Behind It .
The Person in the Photos are the Immigrants in The Arab Country . Some of them Is Filipina Like me From philippines, Some of them are drivers Of arab Family, the Others are from Euthopia,India and Bangladesh .
We decide to being a Immigrants in This country because of one reason, Money and a High Salary every month For Our Family we left . Being away with our Family is Ok as long as we Provide For thier Needs.:heart: Thank You For reading Godbless :relaxed:


I dont Know if my works are correct its my first time joining in bounty like this but i still want to participate because i loved this topic :heart:

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