Open call: graphic designer and animators

This is an open call for graphics designers and animators professionals to join the Decentralized clarity initiative.

Decentralized clarity is aimed at breaking down of crypto complexity for those that have the interest but find it too complicated. It’s an intiative with the objective of explaining core professional crypto concepts in the simplest ways.

Any interested graphic designer and animator that wants to be a part of this project should comment underneath this post. And submit their mail to


I would love to know more about this

Hey! I am interested :person_raising_hand:t4:

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graphics (will love to contribute)

I’m a Creative Graphic Designer and I’m interested. Also I’ll love to know more

I’ll love to be part of this…

Your work has been great. I hope you get selcted for this.

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understood, I’ll take note

Am a graphic designer and I’ll like to be a part of this project. I’ll appreciate if you can keep us updated on how to proceed

Deeply thankful to everyone interested in this initiative. All interested graphics designers and animators should submit their portfolio and socials to this email:

Thank you


I’m a great graphics designer and I’d love to apply!
Am I allowed to post my work or send it to you for a review?