[CLOSED] Open call for Animators/Motion Graphic Designers - Animate our logo!

Hello all! :slight_smile:

We have a Garden logo, and we would love to see it move!

This is a open call for all animators/motion graphic designers.

Garden has a colourful logo, designed by us, that we very much love! But we would love to see it move, to be animated, to bring a bit of life to it. We want an animated version of our logo to use for the end of video projects we do, to use for posting on instagram and other media channels we have.

Guidelines/What We Want:

  • We want 2 version of the logo. One each from our two chosen designers.
  • The artwork will be supplied to our chosen designers. The logo will be broken into layers making it easier for the designer to animate the elements. We will send the chosen designers these layers to work with.
  • The finished animation is to be in a square format.
  • Some movement in the logo


Just some ideas we have are:

  • The flowers could move, as if they are blowing in the wind.
  • The water/waves could move
  • A bird could fly by (we can draw the birds and send as a layer)
  • The sun could spin or change colour
  • The ‘Garden’ text could have some motion
  • The sun could have rays coming out of it
  • The logo could go from day into night

How does it work?

This is an open call to Animators/Motion Graphic Designers. We will receive examples of peoples work through their portfolios. We will then review the portfolios and choose which candidate to work with. We will choose the two people who have the relevant experience, portfolio and style to fit our logo and what we want.

  • Submit by replying to the topic and sending us a link to you portfolio of previous relevant work.

Once the deadline is reached we will close the submissions and the council will review the submissions and choose the 2 candidates to work with.

The deadline for submissions is the 20th of April

We will give $125 for EACH logo.

Looking forward to seeing your work, and to working with you! Thank you! :sunny:



I am a Brazilian tattooer and I have been working in the NFT market with authorial animation for over 1 year and also as a graphic designer for over 10 years for many companies.

I believe my animation work is the type you are looking for.

- My collections on NFT market:


- My commercial Portfolio.


Hello Fam;

Very interesting Logo, and I’m interested in creating motion graphics using the logo

The following links are my portfolios:

O did a vídeo and called It
Garden collective Waltz

Here The link

About me: L | Linktree
Instagram @luluca.ele
Twitter @lulucool
Near Wallet luluca_l.near

I’m not a professional, I just felt creative :heart:

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That’s a fantastic idea. We would love to have one for the LENS DAO, too. So can’t wait to see the results! <3

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lets near up and do it

I have no portfolio am never saved my work i have this old video

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Hello all! :smiley:

We have decided to extend the submission time until the 9th of May!

We’re looking forward to seeing more lovely submissions! :slight_smile:

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Seems like a real challenge to me. So here’s my portfolio. Looking forward hearing from you guys

Hello all!

This Open Call is now closed!

Thank you everyone for the great submissions. And Thank you to @C0D3 who we have chosen for the animation. :sunny:

*We have decide to go with just one logo option for this open call and will refocus the remaining N into a future bounty/open call.


Wow! Thank you so much for choosing me! I’m glad you liked it. Sorry for the delay in responding, I was on an appointment.

Can I start the work or do you want to give some more guidance?