[Report] KalakendraDAO Monthly Report - March & April

MarketingDAO Report:

Project Name: KalakendraDAO Marketing Report March & April

Project Status: In Progress

Project Accounting: kalakendradao.sputnik-dao.near

Project Timeline: This report concerns the duration from 15th March to 30th April 2022

Marketing Activities:

We had requested for the funds from the MarketingDAO for the month of February 2022 and the proposal got approved on 14th March 2022 and we received the funds on 4th April 2022.

The months of March & April were mainly focused on community activation.

The team conducted two twitter space session:
One twitter space topic - All you need to know about NFTs
Second Twitter Space - NFTs are booming and lets talk about it

The KalakendraDAO team conducted a small web3 meetup on 9th April 2022
As an outcome of this meetup we got 2 new people who are interested to join the KalakendraDAO community.

The council also underwent a change. Hence the Social Media activities were handled by the council members and we didn’t claim any amount for the work done. We have interviewed a community moderator from India to handle the activities from May and we will use this amount to pay the moderator as per the goals & KPIs.

As we are posting content in an informational way we are getting engagements for our posts organically which helps in the growth of our Social Media channels. We are also attributing this trend to the overall cryptocurrency adoption in India. Hence giving us a huge opportunity to grow & also to support other NFT projects & Marketplaces focusing on the Indian region.



The engagement on Twitter was more than usual and there were more impressions and profile visits compared to the previous month.

From the analytics provided by Twitter, we achieved a growth rate of 2%

The overall engagement of Instagram was good. As this is one of the important platforms used by artists we had few enquiries as well. Overall the growth rate was stagnant and the accounts engaged has increased by 36.3%


The number of telegram members has decreased for our community. We have a few hypotheses but still trying to figure out what’s the exact reason & rectify it.

The use of the Telegram: Contact @KalaKendraDAO telegram group to highlight key activities continues. This has been helpful for new members to navigate all the activities in the group without getting lost!

The telegram group also helps other NEAR community members to join & also discuss about the DAO activities such as voting on other proposals & also if they are interested in collaborating with our DAO.


The Instagram & the Twitter posts are cross posted into Facebook so the reach has increased but the followers growth rate is almost stagnant.

As we have not uploaded any new video in our channel the growth has stagnated.

Note : We haven’t paid anyone for the above mentioned tasks from our DAO. As we now have a dedicated community manager the same funds will be used for the month of May 2022.

Looking forward to the continued support from the MarketingDAO :pray:

Thank you

Monish M


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