[Closed] near global samurai ambaasdor program june


After the Launch of the Near Samurai Program, We got Really good and Devotee Near Samurai and Their Social Media Handels Also Speak a lot, That’s why I am Asking for Funding for May Month Ambassdor Work and We Have Selected According to Leaderboard 25 Samurai For Their Daily Devotion.

Kindly Checkout Top 6
Ambassador Work and Impact on Social media Handels
Attaching Report: [Proposal][report] global free ambassadors program for near protocol ecosystem 2022

TOP 25 Samuari Chosen from Their Efforts and Commitment towards NEAR & NEAR ECOSYSTEM & Also ONboarding New Samurai from This Month from Selected Country like
Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Australia, and Turkey

Program Initiated by @Albhion
Funding: Monthy


:white_check_mark:This Month Aim to create more than 30+ Near Wallets & Initiating To Put their Twitter with their Near Wallet Name to Show that they are real Samurai of the NEAR Program.

:white_check_mark:Above All the Ambassdor is Impacting all the Social Media Accounts from Twitter to Instagram, Ticktock, Youtube and Also Medium, and Reddit Platform.

:white_check_mark:Starting Onboarding them to OWS Community to Know About NEAR ECOSYSTEM Opportunity.

:white_check_mark:Helping Near Samurai to build Community or Organize AMA or Virtual Meetup

:white_check_mark:Initated .near on their Twitter / Telegram Account

Let’s Talk about Funding
After Getting a Tremendous and Good response from the Near Samurai Program.
For Monthly Running and Payment to Samurai $1300 &
$200 For Moderating and Managing Near Samurai Program

$1300 + $200 = $1500
Near Wallet : shubham007.near

Thanks Looking forward to Positive Response: @marketingdao-council @Dacha @David_NEAR


Good evening. What are the goals to onboard people in to a private outsourcing company?

Thank You :blush:

Could you please give more details here. $200 for moderation? $1300 for ? Thank You

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We have got 22 Submission of Work for the Ambassador Program, Of 22 Top 6 Will be Rewarded 100$ Each = 600, and the Rest 16 will be Paid 30$ Each

That’s quite a high cost per registered ambassador. It’s a no from me.


I totally Understand , As We Got Pretty Good Response too we can Finalize the Payment from 50$ to each 6 Ambassdor and 20$ rest to 16 Ambassador , Also But the Moderation and Management I can Go with 100$

Total Budget is 50x6 = 300 + 320 + 100 = $720

For Overall Campaign , Thanks

Can you please list all the projects you are involved with and all the current and past proposals you’ve done to any community funding vertical?


Hello @satojandro
Good Day

Currently, I am working at Graffbase & NearIG Activities, Apart from it I Initiated the NearVibes DAO and Talks on Near Blockchain.

I got the Funding from Marketing DAO, Not received any funding from Community Funding vertical.

Hello @marketingdao-council
It’s been Almost a week But I havent Got The Final Response because We are waiting bro This June Program too .

Our Proposal Asking fund is for 25 Near Samurai Program .

As they are actively Contributing in Near And Near Ecosystem not only one source of Medium .

They are promoting on Twiter, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Ticktok ,

Each Ambassador Have More 1.2K followers on Their Social Media Platform. And They are new in Near Ecosystem and We had build more than 30 Wallets for This Ambassador to Start growing near activites on impacting on Social media .

As we don’t have Any Ambassador Program , Thats why I came up with this Idea and Excueted , We are Shilling or Spaming we are building the Community .

As You know Every Ambassador Program have Budget from $3000-5000

We are Growing Bit by bit and Asking fund for 720$

50$ to Our 6 Top Rated Samurai for Their Devotion in near .
And Next 20$ for remaining 16 Samurai For their


and all the Ambassador are now activiely participanting in near activites . helping the near community .

@Dacha @satojandro @Klint Thanks :+1:

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Hey @Albhion – is there a list you can share of the Samurai ambassadors you’re working with?

Also, we’re not all bros : )

Keep in mind that it can easily take 4-5 weeks from the time you post a proposal to the time you receive funding given the way the Marketing DAO works, KYC, Google form and the payout process. We aim to carefully review proposals, ask questions and give feedback – it’s part of how the funding process works, not an unfair delay.


There are a total of 61 members joined Ambassador Program and Out of 25 People got Selected for the First MOnth According to their Work | Social Media Presence | Lanagauage | Country, and Dedication to working as Volunteer.

Attaching List of Ambassador

And the work Sheet

and for detailed plan

@marketingdao-council @so608

Hello @so608

May I know the Status of these Proposal
I don’t know the Status as my Samurai are waiting for next week ,

Till now we had 25 Samurai, Which are Impacting an Huge social media from their Account as They are Very active and Enagager in Community .

From Next Month I am Planning to Start Onboarding Users to Join and Near , Create Near Wallet and Start using Dapps .

So For Now, I am asking $750 For 25 Samurai , And I Beleive is Fair Enough Because they are really Creating value in Near Ecosystem .

Total Budget = 750$ ( 25 Samurai Ambassdor )

Thanks @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors

@Dacha @Klint

Hello Team @marketingdao-council , I am Waiting for final approval

So I can Bring more people to Samurai Program .
Apart from it , I am going to start Onboarding People through Webinar .

Through this Virtual Session , I will Educate people about Near and It’s Near Certified Courses , It’s ecosystem .

Asking for Fund $720 , Thanks

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Thanks For this…
I am alredy waiting for the Funding to get send the Ambassador program ,

I alredy announced on the group about the payment date 25th June 2022

But why did you mentioned you’ll pay when and if NEAR reaches $5/$6?

Really makes me doubt the credibility of the person and can such a person be trusted to run a ambassador program for NEAR representing us. :slight_smile:


Because , I am Worry about the approval Status , For the Proposal . , I alredy don’t so many events and Ambassdor program, This is the first Time I saw this much issue .

And From Near Forum , People Participated in Near Samurai Program .
So it’s was Totall Transparency with them .