[Introduction] Near Insider Guild/DAO

Welcome Near Insider DAO

Hi everyone. My name is Tony. I represent Near Insider and I’m happy to be here to introduce my Guild/DAO. Hope we can do great things together! Let’s see more details below!


Let’s connect us:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/near_insider
Telegram: @near_insider_DM
Email: contact@nearinsider.com


Hey @near.insider

welcome to the Forum!!

Do you think it’s fair to say that your efforts are mainly directed at marketing? I will change the tag on the proposal so that you are found by the right people. I will also create a tag for your team to better organize all your topics.

The creative community is certainly happy to get to know you and the NEAR Insider Roadmap. If you want, join the TG channel: Telegram: Contact @CreativeGuilds

Happy to have you :wink:


Hi. Thanks for help! I see I’ve been tagged guild, daos. So where would I suggest funding from?



maybe it was @David_NEAR that edited the tags, I initially edited to be part of Marketing DAO. If that was the case, David can clarify, I’m sure :).

And welcome to the TG channel, I saw you come on board :wink:

Thanks!. Hope @David_NEAR can help me about this. About the grant proposal, I don’t know which category to recommend

Welcome on board :wave::wave::wave:

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Hey gm,

Since this was an introduction and not a funding proposal, I moved the category and the tags.

You can submit a proposal to the MarketingDAO using this format:

Thank you very much. Useful for me

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Hi there, GM. Welcome to the ecosystem!

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Welcome team! Excited for what this guild would evolve into! :rocket:

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Pretty good proposal. Would love to see this grow well.

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I just visited your Twitter page and you are very close to 9,000 followers. Great work so far @near.insider team, keep up the good work. :clap: