[Closed] April 23 - ThriveIN GTM for Beta Launch


We are building a social platform designed for creatives. A place where creatives can build a network, sell event tickets & get hired. We want to onboard web2 users onto web3 using magiclink, a NEAR wallet will be initialized upon signup. We have developed an escrow smart contract allowing creatives to hire and be hired with close to 0 tsx fees and instant payment.
We are currently alpha testing our product with plans to onboard our first set of users in the next month.

We are planning on hiring a Marketing Agency (Web3 Rhino to establish an online presence), which will help us promote the app and onboard users onto NEAR protocol.

Funding scheme
One time payment for the month of April with the plan to continue working with Web3 Flying Rhino

Initiative summary

  • Onboarding of non web3 and NEAR users onto NEAR
  • Promote NEAR protocol and it’s benefits to the creator economy
  • KPIs:
  • 500 NEAR wallets initialized through our app
  • Grow Twitter and LinkedIN to over 1k followers.
  • Funding Details
    • Total requested amount in USD and NEAR : 3500$ (1830 NEAR)
    • NEAR Wallet ID : thrivein.near
    • Wallet owner’s name : Rami Djebari

Hello! Can you share a link on your dapp?
What is anticipated WAU? Thanks.

Hello Dacha! Hope you’re doing well!

We are aiming for 150 WAU in the first month.

The app is still in development. If you want I can show you a quick demo.

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Social media, demo, etc.

Is there an email I can send the links and media too as I can’t upload links or content to this post?




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It has been sent.

Thanks Dacha :pray:

Thanks for your proposal,

Can you please submit the Tally Form, you’ll be able to add all the links here: Marketing DAO Proposal Application

I’ve got some questions:

Curious as to why this platform is focused on Creatives (only?). What kind of creatives? What is the size of the market, etc.

Would like to learn more about the tech - how does it compare with Keypom and Shard Dog?

What was the process of searching and selecting a marketing agency like?

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Hey Satojandro,

Thanks, I have completed the application.

The idea is to develop a platform similar to LinkedIn but tailored towards creatives. We observed that there is currently no place for creatives to connect and network with each other. Many creatives rely on Instagram as their primary platform for this purpose, but its limitations hinder their ability to share various types of content such as Medium articles and YouTube videos and locate specific talents in a particular location.

Since 86% of people find jobs through social media, we have decided to incorporate a payment solution for freelancers within our app, utilizing escrow smart contracts on NEAR. The market size is big, with over 200 million creatives worldwide, 30 million of whom are professionals selling their art or services online. The freelancing platform industry is already valued at 4.5 billion and is projected to triple in the next five years. Additionally, we are looking to partner with other NEAR projects, such as FewFar and SeatLat, to incorporate their technology for an NFT launchpad and NFT event ticketing, with a combined value of nearly 90 billion.

We have decided to use MagicLink for its simple and modern UI, which simplifies the onboarding process while maintaining the highest level of security, including :

  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance
  • Scalability and performance
  • Best-in-class authentication with additional anomaly detection and MFA.

However, we are also considering integrating KeyPom.

We have been exploring the possibility of hiring a marketing agency for some time now. While we are currently part of an INQB8 circle, a leading web3 marketing agency, we would like to tap into the NEAR community. After conducting some research on Twitter, we discovered FlyingRhino, and we were impressed with their enthusiasm, knowledge, and presence in the NEAR community during our call with them.


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Hi @ramses

There isn’t enough detail in this proposal for me to approve.

Please outline the specific marketing initiatives on Twitter and Linkedin you plan on executing AND the budget.

Additionally, I don’t think Linkedin is going to be the best channel for you to promote your product.


Hello Klint,

The idea behind this marketing sprint is to grow our following on socials ahead of our beta launch. We will be partnering up with FlyingRhino to execute marketing.

  • They will manage our social media accounts (LinkedIN, twitter & instagram) with original content creation and information about our offering with 2 posts daily.
  • To grow our channel we will be hosting Twitter Spaces (1 a week) & have access to Influencers.
  • We will be writing 2 medium articles around the topic of web3 and the creative economy and how ThriveIN is well positioned to solve some issues by being built on NEAR.
  • ThriveIN has a community of 10,000 creatives based around Bali, LA, Dubai & Geneva ((hosted on our whatsapp and telegram groups). We want to communicate with them about the app and benefits of webs for smooth onboarding on our app.

FlyingRhino - 3000$
Graphic Designer for Instagram posts - 500$

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Hi @ramses – thanks for the proposal. In general, I like the idea of creating a community like what you’re describing. That said, this proposal needs additional detail and information in order for me to be able to support it. Can you provide:

  • Examples of previous content, social links, Medium, etc. so we can see how you are messaging your initiative and brand?
  • What is Flying Rhino specifically agreeing to do for $3K? Are they creating the graphics? What topics will they post about? How is this content going to lead to adoption of your project?
  • Can you elaborate on your strategy for acquiring users? I would like to understand how you are going to use the content to lead to new users on your platform. I do not think simple brand awareness is enough. There needs to be a strategy behind it. For example, if you were able to share the types of articles that you plan to produce, can show that these articles outline a problem your audience has, and then explain that your content will direct people to your platform for the solution, then it’s easier to see how funding content will lead to the outcomes you’re aiming for.
  • Also take a look at our funding guidelines and let us know how your proposal can meet the KPIs outlined there.


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Hello @so608,

Thanks! Yeah we haven’t really focused much on the marketing aspect until now.

  • Here are the link to our socials where you can see the different type of content we have been sharing. You will find that on both there are different types of content. The idea moving forward is to make out content more web3 focused.

    • On twitter we have been promoting our platform and the different use cases. Moving forward we want to target the web3 users and creatives. We want to outline the issues with traditional marketplaces like fiverr and upwork who charge super high fees and where payments are delayed. We also wanna promote ourselves as the linkedin for creatives where creatives can network and find gigs based on talent and/or location twitter

    • On instagram we have been promoting creatives in our network. These users will be joining the platform and promoting it. We want to talk about creatives process within different industries such as fashion, music art etc… These instagram posts will serve as previews, to full articles found on ThriveIN. instagram

In short the idea behind our social media strategy is to outline issues in the creative economy, and how ThriveIN can solve these issues using NEAR. We also want to promote creatives who want to share their expertise who will in turn promote the platform. As it is going to be a community where creatives can network and collaborate too but where they can also be hired.

  • FlyingRhino will handle content and graphics for 3K. They will also help us write the medium articles. The topics we agreed to post about was issues with traditional creative marketplaces and how web3 is beneficial to the creative economy, also the different features of our platform. They will take care of the following:

    • They will manage our social media accounts (LinkedIN, twitter & instagram) with original content creation and information about our offering with 2 posts daily.
    • To grow our channel we will be hosting Twitter Spaces (1 a week) & have access to Influencers.
  • As for our strategy for acquiring users. We will be onboarding our first 100 users next week. Most of them are direct network and second are some that have registered to our waiting list (which is at 161 atm). Some of the first users are creatives with over 1m followers. The idea is to work closely with them for the next 3 weeks to get their feedback and improve the app. Our goal is to do a soft beta launch beginning on April where we will leverage referrals from the creative using our app, target the NEAR community and web3 community through our social media presence and collaborations with other projects built on NEAR such as fewfar, and promote our app to our network on 10,000 creatives as we are planning on having over 1000 users by mid May. We want to create awareness on socials about our soft launch. We also have a draft of medium articles we want to share during this month. Here is a preview:

ThriveIN is a next-generation social marketplace that is revolutionizing the way creatives buy and sell their products and services. ThriveIN leverages the power of blockchain technology to provide a secure, transparent, and low-cost platform for creatives to showcase their talents and connect with buyers.

NEAR protocol is a highly scalable blockchain platform that provides fast and low-cost transactions. With NEAR, ThriveIN can provide a platform for creatives to sell their work without having to worry about high transaction fees often associated with traditional marketplaces.

At ThriveIN, we understand the challenges that creatives face when trying to sell their work on traditional marketplaces. High transaction fees, lack of transparency, and limited control over their work are just a few of the obstacles that creatives have to overcome. That’s why we created ThriveIN, a social marketplace that puts creatives in control of their work and helps them thrive.

One of the major benefits of using ThriveIN is that it provides a low-cost platform for transactions. With traditional marketplaces, high transaction fees can eat into the profits of creatives, making it difficult for them to make a living. However, with ThriveIN, the transaction fees are significantly lower, which means that creatives can sell their products and services at a more affordable price, making them more competitive in the marketplace.

ThriveIN on the NEAR protocol enables creatives to retain ownership and control over their work. With traditional marketplaces, creatives often have to give up ownership and control over their work when they sell it. However, with ThriveIN, creatives can retain ownership and control over their work, which can help to protect their intellectual property rights.

In conclusion, ThriveIN on the NEAR protocol is a game-changing social marketplace that is empowering creatives to thrive in a competitive marketplace. With low transaction fees, secure and transparent transactions, instant payments, a platform for showcasing talent and building a community, and the ability to retain ownership and control over their work, creatives can finally take control of their careers and succeed on their own terms. Sign up for ThriveIN on the NEAR protocol today and start thriving!

  • As for the KPIs for the DAO.

Will this project help develop a thriving ecosystem of high quality projects?

  • Assessment by M DAO:
    1. Does this project create an inspiring, vibrant community that makes people want to join?

Our goal is to onboard web2 users into web3. We want to onboard a huge community of creatives onto NEAR. If properly executed this community will be interacting in different ways through our platform, they will be able to buy NFT event tickets, buy a show NFTs on their profile, crowdfund creative projects through sale of NFTs and hire creatives with our escrow smart contacts (This is the first creative marketplace on NEAR). Polygon has a similar project called cryptotask.

  1. Does the project promote core qualities, characteristics, and progress about NEAR that can educate and inspire others to take action?

Through our social media campaign we will be promoting NEAR and it’s benefits the creatives in many ways whether it’d be through IP protection or crowdfunding with better transparency.

  1. Is this project providing value to other builders and projects in the ecosystem in ways in which it accelerates their growth?

Since we are targeting a vast audience and simplifying onboarding on to NEAR we do belive in the longterm we can help with growth for various projects centered around NFTs and NFT Event Ticketing.

Will this project result in an entry point for Web3 talent?

Assessment by DAO:

  1. Distribution Channel; is the team well placed to reach new audiences?

We do have a strong and active community of 10,000 creatives on our telegram and whatsapp groups that we plan on onboarding. Almost none of them are in web3 as of now.

  1. Does the team have enough depth of knowledge about NEAR, what’s happening in the ecosystem, other unique insights and valuable knowledge;

We have been building on NEAR for the past 8 months and are up to date with the current roadmap projections. Our blockchain lead was the former CEO of NEARNAUTS.

  1. Is the project or team, able to communicate clearly and concisely complex concepts to new audiences?

I myself and my CTO have completed the NEAR developer certifications and have extensive knowledge of smart contracts and the tech behind NEAR.

  1. What would potential developers/builders think/feel if they come in contact with content?

Creatives in our network are keen on entering web3 and interested in the low transactions fees. This will serve as a gateway for developers or creatives alike.

Sorry for the long post. :pray:

Hello. Unfortunately, I can’t support you proposal.
Could you please apply again when we app will be ready.

Hi Ramses,

Thanks for your thorough and detailed responses to all the questions.

After careful consideration I’ve decided that at this stage, I don’t support this proposal. Reasons:

  • Too early. I encourage the team to maximise all the early strategies to maximise growth and gain traction that are generally available for free (M DAO sponsors them). This include but are not limited to: Twitter Spaces such as NEAR @ Night, Wax Shill and Chill, Podcasts such as Ready layer One, getting featured in Nearweek, reaching out to the Creatives DAO community, among many others. In general, I find that the NEAR ecosystem is very supportive of early stage projects and as soon as they become aware they’ll follow and support along the way.
  • We also make a distinction between funding for promotion and growth of the NEAR ecosystem as a whole v funding of a project. In different words, Community Treasury isn’t equipped to cover the on-going operational costs of projects. Rather, where there’s alignment, we can consider funding specific campaigns that are in line with promotion of NEAR, etc. (it is suggested in proposal that there would be an ongoing $3k proposal to FR)
  • I also want to acknowledge that the project has received a Builders Grant from NF for $50k, hopefully these funds have been enough to get the team to launch.

You are welcomed to come back and make a new proposal in the future.


Hi @ramses i have reviewed your proposal and noted the replies to fellow council.

I would echo the comments by @Dacha and @satojandro and feel that you need to focus on developing the app before we can support any marketing activities. Unable to support and moving to Closed