[CLOSED] Nothin But Hits Clothing - Pop-up Shop x NFT Intro

NEAR Proposal: Pop-Up Shop x NFT Intro

Nothin But Hits Clothing

For our first introduction into the Web3 space, we want to create NFTs on the NEAR blockchain that will serve as official Certificates of Authentication. We have an in-person pop-up shop planned for August 20th in Oakland to showcase our new collection, and with these items, we want to offer NFTs to add another level of authenticity to take our relationship with our supporters to a new level!

Showcase Costs = $110
TrapxArt Vendor Fee = $30
Wood Hangers = $80

Production Costs = $1,117.80

Size run of Each Item for Display
7 sizes/item (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X)

Heavy Tees = $11.25/item x 14 = $157.50
Heavy Crewneck Sweaters = $24.95/item x 7 = $174.65
Heavy Hoodies = $25.95/item x 7 = $181.65
Retro Snapbacks = $3/item x 16 = $48
Shipping = $50

Hat Embroidery Fee = $15/item x 16 = $240
Garment Printing Fee = $10/item x 21 = $210

Post Production
Branding/Finishing = $1/tag placement x 56 = $56

Grand Total = $1,227.80

PS - Here is a link to our Introduction to give you an overview of who we are.


Hi @bpatt. Happy to see your proposal.

First of all, don’t forget that monthly proposals and monthly reports need to be targeted with the CREATIVES-CREATIVES DAO tag for visibility. I have already done that for you.

Another point is to remember to use the guidelines for creating your proposal, especially the format and separate posts to be clearer for moderators and the community.

To my last point, creatives only support DAO’s or Guilds, meaning no funding is given for individual projects. To ask for funds you need to organize around a council (with at least two people) with voting power on Astro.

I suggest you review these points, restructure your introduction post (inserting other members’ profiles) and try again for the fund request next month.

In the meantime you can learn more and ask questions in our public community group:

Any questions please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Hey @bpatt
Your proposal is not focused on the community or on a particular DAO, moreover, it doesn’t follow the guidelines shared above, therefore it has been rejected.
It’d be nice if you could establish your DAO with the community in the first place.

With regards!

Hey @hevertonharieno, Thank you for the feedback!

Please forgive us for the lack of knowledge and familiarity with this format/platform. We already have a DAO set up and my partner has now been onboarded into the NEAR ecosystem!

We are adamant about integrating into Web 3 with NEAR and want to contribute to the continued growth of the community.

We will be sure to review the “How to submit funding proposal guide” on this next round of proposals and make the suggested edits.

For reference this is my partner @hectorprado

Here is our sustainable clothing DAO - Nothin But Hits Clothing DAO

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Hey @Paul,

Thanks for your feedback as well. As I mentioned to @hevertonharieno, we are very new to this community and are still trying to figure out how to navigate it, so please forgive our lack of experience as we get acclimated to this new space.

I introduced our DAOs to the community in our first initial post, however I neglected to include the links to the DAOs we had set up for each branch of our Nothin But Hits ecosystem.

Here is our the updated post with our DAOs mentioned!

I have also successfully on boarded my partner @hectorprado as well as added him to our DAOs!

We will make the proper adjustments incorporating your suggestions, and we will try again in this next round of proposals.

We really do hope to help build this NEAR ecosystem and bring more engaged participants into this space in time.