[Closed] NEAR NFT Club Guild Monthly Rewards Request [May-2022]

Guild: NEAR NFT Club
Introduction Post: Introducing the NEARNft Club! - Near Guilds

  1. Community Management
  2. Designing
  3. Website Development, Maintenance and SEO
  5. Social Media Analytics
  6. Community Accounts
  7. AMA
  8. Social Media Accounts
  9. Reward Request
  10. Team Members
  11. Introducing Our Paid Services

. Community Management

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Regular Meeting with team members at our Rented Space and weekly roundup with Remote Team Members
  • Consulting Communities and NFT Artists to connect with NEAR NFT Club and use of hashtag
  • Collaborating with new NFT Communities to promote them till their launch/minting date.
  • 9 NFT/ WL Spot Giveaway events hosted by NEAR NFT Club on Twitter in May
  1. :handshake: NEAR Cribs - 5 WL Spots | May
  2. :handshake: Rector Club - 6 WL Spots | May
  3. :handshake: Plufix NFT - Airdrop | May
  4. :handshake: Beguiling Ladies - 2 $NEAR + 5 WL Spots | May
  5. :handshake: UniqArt - Photography Contest - 10 $NEAR | May
  6. :handshake: El Cafe Cartel - 1 WL Spot | May
  7. :handshake: MonekeONear - 1 WL | May
  8. :handshake: NEAR Nature - 10 WL | May
  9. :handshake: NEAR Trees - 2 NFTs | May
  • Monitoring NFT WEEK Newsletter Activities every week.
  • Monitoring the growth and promoting the use of hashtag #NEARnft and #NEARnftweek within the community.

1.1 Hashtag Reach

  • May [ #NEARnft ]

    Note : The #NEARnft Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) for the month of May is $1.34 Million with the social media reach of 18 Million.

2. Designing (Graphic Designer)

Featured NFTs : 93
Instagram Story Feature : 335
NFT Collection Feature Video’s : 31
Infographic + AMA Posts: 45

3. Website Development, Maintenance and SEO

3.1 Development

3.2 Website Analytics

Website New Users Sessions Page View Avg. Session Duration
nearnft.club 1208 1469 2198 00:01:01

3.3 Google Search Analytics

Website Total Clicks Total Impressions Avg. CTR Avg. Position
nearnft.club 941 151K 0.6% 23.9

3.4 New Users Location (Top 5)

  1. United States : 283
  2. India : 108
  3. Canada : 91
  4. United Kingdom : 47
  5. Russia : 43

3.5 Bing Browser Analytics

3.6 SEO

Website Social Bookmarking Directory Submission
nearnft.club 67 150

Guest Blogging: Scoopearth

3.7 Solving Website Issue


Issue No Duration Link
34 April 25 - April 30 NFT Week
35 May 01 - May 07 NFT Week
36 May 08 - May 14 NFT Week
37 May 15 - May 21 NFT Week
38 May 22 - May 28 NFT Week

May Reports


5.1 Twitter

Account Impression New Followers Profile Visit Mention
@nearnft 132K 1206 121K 4427
@nearnft_feature 46.6K 430 23.8K 430

5.2 Instagram

Account Reach Total Followers Engagement
@nearnft 16.2K 2,558 7.1K

5.3 Facebook
Followers: 380

6. Community Accounts

6.1 Discord

6.2 Telegram

Telegram Group Stats

Telegram Channel: 1123 Subscribers

7. AMA

  1. Apollo42 and Auction

2. Free Horses and Naksh [ Payment Received for this AMA via Free Horses ]

8. Social Media Accounts




Facebook: Redirecting…
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/near-nft/
Discord: NEAR NFT Club

Sharing some Testimonials we have received from the Artists on Twitter nearnft_feature: Testimonial File

9. Reward Request

Requested Amount: $6350

Community Management : 15Hr.+/Week : $1500
Designing : 20Hr.+/Week : $1200
Website Development, Maintenance and SEO : 10Hr.+/Week : $900 Revised : $550
NEAR NFT Week (Rewards Received) : $0
Social Media Account Manager : 15 Hr.+/Week : $600
Social Media Account Handlers : $200 X 5 = $1000
Community Moderators

  • Discord Manager: $300
  • Global Moderator: $300 X 2 = $600
  • Philippines Moderator: $200
  • Vietnam Moderator: $200

AMA : $50
Event Rewards for Community: $100

10. Team Members

Community Management : @naveen_in
Designing : Hemant @Vrajesh @iamanansari
Website Development, Maintenance: @Yashannapolis
SEO: Suketu
Social Media Account Manager : Ronak
Social Media Account Handlers : @rexux_in , @Vrajesh , @KFi , @PRINCE_IN , Dipen
Community Moderators
Mentioned in the Comment Section due to Max. Tag limit.

AMA : @kodandi

11. Introducing Our Paid Services


We have created a new proposal on our submitted monthly report as our previous proposal was closed due to lack of information.


Wow this is amazing monthly report NEAR NFT CLUB Guild. I can say it is really complete details and everything. It is really honored for me to be part of the team , We recieve good enegagement this month of May and it was really challenging for me to organize games and event. Creating reports and etc.
Im very thankfull for NNC Guild being part of here gives me reason to learn and explores my abilities and values to my work as a team.


Thanks for the detailed report NEAR NFT Club, Can you drop the username of person of contact for paid services? Would be good if any of the community member looking for their project promotion.



Please share our collaboration Form: http://shorturl.at/ptKR5
And for a quick connection, ping Naveen on his Discord or Telegram Id.
Discord Id: Naveen_IN#0272
Telegram Id: @naveenkandwal


Community Moderators


I am very glad to be a part of NNC Guild. Thanks for giving me a opportunity to explore my abilities with the discord server. In addition, it also succouring me to communicate with the persons who belongs to other country so I can easily develop new skills. If talk about discord server then it received good engagement this month and new things will be organized soon.


Tagging @marketingdao-council for the visibility

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This proposal is quite challenging to discern the outputs of the individual projects. Please in the future include links to previous reports rather than packing them into a proposal.

There is not enough detail on the actual work being done.

Community Management:
How many posts for the month and on which channels?

Which design tasks are included and how many?

Website Development, Maintenance?
What if any projects does this include for $900!?

Community / Social Media
It appears you’ve included 4 different roles for the same work:

  • Community Management
  • Social Media Account Manager
  • Social Media Account Handlers
  • Vietnam Moderator

Please in detail, define what deliverables each of the above do and what is the difference (if any)?

Due to the vague nature of the deliverables, missing specifics on the project work, and similarity of the roles- I cannot support at this time.


Hi Klint!

We are sharing the answers of the raised questions here. Please do check them.

Sr. No. Account Tweets Designed Posts
1. https://twitter.com/NearNft 174 45
2. https://twitter.com/NEARnft_feature 155 93+31 = 134
  • We are sharing the data of our Twitter Post’s which covers the overall posts that we post on our different channels ( Facebook, Instagram, Telegram Channel, Discord ) also.
Sr. No. Type Posts Twitter Facebook Instagram Telegram
1. NFT Feature 93 93 93 93
2. Info-graphic 45 45 93 45
3. NFT Collection Short Video 31 31
4. IG Stories 300+ 300+

We are revising the proposal to $550 instead of $900 for the tasks including

Community Management

  • Collaborating with new NFT Communities for their online events
  • Arranging AMA
  • Represent NFT Club in Online events
  • Forum Posts and Managing Reports
  • Communication with project/community representatives
  • Team Meeting to synchronize the overall work
  • Manage Emails and Submission Forms

Social Media Account Manager

Social Media Account Handlers

Vietnam Moderator


Good morning. Which projects use the paid services? Thanks

Hey guys – thanks for the proposal – I am seeing a lot of volume and output of content, but little engagement for the size of the accounts.

What do you think your most effective marketing activity is from this entire project? Is there one platform or kind of activity that you see people engaging with most?

Do you have any metrics around the audience engagement or growth for NEAR NFT WEEK content?


For the month of May, two projects have used our paid services

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Our userbase has Creators, NFT Collection Collectors, Marketplaces and Communities.

  • Creators engages with our NFT Feature : https://twitter.com/NEARnft_feature
  • NFT Collection Collectors/Communities engages with NFT Collection Infographic posts
  • Marketplace and Communities engages with our Educational/Awareness Posts about them on https://twitter.com/NearNft
  • Enthusiasts, Collectors and Creators engages with airdrop events and WL giveaway events we hosted for the NFT Collection Communities. For the past three months we hosted around 45 events which increased our following on Twitter.
    – 21 Events in February
    – 24 Events in March + April
  • The engagement in NFT Week is mostly coming from the Marketplaces and Communities official accounts. The communities share our newsletter posts from their accounts.

  • We are also tracking the social media reach of it by using a hashtag #NEARnftweek in every NFT Week post on Twitter. For the past three months the hashtag analytics shows 528K reach.

  • With the week.nearnft.club website, in May month we recorded
    – 492 new users
    – 2K page views

  • Our NFT Week May Month Marketing Report
    [Approved][May] NEAR NFT Week Funding - #27 by NEARNFTWEEK

Yeah! Keep it up together :laughing:

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Hey guys – I am struggling with this proposal for a few reasons:

  • There’s little difference in engagement from the May funding request – I commented there about the engagement issue vs. size of accounts and was supporting another month to see if there were any improvements.

  • In the May report you linked above, it shows we funded ~$1.8K and this request is for over $6K. Can you clarify the situation?

  • It’s hard for me to justify a big increase in funding when I can’t pinpoint growth in engagement, which is one of the key things I am looking for when I evaluate projects (vs. vanity metrics around followers etc.)


For May, the questions were for the NEAR NFT Weeks Telegram, Blogs and Twitter accounts due to the quality of content.

We did improved the statistics and the work flow based on the comments.

  • All the posted content gets verified by marketplaces/communities before making the post. Giving a very little chance of missing any important update.
  • Telegram: We increased our Members by onboarding the Marketplace/Community representatives in the separate telegram group. Telegram: Contact @nearnftweek [ 7 Members → 105 Members ]
  • Blogs: The content quality was refined along with the way of sharing it. We recorded 492 New Users on website with 2K Page Views.
  • Twitter: We recorded engagement rate of 5.3% [ Generally the engagement rate on Twitter is 0.05% ]

It was for our Newsletter NEAR NFT Week which is a part of NEAR NFT Club and this extra $6K proposal is for the remaining activities the team has performed.

The market sentiments in May month were critical due to the starting of bear market [ Price drop NEARUSDT $10 → ~$6] and the engagement in every crypto/blockchain accounts witnessing the downside. Still we can increase the engagement by hosting frequent events/contests.

  • Regarding Engagement

– Our engagement stats
We are already getting a good stats in engagement on our all accounts without much incentive programs. We only hosted few events costing total $100 for the entire month.

Twitter Account Engagement
nearnft 7%
nearnftweek 5.3%
nearnft_feature 9.1%
  • Regarding Increased Funding
    We have not increased the funding request for the May month. For the previous months also we were receiving rewards around ~ $10K to run the NEAR NFT Club from the The Ecosystem Development DAO which got retired in April
Month Funding
January $11.84K
February $9.95K
March $9.90K
April $10K
  • PS: We have only Marketing DAO to cover our budget requests.


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Thanks for the additional details – I appreciate the transparency and willingness to share numbers.

With the Jan-April funding alone, your team has received $41.7K from the ecosystem fund. You also have team members who receive funding from other projects. That’s quite a lot of funding – that’s a full-time annual salary (more than) for a lot of people.

I don’t discount that the activities you’re requesting funds for fall under the umbrella of marketing activities, but the overall amount of funding to date for your project seems out-sized to me vs. results, even given the updated engagement numbers.

Are you open to considering a reduction in project scope, number of community moderators or social platforms?


Thanks @so608 for looking closely through our proposal.

We have been contributing to the ecosystem since a year. Within this time frame we have seen many Guilds/Communities proposals structure and have followed the same guidelines for claiming the funds for ours.

  • Regarding Team Members receiving funds from other projects
    @David_NEAR clarified on this that if someone is fulfilling the responsibilities of their roles it should be of no concern to anyone what positions they hold in addition to that.
  • In NEAR NFT Club we have a team of more than 15 people working on different positions. And the asked amount has been claimed according to the standard rates applicable in other approved reward proposals.

Sharing some highlighted stats for these [Jan-April] months to justify that we have generated good lead to the NEAR NFT Ecosystem.

  • Website
    – Google Impressions: 929K
    – Website visit users: 9K+
    – Page Views: 17K+
    – Bounce Rate: 72.03% [proving that we have converted the google users to the marketplace/communities weblinks]

  • The hashtag #NEARnft growth [Jan-April] that we have started
    – Social Media Reach: 92 Million
    – Advertising Value Equivalent: 7.03 Million [ Approx. amount of money that would have to be spent on paid advertising to achieve the similar exposure ]

  • Collaboration
    – Supported 40+ NFT Collection projects during their launch

We have done what we could have done best for the ecosystem. We have given a lot of efforts to build this system.

  • Project Scope (Yes, we can set boundary) : Of all our Clients [Creators, Collections, Communities and Marketplaces] we can keep away Communities from our scope. And in case if they want to connect with us we will work to create a basic paid package within the affordable range of ~200/monthly for them and we won’t claim the funds for them in future.

  • Number of community moderators (Yes, can be reduced to three): Right now we have Five (5) Moderators: @Chandresh_Patel , @zubairansari07 , @Kv9990 , @ImJami2017 and @Nanji handling
    – 1 X Discord
    – 3 X Telegram Groups [ NFT Club, NFT Week, NFT Shill]

We can reduce the number to Three (3) Moderators and the reduced workload of Social Media Account Manager 15hr/Week to 7hr/Week along with his reward structure reduced to half from August onwards.

  • Social Platforms (We would like to keep them all with the rewards to be claimed for the selected one’s) : Currently we have 8 active accounts in 5 different social media platforms. We do need all of them to be active within the reward request for 5 accounts only.

– 3 X Twitter [ NFT Club, NFT Week, NFT Feature ]
– 2 X Instagram [ NFT Club, NFT Week ]
– 1 X Facebook [ NFT Club ]
– 1 X LinkedIn [ NFT Club ]
– 1 X Telegram Channel [ NFT Club + NFT Week ]

Thanks @so608 again for raising these questions. It allowed us to share the efforts we are putting in and set the boundary on our future scope of working.


Too details. Impressive :scream: :scream: :scream: