[Introduction] Nothin But Hits

Hey Everyone,

We are Nothin But Hits; a media company, sustainable clothing brand, and record label founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, California!


To give you a little background, we’re a Black x Latino-owned company made up of a group of friends that have known each other since high school. We originally started in 2015 with our media site (nothinbuthits.com), and then we launched our clothing line in 2018 and revamped it in 2020 (nothinbuthitsclothing.com). We also launched our Record Label in 2018 which is based in Los Angeles (nothinbuthitsrecords.com). We are a California-registered LLC.

Here are the corresponding DAOs we have set up to mirror our branches in the web3 space.
Nothin But Hits (Parent) DAO
Nothin But Hit Media DAO
Nothin But Hits Clothing DAO
Nothin But Hits Records DAO

There are a couple of sides to our brand that sit under our Nothin But Hits umbrella. On one side, we’re an entertainment media source that focuses on highlighting up-and-coming artists across a variety of creative fields. We also discover and promote new music from all types of genres on a daily basis.

On another side, we are a sustainable clothing company that produces made-to-order items in an effort to reduce our waste and Leave Nothin Behind for those that come after us. We also donate money to different organizations that are all in line with our mission to raise environmental awareness and geared towards creating a more sustainable future for us all.

A core pillar of our brand is that whatever we put out to the public has to be of extreme quality/value, and we will never make items or promote content just to make a quick buck. We really stand by our name and it has to be a “Hit” (at least in our eyes) for us to be confident to share our work with the world.


Our most immediate goals are to gain more exposure and build a community of eco-conscious people who genuinely resonate with our brand. We are also looking to do more events in the near future like pop-up shops and shows to promote the artists we work closely with. We are working to create an entire ecosystem around quality, community, and sustainability with style being the connecting piece that links it all together.


To date, we have accomplished a lot with no outside funding such as -

  • Secured two registered trademarks of our logos to protect our brand assets
  • Created a network of social media channels and websites to present a consistent and legitimate brand
  • Partnered with local communities to host in-person pop-up shops
  • Solidified partnerships with local manufacturers that support our mission to go against the norm of clothing production practices like mass production
  • Created genuine relationships with a vast network of established and rising artists
  • Been supported by radio legends in The Bay Area such as Chewy Gomez
  • Our clothes have been on the set of Jimmy Kimmel and on tours with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker

Integration into Web3 Roadmap

We are looking to expand our offerings and emerge in the Wen3 space in the following ways.

Use NFTs as -

  • Certificates of Authentication
  • Tokens to our community which will give members…
  • The ability to Vote on items to be released
  • Access to pre-releases before the public offering
  • Special access to events at reduced rates (if not free*)
  • the opportunity to help choose environmental agencies/organizations to donate to/work with
  • Digital Versions of our clothing and accessories
  • AR (Exclusive Wearable filters)
  • VR (Metaverse outfits)
  • Ownership of a share in an investment pool tied to our profitability

We have come a long way, but we have a long road ahead of us and we hope to have NEAR as a partner to help take us to the next level!

To learn more about us, here are some links to our different branches.

Nothin But Hits Media

Nothin But Hits Clothing

Nothin But Hits Records

B Patt
CEO & Co-Founder