[Closed] NEAR NFT Club Guild Monthly Rewards Request [May-2022]

One more thing to add that 7 team members works in NEAR NFT Week.

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Thanks for the proposal.

After much deliberation I have decided that I am not going to support this proposal going forward.

Few notes;

  • I don’t feel comfortable with Legacy projects that the Marketing DAO has inherited. As the sources of funding have evolved, and the people involved in previous structures have moved on, I believe it also makes sense for some of these projects to be reviewed.
  • NFT Club / Week have received generous amounts of funding over time
  • NFT communities on NEAR are going throgh some hard times and are asking for more financial support. We’d like to have an open invitation to have fresh new ideas put forward.

Thanks so much for all the work and effort to date. To be clear, not receiving funding from the Marketing DAO should not discourage you to continue work or seeking funding from other avenues.



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Thanks AVB

Thanks @marketingdao-council , @David_NEAR for having us till now.