[Closed] March 2023 Marketing Budget for Targeted Meta Lordz User Acquisition


Meta Lordz is a web3 MMORPG (think “World of Warcraft for web3”). www.metalordz.com

We met much of the community at NEARCON and have been grateful to receive grant funding from both Near Foundation and Human Guild. These funds have been put to good use, allowing us to scale our team and build our product. In fact, the Meta Lordz Alpha release is now fully built and WILL GO LIVE THIS COMING MONTH (April 2023), and commence marketing spending in the next 4-8 weeks.

Who We Are

We’re a team of 25, spanning the UK, India, Hong Kong and Nigeria. We’ve been working together for the best part of 18 months, building Meta Lordz into something fantastic which we’re confident gamers will enjoy.

Our team are from Meta, Google, Activision, Blizzard, King, Improbable, Octro, Gate.io, Goldman Sachs and more - we know how to run & scale businesses, and we’ve demonstrated a great deal of caution and careful management over these 18 months - we’ve kept costs down, crafted some fantastic partnerships, and build a truly great product which you are all invited to play. Please let me know if you’d like a playtest! (TG: danb888)

** Our Proposal **

Unlike many web3 projects, we have an extremely tailored initial marketing plan. We’re focusing initially on the Brazilian market - for three key reasons:

1 - We know Brazil well. Our marketing lead is Brazilian, with a great local network. He is ex Activision/Blizzard, King and Google, and has scaled many games - new and established.
2 - We’ve validated product-market fit in Brazil by collaborating extensively with partners and players in the region. The brawler-style PvP arena we launch during the Alpha is popular in the market.
3 - We have a tailored partnership with Bayz, the largest community of gamers in Brazil (web2 and web3) to get us exposure through some of the best-known influencers and streamers in the market.

This focus on one geography for the initial launch enables us to sow the seeds for strong retention and some organic growth. We want teens and young adults across Brazil to be comparing their game progress and assets - aiding retention and organic growth. This is best achieved with a local focus in a market we know well - rather than a broad, international campaign from a standing start.

Over a dozen of the best known influencers in the region are already on standby to support us during our launch period for approximately 6 weeks.

We request USD 10,000 to pursue this intricately planned, detailed and customised campaign with Bayz.

We ask for USD 10,000 of this upfront, to help fund the crucial first phase of our plan with Bayz. Meta Lordz will fund the remaining USD 15,000 out of our own funds, as we believe it is important to share the risk with the community. We believe this will help us onboard 2,500+ users to the game and therefore bring a multitude of new real-world gamers to NEAR.

The stage will then be set for the second phase of our Bayz engagement, which Meta Lordz intends to fund directly.

The specifics of the Bayz plan, including named influencers, dates, material, etc is commercially sensitive but can be shared directly with individuals in the DAO if this is helpful for a decision to be made. We can also discuss on a call.

Expected Impact & Success

We expect to acquire 12-20,000 users during and in the weeks following this targeted campaign (phase 1+2). The exact performance depends on market conditions at the time, but this is a number we’ve landed on after extensive consultation.

During the first 90 days, we aim for around 25% of these users to engage with Meta Lordz using web3 / digital assets and therefore to bring these new users to the NEAR ecosystem. Web3 conversion above 10% for retained users would be considered successful - and would truly validate that web2 gamers can and will be taken on a fun & low-friction journey to web3: this is our core mission, and what we want to demonstrate with this campaign.

More importantly, we believe this initial investment in user acquisition represents the best way to start the flywheel spinning - complementing our existing community of 20k Twitter / 10k Discord members - for a fun, properly constructed MMORPG, with all the progression mechanics, beautiful artwork & playability you expect from a AAA studio, launching and growing within the NEAR ecosystem.


Game trailer: Video Apr23.mp4 - Google Drive
Lore video: go.metalordz.com/lore
Whitepaper: docs.metalordz.com
Discord: Meta Lordz
Twitter: go.metalordz.com/twitter

Final Note

At Meta Lordz, we’re absolutely addicted to web3 gaming. We’re a hand-picked group of seasoned professionals from the world’s top gaming, tech & finance organisations. We’ve been hand-picked from thousands of applicants to be the FIRST WEB3 GAME in the Amazon/AWS accelerator, which just kicked off this week (27 Mar). We’ve also been selected to lead a panel at NFT.NYC this year - please reach out if you’re visiting.

Our product has been hand-crafted over nearly 18 months, and feedback from pro gamers, large VCs, gaming communities globally, and even my mother (!) has been universally positive. We cordially invite anyone in the community who is curious to come and play our game, and meet the team. Please do reach out.

Other Project References:

Wallet Details:

Wallet: metalordz.near
Owner: Dan Bronstein (on behalf of Meta Lordz)


Glad this was able to get posted. Thank you for the update and I’m looking forward to what you’re building. 25 is a solid team and with all that diverse experience I think you guys will go far. Next 4-8 weeks are going to be exciting for you.

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Hello. Marketing DAO hard cap is up 10k dollars.

Thanks @Dacha - I didn’t know this, I have amended the proposal accordingly.