[Closed] Near Hunters (October)

Hello, community!
We present our proposal for October, aimed at increasing the number of people educated about NEAR/AURORA, start to develop the NEAR PIXEL nft project and other activities in the NEAR ecosystem.

September report

Here are the rest of the planned activities for October:
  1. Managing community chat, and operations - Daily
    – Daily preparing of news content for Near community news streams;
    – Research, analysis and testing dapps on Near;
    – Connection with the ecosystem’s team members for the “How it Works” AMA sessions;
    – Cross-marketing activities: connections with the different blockchain teams to host Community Voice chats in native language;
    – Development and implementation of strategies for increasing community engagement;
    – Managing chats

– Continuing to fill our created account on near.social: Near Social
2. Onboarding Quests:

HuntersBet - five events a week for the community will be posted on Near.social:

  1. HuntersBet tournament - the main tournament of the week;

  2. Quick Tournament - fastest battle on the court, guess the token rate in 5 hours, bets are accepted during 2 hours.

  3. NEARBet - NearBet – tournament token Near.

  4. Weekend tournament;

  5. Quick Tournament - fastest battle on the court, guess the token rate in 5 hours, bets are accepted during 2 hours.

  6. Introducing the NEAR ecosystem to the community through a new sprint on Zealy, encompassing all major ecosystem projects on NEAR.

  7. Educational Social media Production:
    – Live Test AMA sessions (on Telegram) with NEAR ecosystem projects’ teams - bi-weekly (2 per month)
    – Short Video guides ‘How it works’ - bi-weekly (2 per month)
    – NEAR Ecosystem dApp-review - weekly (4 per month)
    – Community Voice chats on both Russian and English languages with native and other blockchains’ active members - bi-weekly (4 per month)

How exactly do our existing projects correspond to the metrics specified in MarketingDAO Guidelines for October:

List of our active projects: Hunters Bet, Wordl, 2048, Tip-Bot.

  1. Accounts retention after 1/2/4/8 weeks - Each of our applications has excellent dynamics in user interaction over the past two months and we will try to keep this bar, as well as attract new users, not counting Tip-Bot, since it is used by channel admins to reward participants in Telegram chats.
  2. Account acquisition cost - Creating an account in our applications does not require costs, only the presence of a wallet for interacting with the network, so everyone can join.
    3.Median number of dApps used by P95 accounts retained for 1+ week - As I said earlier, most of the users who interacted with our applications continue to use them, but we don’t want to stop there and our goal is not just to preserve the existing audience, but to increase it many times!
  3. Number of accounts retained for 1+ week using at least three dApps - Almost every user who interacts with our one application will necessarily interact with our other applications, since our projects have a very close relationship with each other.
  4. Social engagement score - We have two regional chats ENG, RU where every day there is an active discussion of the latest ecosystem news, every week there are voices to which we invite important people from the NEAR/Aurora ecosystem and distribute rewards to active users.

In addition, we have educational projects that also meet all the metrics, namely the educational project - "How it works?”. We have described it in more detail above.

We also have an initiative to make a new project on the NEAR - NEAR PIXELS network. This project will attract new users and increase the number of transactions, but we will already describe the budget for its development in the proposal for the next month, as we are just thinking about the idea and implementation now →

Funding details for October:

Techdirector - [1000] USD

Dapps testing; AMAs and live voice chats - host and preparations; Managing chats. weekly dApp reviews; HIW short video tutorials for YouTube Channel; Creation of proposals and various important documents, Zealy campaigns creations and administration. Creating a concept idea and technical specification for NEAR PIXELS.

Luchito - [1000] USD

Moderation of chats: answering questions from community members, informing and assisting on ecosystem issues. Collecting questions for AMAs, TG voice chats, and rewarding participants, co-hosting voice chats, tipping active TG users, Zealy campaigns creations and administration. Creating a concept idea and technical specification for NEAR PIXELS.

Rewards for tippings  - [200] USD

Tipping in the TG chats and gas for the tip bot

Hunters Bet - [200] USD

Prize pool for HunterBet activities

Budget for sprint rewards for the community - [1000] USD.

Zealy campaign prize pool

Total amount: [3400] USD

Wallet: ahtest.near

Hunters Social media:

:link: Linktree
:iphone: Telegram English Chat
:iphone: Telegram Russian chat
:iphone: Telegram Aurora Hunters channel
:bird: Twitter
:writing_hand:t2: Medium English
:writing_hand:t2: Medium Russian
:video_camera: YouTube
:musical_note: Spotify
:loud_sound: SoundCloud
:musical_score: Tamago
:left_speech_bubble: Soundstream
:musical_keyboard: Mixcloud


Thank you for your proposal.

I don’t think if we can fund a project to build features as this very tight scheduled.

Read more about the update here https://gov.near.org/t/marketing-eco-dao-octobers-funding-round/36635

Thank you for your OPINION. Hopefully it is the COUNСILS who will make the right decision.
And you should have read this proposal VERY carefully, not superficially, NEAR PIXELS is not just another feature.

If our proposal is not funded in October, then 4 of the top 10 Dappradar apps will stop functioning this month and next, which in turn means live users and transactions, which is what the CoA prop says. Further, this may lead to the shutdown of one of the most active communities in NEAR/Aurora.

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I read it carefully, and the reason I said that is because you place more emphasis on building the pixel features. and am not saying we shouldn’t consider the other part of the proposal. Of course, am just helping the councils have the final say.

What are those apps, and what is the relationship between this proposal and the apps? I would like to learn more, and this is an interesting angle to consider. We won’t love to see your community shut down.

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Okay. I thought you didn’t realize that NEAR PIXELS is a new ecosystem application that will give both new users and transactions to the NEAR network.

The way you reply is a bit odd/disrespectful and it’s kinda red flag that your post sounds more like a threat.

If our proposal is not funded in October, then 4 of the top 10 Dappradar apps will stop functioning this month and next

You neither say which dapps that are and why your proposal should affect them.

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We have four active applications in the Aurora network, which currently show excellent results for transactions and users:

Active top applications in the Aurora network by DappRadar

  1. Hunters Bet - Hunters Bet is a decentralized platform designed for event forecasting and tournament creation based on predictions. Link to DappRadar - 3rd place on DappRadar

  2. WordleAurora - Wordle game on Aurora chain. Link to DappRadar - 4th place on DappRadar

  3. Aurora 2048 - 2048 game on Aurora chain. Link to DappRadar - 5th place on DappRadar

4 Aurora Community Tipbot - Telegram bot to send Aurora tokens in Telegram. The link to DappRadar is the 18th place on DappRadar, sometimes it is not really due to the lack of our funds to maintain, as we actively reward our community in chat rooms for participating in our events and games.

Last month we were unable to get funding for our existing projects and maintained everything ourselves, but if we cannot get funds in October, then support in this and the next months will be very difficult. We are not threatening anyone, but just want to point out an existing problem.


Hey, thanks for the clarification! :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately based on dappradar I can’t comprehend the excellent results for transactions and users part.

Weekly aggegrated data is about:

  • 100 UAW (and based on your posts you distribute thousands of dollar each month for your userbase, so I wouldn’t call that excellent results if every UAW costs $10+ per month)
  • Each user only makes 1-2 transactions per day.
  • Contract volume less than $20
  • Contract balance less than $100

The aurora tip bot has based on dappradar 3-4 users per week.

Besides that, frankly imho the existing problem is that your apps run since a few months and you don’t have any concept for a sustainable economy for your apps and it’s not a solution to ask for grants of several thousands dollar each month.

To clarify: I am just a community member and not from the council. But imho this proposal looks much to expensive considering the previous grants you received and the given results.

Perhaps it makes sense to split your request based on the tasks you did (community management, huntersbet, near pixels…) to make it more comprehensable?

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Thank you for listing them.

Echoing what @Danielzo said, and looking at the dappradar, the outcome is discouraged, but you did not explain how this proposal helps us achieve our core values with the current UAW outcomes.

Instead of focusing on adding another pixel feature, it is better to concentrate on improving the existing projects you own, and how to encourage more users and colab with community leaders to use or utilize them

Again, requesting content support that attracts more ecosystem users is preferable.

I will provide some sustainability and growth advice as well as introduce the games and products to the ecosystem and regional communities. Please contact me via tg.

I will reconsider if you can edit the proposal to focus on getting more users to use the existing game, but at this point, it is a no from me, councils have a final support/closed or reject decision.

Have a pleasent week ahead of you.

You really think that community bot and other dapp that we use in AURORA distribute thousands of dollars each month for our userbase? Show me please where did you get this.

Guys, you are true professionals, and your contribution to the NEAR ecosystem is incredibly significant. Your diligence and passion for the development of this technology do not go unnoticed. You are not only enhancing the reputation of our blockchain but also attracting new participants and developers, making NEAR even more appealing to many. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. You have my unequivocal and heartfelt support!


From [Approved] NEAR HUNTERS Community

  • Rewards - 2600 USD
  • Zealy - 1000 USD

From [APPROVED] NEAR Hunters community for August

  • Rewards - 500 USD

From this proposal:

I wonder a bit that you don’t know your own reward budget that you have requested.

Based on the previous proposals you are part of the team and got paid at least $2700 for the project so far, that makes your commendatory post very dubious.

I would really like to fix the situation with transactions and new active users on the network. I sincerely ask you to give me links to your projects so that I can use your experience and fix the shortcomings of our projects to improve their efficiency.
Thank you for your opinion and participation in the discussion.

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Hi @techdir thanks for the proposal and for responding to the feedback and questions from MDAO advisor @Bakaka and community member @Danielzo.

In order to consider this proposal during our October review period (happening this week), I need to see a report on activity from most recent funds (August?). I see in your July report that you did not receive funds as expected and then had to change your plans somewhat due to that. Do you have a report that you can post in the proposal for August?

Here is a link to the MarketingDAO Guidelines for October that were posted on the forum. They contain the NDC’s KPIs we are asked to focus on for allocating this month’s funds.

I’ll quote them here so it’s easier to review:

Please use the following metrics that will be used for tracking individual initiatives’ performance by Marketing (Eco) DAO. All the metrics must be attributable to the relevant project/initiative through on-chain activity and off-chain reporting, ensuring GDPR compliance and preserving privacy:

  1. Accounts retention after 1/2/4/8 weeks — the percentage of accounts who continue interacting on the chain over a given time period (higher is better)
  2. Account acquisition cost — budget divided by the number of accounts interacting through the funded initiative (lower is better)
  3. Median number of dApps used by P95 accounts retained for 1+ week (higher is better)
  4. Number of accounts retained for 1+ week using at least three dApps (higher is better)
  5. Social engagement score — some compound metric of the number of posts, likes, and followers/views in social media produced by the users.

Let’s take this example: Why should Marketing (Eco) DAO fund Project X?

  1. Project X should have a clear goal and target audience
  2. Project X should bring improvements to several metrics listed above

Based on the above, can you share:

  • Most recent report for latest funding
  • Which of the above KPIs your initiative will use if funding is received
  • How you will track and share the results with MDAO so we can have visibility into the results?
  • What is the most important aspect of this proposal, the most crucial to fund – what will have the most impact for the community?

The reality is that MDAO has 35 pending proposals for limited funds, so it is likely we will be asking for revisions and some reductions in scope in order to fund the highest impact activities and projects as we move into mid-Q4.


This calls into question your competence.

Hello! Our Report for August, if you have any questions or need an extended comment, we are always happy to respond :handshake:

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Hello Luchok! Could you please update your proposal with new KPIs ?

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You want to say that the applications that cost $30,000 will stop working as soon as you are not given funding? Should we give you money for new applications so that old ones work?

Why collaborate with you and get into such dependence? Your applications are not in demand, and their maintenance costs a maximum of $100. Your requests and threats are out of place. Then you need to be closed!