[Closed] Instagram Community Accounts

Hello NEARians!

After working on Instagram for the last three months, it was being identified that we need to promote NEAR-related activities with some potential tags.

Why Instagram?

  • Instagram has 1386 million active users number recorded in July 2021. With maximum users in the age range of 18-34 and maximum investors around 90%+ come from the age group of 18-40


  • Statistics about the age group Vs. share of users on Crypto from https://www.stilt.com/ blog published in March 2021.

Instagram Strategy

Instagram promotes things on its platform based on the tags and the latest trends it shares from time to time.

The community accounts will promote the tags at the starting month to make sure the tags get visibility on IG which can be used later to connect with the larger audience from any IG accounts.

Proposed Tags

  • #NEARProtocol
  • #NEARnews
  • #NEARcoin
  • #NEARtrading
  • #NEARnft

To start in the initial stage, two accounts are going to be used as our community channels [@near.updates and @nearprotocol_news] to achieve the results.

Responsibility of the Channel

  • Make at least 90 posts a month from each account.
  • Read daily updates of NEAR Ecosystem and Design the Posts accordingly.
  • Share Reels and Stories frequently.
  • Cross-promote NEAR activities from stories and reels.
  • Increase the visibility of proposed tags.
  • Make connections with the Instagram Influencers to promote NEAR activities.

[Revised] Requested Budget

The budget is going to be $600 max for both channels.

Invitation to Collab
If anyone from the community has better outreach in blockchain-related Instagram accounts. Please do connect.

Future Work
If the KPI and visibility on Instagram from this initiative give good impressions. More Instagram activities can be proposed.



Great idea, but we can find 10 full time social media managers for $3000 a month

$250-300 is fair salary for full time SSM.
And $50-$100 for part time.

OWS pays $100 for Twitter accounts and $300 for 3 accounts.

Thank you and have a great day!



Looking forward to participating!


Great idea, would love to join if possible! :slight_smile:

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I’m sure you’re aware of this. but incase you aren’t, it’s fairly easy to target new followers by finding a relevant blockchain related Instagram account, viewing their list of followers - and selecting any accounts that look legit, and following them.
They are likely to have a high percentage of dodgy followers that don’t have any posts, link to po.rn, or are just spamming rubbish.

A lot will follow back.
More follow back if you like 3 or more of their photos, and you can also make a comment to get their attention.

If it’s done too quickly though, Instagram do put a block on your account - it could be an hour or a day - it could be more.

Currently, reels and stories are preferred by Instagram, but a post can be made as well.

There’s a sort of points system that the algorithm has too - if you can convince followers to do any of the following, in order of preference, I think it currently goes… Bookmark. Share. Comment. Like.

Good luck with it! :+1:t2:

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Yes. The list of followers can be checked with a script and then legit accounts can be followed or interacted with messages.


Reels are the key of maximum engagement. IG does implement its own algorithm to promote it.


well i dont know what the average salary of a smm is? But why have you chosen to show inr as a criteria for judgement? Is it because the person who posted here is from the same country?
If so i suppose everywhere in near ecosystem where payment is done is based on the same lines, let it be admin/moderator on telegram, discord etc.
So that means a person who is degen on near ecosystem is also paid on the same lines and the admins on ows are also paid on the same lines instead of a fixed basis.

Maybe you are correct or incorrect if that proposal is high or low but dragging a country here itself is not good.
And coming to the same the minimum hourly wage in india is 0.28 dollars while compared to australia at 14.5 dollars, canada at 10 dollars, usa at 7.23 dollars etc… and the real numbers are even lower.
I am getting off topic but putting a country in front and commenting on average salary is not an acceptable parameter.
If thats the same please consider voicing the same for all the places in near ecosystem to have payments according to wages in their respective country.

An off topic but an imporstant takeaway.

For telling OWS pays 100 dollars for twitter accounts is a better analogy than above.


Right now I have 10 professional people who are ready to start this work for $300 a month.

Just reminder, OWS pays $100 a month for Twitter accounts. Not a big difference between Instagram and Twitter.

All other money, if you want, we can spent on charity.

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well i have no issues in what you are saying or suugesting except for the thing where you are showing a screenshot and comparing salary in inr.
I know many who will do this all for very less and for very high.
The only issue i have with your reply is pointing out the salary which is in inr. Why havent you chosen to find the same job and showing what salary they get in usa or lets say bangladesh?
You have 10 professional who are ready to do it at 300 dollars, but had you compared that suits the wages of smm on their country? I feel you have misplaced my notion in reply, my issue was using inr and then converting in usd and thats to me isnt acceptable.
coming to your proposal of 100 dollar or 300 dollar, you are free to say that and i highy appreciate it but dont drag india in it while showing the wages.Then you want to quote 10 dollars or 10000 dollars for the work i dont mind.

dont drag a country for the salary comparison because the salary that is shown for a full time smm if i may refer is 1.5 months salary and flight ticket to lisbon.

Concluding on same. propose whatever you want, just dont use india as a refrence for salary.

The proposed work of each account includes the following responsibilities to be covered during a month.

  1. Graphic Designing: 90 Posts
  2. Minimum 2 hours/daily engagement on Instagram
  3. Read updates on NEAR ecosystem
  4. Designing and Posting Stories daily
  5. Sharing Reels after identifying it from the accounts or channels related to NEAR Activities.

Required Skills for this task

  • Graphic Designing
  • Familiarity with Blockchain concepts
  • Social Media Marketing Skill

This work profile requires a person comfortable with “Remote Job on Crypto Social Marketing” which will engage the handler 7 days a week covering Saturday and Sunday.

Note: This work doesn’t cover the personal expenses of resources like software subscriptions, workspace and computer system.


I know couple guys who ready to start this work for $300 a month.

Which person do you propose for this work?

Ps: guys , I see that Near Foundation has generous budget for expensive ssm’s , beer’s partly , ect.

May be I need create proposal for Vodka& black caviar party, request $20000?

The same groups of people jumping between different guild , near projects , trying to collect more and more money from Near. Even OWS moderators think that is great idea claim payments from OWS , insane.

I think everyone should find one own project in Near Ecosystem and give a chance to other community members. I’m talking about it every time.

Recently, great @mecsbecs announced Community Choose reward contest


And how many near believers from this forum participated in this contest ? Lol. This is great example how of your real reasons to be here .


You can added in tags:



At the end of the day, every thing is business…! @Dacha …! Good you highlighted here…!

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Please do connect them to me if the proposal gets accepted. And if they can deliver the work in $300, for the next month the proposed amount can be reduced accordingly.

Or, you can propose a new Instagram activity work on the forum under your supervision.

Anyone from our community can be a part of it.

Also please share some Instagram-related forum posts submitted by the community members. It will help to modify the proposed budget and work profile.


Ok, let’s create a post on our official tg channel ? Can I use your tg handle for contact?


Yes please.
Let’s get more power to this initiative. :raised_hands:


Interesante… todas las propuestas son muy interesantes :open_mouth:

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@Ralfush in TG is ready to start this work for $300 a month.

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Well yeah ! I can find right now a professional for this.

Login • Instagram → RRSS :chart_with_downwards_trend::iphone:(DM)

Login • Instagram → personal project of her

She take care of several RRSS with a team of hers. This will be easy for her.

Let me know if you are hiring then for $300

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