[Approved] Instagram Community Accounts

Overall Report of December Month for the below approved post.

1. Tags Visibility
2. Account Statistics
3. Reward Breakup

  1. Tags Visibility
Tags Before starting the work 4/01/2022 [5:54 PM IST]
#nearprotocol 2550 3443
#nearnews 70 213
#nearcoin 75 164
#neartrading 3 124
#nearnft 1103 1683
  1. Account Statistics
IG Handles Total Posts Total Followers Total Stories Total Reels
@nearcircle 58 189 58 0
@nearprotocolnews 48 110 51 1
@near_insights 15 202 18 1
  1. Reward Breakup

For the total $600 budget to run two community accounts based on $300 each.
I propose to split the rewards into three people as all the three contestants have given inputs.

The reward structure is different for all the three contestants based on the efforts and quality of work produced. The reward structure has been proposed here after consulting it with all them.




Is this a report or funding request? Ideally, they should be separate.

Can you please include the total amount of funding you’re requesting and a breakdown? I guess the total is $1200?


The report is for previous month [Dec] funding report for $600
and the upcoming month [Jan] proposal.

I will update this post for the December month report and will make the new post for January month funding request.


Great stuff, cheers!


Hello David

Please how can i contribute in spreading the news about Near on telegram?

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It was nice spreading NEAR News & Updates on Instagram. I have got reshare from NEAR Offcial account also many times. Also, tagging the related accounts to the news helped me to get reshare on their accounts also for eg. Paras, Naksh, Endemic etc. It played a key role to spread words to their community also.

Seen people sharing the posts on Instagram as well. Got 10 shares highest on a post.

Looking forward to get more organic engagement in nxt months. Thanks for the opportunity :raised_hands:


Hey :wave:

Feel free to share NEAR news with anyone and everyone!

If you’re new to the ecosystem and want to earn rewards, do check out the OWS:


After Posting Constantly , We got good response from the Users world wide ,
We got Some good response from big Community like Moonpay .

Posting daily Post give us good response in terms of enagment , like and Shares .

Looking forward to these month and achive Some good Goals .

@naveen_in @David_NEAR
For Giving these Opportunities to work for Near Ecosystem . :+1:


Good evening. I can confirm that every Near Community member had a chance to take this opportunity.

Here you can see the process: from candidates selection by real work reports. Great example of transparency.

Happy to approve it.

When everyone will do transparent work like these guys, give equal access to opportunities for all Near community members, stop building monopoly like Flying Rhino LCC in our decentralized Web3 world? Probably, questions without answers.


And I am honestly very happy to participate in this community and to have created @nearcircle :wolf: as the Intagram account with the least time worked and the one that in my opinion yielded the best results. I am very grateful to @naveen_in for the help and for the opportunity, with also @Dacha for his excellent observations and with the other guys (@mamuyante - @Albhion - @zubairansari07 ) who worked for the community :nerd_face:.

I am also pleased with David’s interest in the proposal (@David_NEAR ); highlighting that the greater the financing, the better Instagram accounts we will have with better quality and access to tools and higher operational functions, remembering that the Instagram community is a medium that includes a huge number of young people who could be members of the forum and contribute to the NEAR ecosystem, if we use the #NearEducation tag correctly. We will continue working! :rocket:


Good morning Guys. I approved 30 N 600 for your leader wallet . It’s cover all expenses. Please, don’t create extra proposals on Astro DAO. Thank You


Hey All,
The overall fund’s request has been done on my near wallet in two parts 30N and 10N covering $600 instead of individual rewards request posted by the contestants.
From my personal account, these are going to be distributed to the contestant’s account.



Derived from this proposal

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