[Closed] NEAR NFT Club (May)

Guild Name: NEAR NFT Club
Funded till April from @CommunityDAO
Funding Request: May, 2022
Guild Report: NEAR NFT Club Guild Monthly [May-2022] Report
Funding Amount: $6650

Community Management : 15Hr.+/Week : $1500
Designing : 20Hr.+/Week : $1200
Website Development, Maintenance and SEO : 10Hr.+/Week : $900
NEAR NFT Week (Rewards Received) : $0
Social Media Account Manager : 15 Hr.+/Week : $600
Social Media Account Handlers : $200 X 5 = $1000
Community Moderators

  • Discord Manager: $300
  • Global Moderator: $300 X 2 = $600
  • Philippines Moderator: $200
  • Vietnam Moderator: $200

AMA : $50
Rewards + Tips: $100


Please Review: @marketingdao-council


Good evening! What the difference between Near NFT club and Near NFT week? Thanks


NEAR NFT Week is a weekly newsletter service covering selected Marketplaces and Communities.

NEAR NFT Club is a community of Creators, Collectors, Members of NFT Community and Marketplace all connected together. Where we offer the following services

  • Artists NFT Feature
  • New NFT Collection Announcements/Promotion/Marketing
  • Introduce New NFT Enthusiasts about the NEAR NFT Ecosystem
  • Connecting NEW Marketplaces/Communities to the existing community of NFT Enthusiasts/Builders from our Channels
  • Supporting the visibility of Marketplaces/Communities Latest Tweets by RT’s
  • Promoting the usage of hashtag #NEARnft throughout the ecosystem. We brought out this hashtag usage within the ecosystem to connect everyone together and create the max. social media presence.
  • Weekly Newsletter (NEAR NFT Week)
  • Strengthening our presence on Google Search Console.
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Thanks. Could you please share a form for Community members who want to promote NFt collection? Thanks

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There’s never been a proposal that accommodates “tips.”

It appears you’re double charging for Community Management when you also charge for Discord manager. The global manager and social media account handlers would also have the same responsibilities, correct?

The Website Development, Maintenance and SEO is unclear for $900.

There’s not enough clarity in this proposal and each line item is very generalized.

It’s a no from me.


Community Management and Discord management are two different positions led by two different people.
Their is no position like global manager. For Social Media Handlers they have the responsibility to handle the respective social media accounts as prepared by the Social Media Account Manager.

Social Media Manager manages all the form submissions query, monthly social media calendar and monitor the content is posted on the respective social media channels.

The ‘tips’ are for the events we organize on our Discord Channel and Telegram Groups.

Kindly refer this report NEAR NFT Club Guild Monthly [May-2022] Report for the work we have already done.

Sharing the Report for the clarity.

We hope you will reconsider the proposal again after reconsidering our report.

There’s a few things I am confused about;

The relationship between NFT Week, NFT Club, and please disclose affiliated projects that the team is on such as Meme Daily, etc.

Why is this proposal for May? We are already well into July.

The high amounts requested, proposal being interchangeable with many other proposals for other high amounts, and opaque reporting (who is the team?!) make it hard for me to continue supporting this project. Hope we can connect and clear this up

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NFT Week is a part of NFT Club.
Kindly share your Calendly. We can connect on the call to share these things.

Till April the Project was getting funded under Ecosystem Development DAO which no longer exists. We were having the meeting with the @CommunityDAO during these months for the funds sustainability of NFT Club via different possibilities of funding.

Thanks for the proposal – at this point, in this format, I can’t support the proposal because it is not clear:

  • Who is participating in doing this work, who is the team?
  • How this funding is related to and/or different from paid services offered by NEAR NFT Club to projects?
  • If you are offering paid services, why are MarketingDAO funds needed for marketing activities?
  • What social media platforms and handles are involved in this work, please provide links.

I see you have discussed connecting with a council member above to relay more information about the project. I look forward to hearing the outcome of that and hopefully finding a way forward with this proposal.

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The team is of NEAR NFT Club Guild established in July 2021.

A picture from our Office

Our service covers

  • the informative posts covering about the Marketplaces, New NFT Collection, Free Feature of Projects
  • Sustainability of our existing channels which work like a gateway to NEAR NFT Ecosystem.
  • Hyping the hashtag #NEARnft on Twitter

The Paid Services were started for

  • The Marketplace/Communities looking to get more content published from our channels instead of regular one’s because since January the NFT Ecosystem has evolved drastically with the new Marketplaces/Communities building on NEAR. To cover this we came up with the model of Paid Services so we can work with a fixed model of payment from the NF and extra serviced to be covered by our paid services funds.
  • The paid services covers the add-ons to the Communities/Marketplace looking for dedicated content published from our channels.
  • Note: No Marketplace has ever paid anything to our Community from their funds.





Facebook: Redirecting...
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/near-nft/
Discord: NEAR NFT Club



kindly check the new reward request proposal added in our Monthly Report along with the list of our Team Members.

Link: [Proposal] NEAR NFT Club Guild Monthly Rewards Request [May-2022]

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