[Closed] Near Hunters (October)

Also looks like here is another proposal for exactly the same applications, also for this month:

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Wow, just no words)))Copy past project was approved ) cool))

@Dacha @so608 We have described exactly how our projects meet the metrics and removed NEAR PIXELS from the list of funding, as we plan to go with this project for the next month, when we will write out the terms of reference in more detail. Now our task is to concentrate on applications that are already running!

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Hello, Dacha! We have updated our proposal and added compliance with metrics, if there are any more questions, we will answer them :smiley:

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This is simply an issue of interpretation, as typically individuals from different nations communicate with their own national tone. I hope you do not accuse me, as it goes against ethical norms. For instance, I was not attempting to offend anyone; excessive emotionality is not only inherent to me!) You could come to our voice or ama sessions that I lead and hear me interact with guests.

:arrow_up: What’s above I wrote myself.

:arrow_down:Below is a version of AI that softens the emotional load on sentences (It’s not me, it’s life :upside_down_face:)

This is primarily a matter of interpretation, as people from various countries often express themselves with their own cultural nuances. I trust you won’t find fault with me, as it contradicts ethical principles. For instance, I had no intention of causing offense; expressing strong emotions is not a characteristic of my communication style. You are welcome to join our voice or AMA sessions that I host, where you can observe how I interact with our guests. Best regards.

So i hope you choose what is more comfortable for you to read) Thank you from all my heart

Near Hunters is an excellent project that has proven itself a long time ago.
I often go to their AMA to chat about the NEAR ecosystem and learn a lot of relevant information


Hello team! Please join Globe DAO and Aurora community WG to continue your contribution.

Good afternoon! Can you send links to social media posts where it is written that you are a guest on AMA Hunters?

You were a guest once for all the time with the Hunters. Is this often? If you do not provide links, then you are deceiving the Near community.

Good morning, I think before blaming me, you should study the AMA format of Near Hunters, or better yet, attend it.
Anyone can come in as a listener and ask questions by voice or write them in the chat.
I was a speaker once and spoke on p2e, since I am an expert in this field and can share my experience.
Then I periodically come in as a listener when I am interested in the guest.
I don’t quite understand why you’re writing to me now and trying to find something if the main goal is to review and process the Near Hunters application.

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So much text and not a single link. And they only asked for them.

I know you don’t go to AMA Hunters. I also know who your curator is in Near.
You also praise each other with the Hunters on the forum. This looks like a conspiracy.

You come to Near for money, and for me it’s a dream. That’s the difference.

I am not obliged to prove or tell you anything but you mislead the audience with your words and you are harmful to the NEAR ecosystem.

You say: “I know you don’t go to AMA Hunters.”
These screenshots clearly show your falsehood which means you cannot be trusted.

NEAR doesn’t need dreamers, it needs specialists who will create useful products and promote the ecosystem.

People like you tend to accuse others of what they themselves are involved in.

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You claimed that you have performed many times at AMA Hunters. But it was only once. Why are you lying? It’s simple, you have a contract with the Hunters. You praise each other on the forum.

We need specialists, but you are not one of them. You are a money collector. You do not attract an audience to Near. There are no strong working game projects in Near. Why do we need game content then? We don’t need it. You were denied funding correctly, just like the Hunters.

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