[closed - new one will appear soon] Creating Mintbase and MintbaseDAO Guides - 25 USD in NEAR

@marianeu Thanks. I’ll fix them ASAP.

@marianeu I’ve fixed them! Thanks.


Hey @MoniBlockdiver and @caromintbase ! Sorry to disturb you but can you please provide any update on this.

is this still open? can i participate

@Monish016 es it is open :star_struck: you just need to show us you have a good amount of followers on reddit and apply here :slight_smile:

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Hey @Tanishq I will try to get you your well deserved answer tomorrow in the office =) thanks for your patience


@MoniBlockdiver @caromintbase @marianeu My trip has taken longer than anticipated, but I should be back home tomorrow or so, so I should be able to share the older works soon. Has there been any progress in reviewing my last guide?

OKay! thanks for the help!

Is this bounty still active? I can help also making spanish guides

Dear Tanishq, as I have started working here this monday I would like to ask you to send me the work you did. Did you make a translation for hindu? A video guide? What happened? If you could provide all the information again (sorry for the inconvenience), I can help! :slight_smile:

Hola Comando Burrito, sounds really nice. Can you send us the link to an example video or blog post or anything? So we can check quality? We would like you to direct attention to the distinct caracteristics of mintbase - as the split revenues and split royalties. this is not possible anywere else. Muchas gracias

Hey @marianeu I created srt file having Hindi subtitles for the video : How to create a store and mint an NFT on Mintbase - YouTube

Link to set file: near.srt - Google Drive

Thank you for your help! We do not have the capacity and time to insert the subtitles to the video. We could send you the raw source file and you could insert the subtitles and we could upload it after. Then you will recieve the 25 near :slight_smile:

Ok send the file to me.

@giada42 could you please tell us your twitter handle? so we can give you your deserved credits? thanks

@tanishq please send us your email. we will send it via wetransfer…

gmail: tanishqsharma612@gmail.com

@marianeu I am not on Twitter. There was talk of creating a user account for me on the Createbase blog. Is that still possible?


I am figuring this out for you, I’ll let you know as soon as I know more. @mecsbecs i was told you were able to give handles for the createbase blog?

I’m afraid that’s not me. Maybe that’s @bianca ?

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