[Closed] Joy App — app that allows influencers to get paid in crypto as well as license their UGC (user-generated content)

Initiative summary
Joy App - Company focusing on web3 promotion for the masses and a blockchain app that allows influencers to get paid in crypto as well as license their UGC (user-generated content).
Project Website URL: joy-ads.com

About our team
about our teamWe have been working on many web2 startups as a team: Insense.pro (official partners with TikTok and Meta) and Joy Ads (partners with TikTok).

Alex Fedorenko
Co-Founder Insense.pro
● TikTok and Meta creative partner
● ProductHunt 4 Badges
● Y2Y Sales growth in one unit $800k → $2.1 MLN
● Shortlist D&AD

LinkedIn URL
Twitter URL

Mari Nikolaenko
Co-Founder Joy Ads
● 4% top rated creative in TikTok Australia
● TikTok Best Ads case
Head of ManageService Insense.pro
● Highest profitability unit in one year from zero
● Management Paid Social budget $18mln
● Author PaidSocial course
● 2 place of wakeboard competition

Ivan Bykanov
● Product Manager at Lishtspeed Commerce. Responsible for the Patner Growth and 100,000 + paid users.
● Product Managment Lecturer. 1,000+ satisfied students
● As product manager at Insense grew MRR from $200 to $45,000 within one year

Daniil Mazurin
● Co-founder of Apollo42 and A42 Labs (official partners with NEAR Protocol and Aurora)

What are we building?

  • Request from TikTok and Meta teams to create blockchain apps for influencers
  • Signed contract with TikTok Singapore
  • 6 years of working with influencers and authors and feedback from them
  • Inconvenience for web3 projects to pay in fiat for promo. And fiat companies in crypto.

We believe that creating a convenient tool for influencers and advertisers, for contracting, licensing and payments, can become a game changer in this industry. We also see how interest in licensing is growing, and this will soon become a big trend.

What makes us different from competitors?
The main difference is that we fit into the natural process when the advertiser turns to the author for content. One way or another, they perform all these actions, but in a different way or through agencies, which significantly increases the cost or duration of the process. In addition, not a single promo service has the ability to work in conjunction with web3 right now.

How much funding do we request? - $150,000
Grant Category: Channel/Brand Partnerships

The main stages of our project and the estimated budget for each stage
Start of program - $20k

Milestone 1: MVP - $35k
*Deploy user sign-up and NEAR wallet
*Soft launch of the Web Desktop Application
*App launch in iOS App Store & Google Play(PWA)
*First transactions from TikTok influencers
*Promotion for 10 Near Projects with a discount

Milestone 2: NEAR Support and Collecting Customers’ Feedback - $50k
*Promotion for 40 Near Projects with a discount
*Integration with NearPay
*Integration with Stripe and PayPal: simplifying payments for both sides
*Help customers to onboard, collect first feedback from real users
*Fixing problems in production

Milestone 3. Product Growth - $45k
*Smart contract for licensing development
*Advertisers can pay in crypto
*3,180 licensings created for a piece of content
*1,000 MAU
*Desktop application (based on customers’ feedback) to increase the number of sign ups

How will we measure the success of the project? - 10,000 DAU

Has our team previously received funding, tokens, or grants from NEAR?
Yes, our senior advisor and head of blockchain development Dan Mazurin has been into web3 for almost 6 years now and has made significant contributions to the crypto and - specifically - NEAR Protocol communities. After starting Apollo42, an NFT marketplace focused on social aspects, and creating Cosmos69 application allowing to showcase digital art and collectibles (using augmented reality) created on NEAR he got a lot of experience in managing and creating web3 products. Apollo42 LTD. has got an official grant from the Foundation and investment of more than $500,000 from Cogitent

How will this affect the NEAR ecosystem? What can we bring besides new users?
● NEAR projects and NEAR Protocol itself will get the most innovative marketing tools to promote all products within the ecosystem through TikTok, Meta, Youtube & Snapchat.
● Making our solution “first choice” for all influencers who work with web3 projects.
● Getting TikTok/Meta partner companies from the Near Ecosystem.

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Good morning! Marketing DAO has a 10k hard cap.