[Closed] MetaBit as a marketing media to publicize NEAR blockchain, uses and opportunities in the Spanish-speaking public

Greetings to all, I am writing to present and make available to you our MetaBit project: your business guide in the era of the Metaverse, cryptocurrencies and digital entrepreneurship; for the creation of content and dissemination in Spanish of everything related to the Near ecosystem, applying a strategic online and offline mix to diffuse the content.

General description: We are a Plus Media, we produce and distribute our content in multiple online and offline media, which allows us to reach a broader audience that has particular characteristics: the open signal media audience and the social media audience (which are not consumers of the latter, but that are equally interested in the digital matters and the opportunities they can get for their own development). We address the Spanish-speaking population (especially the one interested in crypto, technology and entrepreneurship), men and women between 25 and 50 years old, with a socioeconomic level in process of scaling, that are searching in for alternatives to consolidate their ventures, companies, as well as their financial freedom, through new technologies. We facilitate the understanding of the emerging economy, not only by making known current related information, but also by making it friendlier to use and understand; we are educating the audience to a more responsible management of finances, development opportunities, increased usability, technological inclusion, and poverty reduction.

Value proposal.

We generate daily content and diffuse it through the social media but also through an audience that few approach, such as the off line audience, where there are also students, people with little technical training, web 2 developers (with whom we link through different groups and communities of Latin America), or professionals who are looking to reinvent their professional plan, for whom web3 has great opportunities.

Content 100% in Spanish for the Latino community

The intention is to generate content created by technical staff with experience in NEAR, and with the support of digital marketing specialists.

OBJECTIVES (Expected impact):

  • Make the NEAR blockchain more known as a valuable alternative to multiple Web 3 solutions.
  • Educate more about what builders in Latam are doing using the NEAR Protocol.
  • Educate for development by stimulating the use of decentralized technology.
  • Increase interest in the NEAR Protocol among web 2.0 software developers and developers of other blockchains
  • Encouragement to join and strengthen the Spanish-speaking community of NEAR
  • Make ecosystem projects visible
  • The channeling of interested parties to collaborate with the development of the ecosystem.
  • Attract more women to the Near blockchain.

Background and more of MetaBit

We have two hours of live programming from Monday to Friday, from 8 to 10 am via streaming through the Nodos Mall metaverse View this 360° Tour, where we tune in from different parts of Venezuela and the world. We also broadcast by open signal through the Melao FM Circuit (which covers Caracas and the states of Miranda and Falcón), and we share the most wanted content by the audience in podcast format through our Anchor / Spotify channel MetaBit • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters, and with promotion in social media in the accounts https://instagram.com/metabit_av?igshid=ZDdkNTZiNTM= and https://twitter.com/AryeliVera?t=ZssqxMeB-jlpgBN7RxqilQ&s=09.

MetaBit started as the first radio program (open signal) in Venezuela specialized in these topics and we want to scale to other phases of the project that bring us closer to the fulfillment of the purpose described above. Our launch was reviewed by different media, including two specialized in the area.

Last year we also did an exercise on YouTube (MetaBit - YouTube) that had an interesting receptivity and that we would like to resume with a refresh in a new phase.

We have a staff of Spanish-speakers from different countries, recognized in their areas, with whom we develop topics like finances, crypto, startups and venture capital, technology, remote work, cybersecurity, zero scam, web 3, gaming, marketing, and trends.

After getting to know NEAR with the guidance of Fritz Wagner and the Aurora team (who we have interviewed), we have identified that it is a powerful ecosystem for development and opportunities, little known by the Spanish-speaking public. It seems right to us to make it more known, by making tangible its different applications and modes of use, how it helps to create solutions in different areas, and by exposing to our audience why to use this and not another Blockchain, its scope and challenges, among others.


A) Contend 1: Weekly capsule specialized in NEAR
Distribution channel: Streaming, Open signal, Anchor/Spotify, Social media
Details: We will generate educational content to raise awareness of the applications and opportunities that NEAR provides as a blockchain.
Deliverable Monthly: 4 capsules.
Total 2023: 32 capsules

B) Contend 2: Live promos inviting to know and use Near
Distribution channel:Streaming, Open signal, Anchor/Spotify
**Details:**Reinforce the content of the capsules and promote information from the NEAR ecosystem. 2 times from Monday to Friday.
Deliverable Monthly: 40 P and F
Total 2023: 320 P and F

C) Contend 3:**Recorded rotating promos inviting to know and use Near
Distribution channel:Streaming, Open signal, Anchor/Spotify
**Details:**We will increase the recall of the blockchain in the audience through 8 rotating spots throughout the day, from Monday to Saturday.
Deliverable Monthly: 192 spot
Total 2023:1536 spot

D) Contend 4:**Contests
Distribution channel:Streaming, Open signal
**Details:**We will support the growth of the community by using contests
Deliverable Monthly: 2 a month
Total 2023:16 contests

The way we propose to do this is by doing a weekly capsule within the program, specialized only in Near with the representatives of Near Venezuela or someone else that the community prefers to make contributions (it could even be the representatives of the community projects). In addition, we intend to reinforce this content with advertising promotions in the presentation and the daily farewell of the program, and even to incorporate two live advertising spots that as will keep the brand present during all transmissions to generate more awareness in our audience and to arise greater interest in knowing what it is, how to join, and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the blockchain and its community. The promotion would also be incorporated into the podcast on Anchor to increase presence and permanence. All of the above from Monday to Friday during the rest of the year 2023. It is important to note that the production of content and advertising spots is made by us.

Additionally, we will incorporate contests into the dynamics to stimulate the growth of the community.

If all this is disseminated both in our social media and in NEAR community, by generating comments, etc., we are convinced that we can further increase the effect.

Financing scheme: cash payment

Metrics to measure success:

  • Audience behavior records in streaming and messaging
  • Interest in podcast format content
  • Brand awareness
  • Impact on the ecosystem

Estimated Timeline and Achievement Milestones:

We want to add financing to the project to scale it to its next phases with the activation of business models that make it self-sustaining (including the launch of its website), since during the first year of its existence everything has been managed with its own resources. Having your financing for this year will allow us to meet those objectives and to structure (after measuring and evaluating the results) a plan to continue growing together during 2024.

Total amount requested in USD: 1,162.50 USD per month for the rest of the year 2023, in a single payment of 9,300.00 USD in NEAR token (equivalent to 8 months).

Distribution of funds:

Production, edition, version and distribution of contents of the live program: 45%

Maintenance and equipment: 15%

Transmission rights: 10%

Marketing and promotion: 15%

Administrative and miscellaneous expenses: 10%

Contingency: 5%

NEAR Wallet ID/DAO: metabitradio.near

Wallet owner name:

MetaBit Radio

Representative: Aryeli Vera


Hi @Metabit thanks for the proposal. I’m responding as one member of the MarketingDAO council that reviews proposals. I can’t support this proposal in its current format, but I would like to find a way forward. Below are my reasons and what I recommend in terms of adjustments/revisions to this:

  • We very rarely fund first-time proposers for more than a single month to start. It is part of our role to review the progress of an initiative before allocating additional funds. So to start, I would recommend revising this to one month. We also have not, to my knowledge, ever approved funding for more than three months at a time, just FYI.
  • I’m a longtime podcaster/journalist myself, so I get what you are proposing in terms of the capsule/segment, positioning your content as essentially brought to the audience by or supported by NEAR and then using contests to amplify interest. The main issue with sponsored mentions on podcasts/audio transmissions is trackability. We need to be able to connect the funded activity with an outcome that is beneficial to the NEAR ecosystem. For example, how will be be able to evaluate how many listeners came to NEAR via your content? Typically, this involves using a specific campaign with a tracking URL and call-to-action. Do you have a strategy for that? Similarly on social, there are actions the audience needs to take in order to show the connection between the content you publish that’s funded by the NEAR community and new people in the ecosystem.
  • I think you will get much more support from the MarketingDAO council if your proposal incorporates showcasing projects, builders, developers, dApps in the NEAR ecosystem. That way, it becomes a scenario where we are not simply allocating funding to support your programs, but the funding is also supporting the wider NEAR ecosystem in a myriad of ways by bringing additional visibility in Spanish to lots of projects that would otherwise not have access to that audience.
  • It’s important that the projects receiving funding be aimed at attracting people to the NEAR ecosystem that fit the guidelines set forth for us by the NEAR Foundation, e.g. developers, builders, active wallet users, etc. What is your plan for producing content that has the potential to reach those kinds of people?
  • Last but not least, I am not a big fan of giveaways – they do attract people, but it seems that they are usually around for the short-term. One use case where I think giveaways are interesting is when there is a “learn to earn” or “use to earn” aspect. For example, if you awarded NEAR to an audience member for use on a particular platform or dApp or after that person used a particular dApp, game, etc. Or, for example, if you gave away tickets, NFTs, something similar that required the use of a platform or project in the NEAR ecosystem.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing your feedback and answers.

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Greetings, we are very grateful for having analyzed our proposal and we gladly respond to your proposals.

Before we consider it important to highlight that in the Spanish-speaking public there is incredible potential for the use of the NEAR ecosystem, especially because of the bases it provides to create solutions to important challenges characteristic of these societies.

Knowing the reality of Spanish-speaking people (especially those geographically located in Latin America) we consider it an error in the communication or marketing approach to only focus on digital strategies, which are very successful for other societies where there is more development in terms of connectivity, financial inclusion and digitization.

To reach more people and attract them to the ecosystem, you have to break that circle and also approach them through other means typical of offline marketing, all accompanied by education and a simpler and less technical presentation of what can be found and achieved in NEAR.

Regarding the development time of the proposal, we estimate that one month is a very short time to measure the real effectiveness of the proposed actions, in a public like the one we seek to educate and motivate to know and use the NEAR ecosystem. This public is characterized by never having heard of NEAR, by knowing very little or nothing about Web 3, they are students, entrepreneurs, professionals who want to give a digital twist to their work and who, although they are not specialized, seek learning and development opportunities. As those that can be achieved in the ecosystem.
In fact, no marketing campaign for an audience that we could qualify in the initial stage, is effective in one month. The monthly measurement must be done, yes, but the fulfillment of the objectives of the strategy can be achieved in an average of 6 months in general, it all depends on the evolution. Based on that, we suggest a minimum time of 6 months for the contribution of resources, articulating and analyzing results monthly with you through reports.

Regarding the concern about how to assess how many listeners reached NEAR through its content?: In open signal radio there is no way to count particularities, but the general audience that connects, through mechanisms such as text messaging and streaming, which on the one hand gives a visual of how many people are hearing about the brand or, in this case, blockchain and which, in addition, can be reinforced with funnel actions such as filling in forms, following social media, incorporating them into community groups, etc.

It is important first that people know that the ecosystem exists and after that and to generate the memory, the mental presence in them, then move on to a second phase where they are motivated to join because there they can find solutions and generate development.

Regarding the approach: “I think you will get much more support from the MarketingDAO council if your proposal incorporates showcasing projects, builders, developers, dApps in the NEAR ecosystem”; It is important to note that it is included in our proposal, in the specialized weekly capsules. As we mentioned, their intention is to educate and publicize, to be a showcase for NEAR’s projects, developments, DAOS; that will also help attract developers and other users to see what is being generated. We are not only looking for support for our project, but also to support them so that more people know them and what the blockchain is allowing, covering an audience that goes beyond digital media or networks, traditionally addressed today. These specialized NEAR capsules will also serve to guide developers, users of active wallets and new users regarding the innovations and uses of the ecosystem.

All of the above would not only be in open radio signal, but in the podcast that can be accessed at any time that the user wishes and, in addition, can be shared through social media and thematic communities.

Regarding the contests, we have thought of them in the spirit that he tells us in his observations: always stimulating, through a specific action, the entry to the ecosystem or use to receive the reward.

That is why we structured the proposal in the way we present it, but we greatly value the observations that have been made to us and the willingness to find a path that allows the fulfillment of the objectives for both parties. As content producers, we are also open to supporting you in dissemination requirements that the MarketingDAO council considers to be the closest connoisseurs of what NEAR requires for its scalability and growth.

We appreciate the attention to our considerations and we are always available.

Would echo the comments by @so608 and advise you that we cannot provide funding on this basis. Unable to support in current form.

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Thank you for your interest in our proposal.

Would it be viable if it is financed by a monthly payment, for 6 months, as we suggested in our response to @so608?

As we mentioned, we will generate monthly reports and we will adjust the actions according to the feedback of your observations and the results.
This is how we generate the action plan at an ideal time to measure effectiveness.

Attentive to your considerations and we reiterate our gratitude.

Thanks for your proposal and your patience,

Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself - my name is Alejandro (known in the NEAR ecosystem as ‘AVB’) and I the Venezuelan that onboarded Fritz to NEAR. I lgrew up in Caracas, been living in Australia and travelling remotely ever since (10+ years). I am deeply familiar with the region, including the opportunities and also the challenges.

There are several issues with this proposal, which I would put into two separate categories:


This category refers to the limitations in our guidelines where we have little to no discretion. This include:

  1. Proposals are assessed on a monthly basis. Even if we were to approve the first month, we can not make the commit to continue monthly payouts. We would still require to look into the previous month performance, lessons, changes in strategy, etc. prior to continuing funding.

On the monthly limit I would also add a new applicant, asking for nine months in advance raises several flags.

  1. Funding for influencers, advertising, and giveaways/contests is out of scope for Marketing DAO.

If the proposal is to proceed, it would have to be on a monthly basis (with reports and subsequent proposals if required) and to eliminate items 3 and 4.


The remaining issues are proposal specific. I note:

  • I’ve taken the time to listen to several podcasts (thanks for providing links). The topic of the podcasts tends to be more financial/general business which may be at odds with the Builder ethos of NEAR.
  • Expanding on the above; one of the main guiding principles is a strong connection between proposals and NEAR Strategic Goals. There is a lot of core tech and unlimited potential for builders to use these tools to solve local problems.
  • We also look for previous work to assess the quality of content; both production and knowledge about NEAR in a way that represents the brand and core concepts accurately. Here it is clear the production is very professional, and I note that there are technical people within the community who could assist with tone and depth of expertise. What I would like to see first would be smaller experiments (this is why we heavily favour monthly proposals.

I also have to mention that in the past we have given generous grants and support to projects in Venezuela and the performance, engagement, and quality has been inconsistent. This is important as we have a limited amount of funding available per month and we have ti prioritise things that will have highest impact.

Overall, I don’t support this proposal as:

  • No previous work or experience on NEAR
  • Distribution channel and audience seem to be too general, unable to create a clear connection or tangible value around NEAR Strategic Goals
  • We have allocated a significant proportion of monthly budget to content creators in Spanish who have been actively building on NEAR and who have a growing audience of developers and builders.

Way forward

You are welcomed and encouraged to have some early guests on the show, create content about NEAR etc. and then submit a new proposal once there is a stronger track record of performance and commitment to NEAR.


Hi @Metabit,

Thanks for your proposal. Like all other proposals, I’m evualuating this one based on the set objectives and key results (OKRs) we’ve outlined in past.

  • Creation of new wallets
  • Onboarding new builders / developers / talent
  • Measurable growth of existing projects (number of wallets, transactions, TVL, etc)

Considering these factors, here are the reasons why I cannot support the MetaBit proposal:

  1. Clear Deliverables:
    The proposal doesn’t provide concrete deliverables in terms of marketing execution, distribution, or publishing frequency.

  2. Measurable Impact on OKRs:
    Although there are mentions of “educating more about what builders in Latam are doing using the NEAR Protocol” and “increasing interest in the NEAR Protocol among web 2.0 software developers,” there’s no clear link to how this will result in the creation of new wallets, onboarding new builders, or measurable growth of existing projects.

  3. Audience Demographics:
    The proposal focuses heavily on reaching out to a broad audience, but it doesn’t specifically target those who would be most beneficial for the DAO’s objectives. For example, it’s not clear how this initiative would attract developers, entrepreneurs, or other individuals who could contribute to the growth and development of the NEAR ecosystem. This lack of targeted outreach could limit the effectiveness of the proposal in achieving the DAO’s OKRs.

  4. Lack of Blockchain-specific Expertise:
    While the proposal mentions generating content created by technical staff with experience in NEAR, it doesn’t provide sufficient information about the team’s qualifications, their experience with blockchain technology, or their familiarity with the NEAR Protocol. A project of this nature requires in-depth understanding of the blockchain ecosystem to effectively engage the audience, and without this expertise, it might struggle to deliver the intended results.

These reasons are not to completely discount the value of the proposal, but to highlight areas that could be improved to better align with the DAO’s objectives and key results.

Hi Alejandro, thank you for responding and for showing interest in our proposal.
I fully understand your statements, we made the 9-month proposal considering other proposals between 6 months and a year that we saw were approved.
We really didn’t know the precision of the funding criteria, so we really appreciate the clarification.
We have talked as a team and we will present a new proposal taking into account your considerations.
Our intention is to contribute to the generation of content and education about Near.
Thanks again and happy day.

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Greetings, we appreciate your considerations, they are very valuable and we will take them into account for a future proposal.
Happy day.