[Proposal] Upscale Instagram NFT Activities


  1. We have conducted research on identifying the potential of social network
  • It was identified that IG [Instagram] has 1386 million active users number this July 2021. With maximum users in the age range of 18-34.

Reference Links:

  1. A quick research on the current status of Artists on Instagram.
    We have observed the following things
  • There is a good potential for NEW digital artists on Instagram compared to other social networking channels.
  • Our current Artist’s Instagram following is better compared to Twitter.
  • NEAR dapps/communities/guilds IG activities are less compared to Twitter.

We Propose

Based on the observation, We propose to upscale Instagram activities by having a team of members dedicated to Instagram outreach work preferably with a background of

  • NFTs
  • digital marketing
  • graphic designing

The primary responsibility of the team would be to

  • Increase our presence and reach on Instagram.
  • Handle IG accounts of clients from the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Identify accounts engaged in Photography, Music, Videography, Editing skills, and Digital Art.
  • Create awareness about the NEAR NFT ecosystem among the NEW people.
  • Help existing NEAR artists to understand the IG trends to increase our reach.
  • Create connections with IG influencers

For IG Clients

  • One dedicated Member will be allocated to the Client’s IG support
  • Post 3 (reels or posts) /day. With a minimum of 90 (reels or posts) /month.

Expected Outcome

  • Increasing the overall account impressions of our Artist/Clients IG accounts.
  • Have potential accounts for publishing the NEAR-related activities.
  • Understanding our followers based on demographic, age, and timing verticals.

This will be our Instagram foundation for the upcoming years based on its increasing potential reach, especially in the NFT segment.


  • To initiate this proposal we need an extra budget of 2500 USDT/mo in $NEAR for 20+ hours/week of work for each member.
  • For the first two months we start with 6 members and later based on the results we can upscale the team accordingly.


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I would suggest adding an extra focus on the education of the IG artists about NEAR and NFT. There are a bunch of great artists who really interested but all the NFT hype in their area is around Etherium. The artists simply don’t know about the existence of NEAR and the cheap alternative of minting their art as NFT.

BTW it’s inktober almost here and it’s perfect timing to onboard IG artists.

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Ethereum gas fees is really killing the hopes of emerging NFT artists. Agreed with this.

Our selected team members will be identifying the potential IG accounts of Photography, Music, Videography, Editing skills, and Digital Art. Then we educate them about NFTs and NEAR.
This is a good time we educate potential artists, who are away from the NFTs because of the gas fees and energy consumption issues they hear around Ethereum.