[PROPOSAL] Shitzu community DAO BOOST initiative


We’re thrilled to report the success of the previous funding round allocated to Shitzu. As promised, we’ve utilized the funds responsibly to empower our community through engaging activities ([REPORT] Jan-Apr Shitzu DAO reoort).

Building on this momentum, we’re excited to unveil a new initiative called Shitzu BOOST. This program fosters collaboration within the NEAR ecosystem by partnering with projects seeking to raise awareness through coordinated tweet amplification.

Shitzu BOOST in Action:

  • We offer NEAR projects to increase visibility on Twitter
  • Our community amplifies their tweets through a strategic, non-botted approach.
  • To participate, projects stake a minimal amount of NEAR (20N) with the Shitzu validator and contribute 1,000 Shitzu tokens per activation.
  • Typically, 3,000-5,000 Shitzu tokens are payed per activation.

Request for Continued Support:

To further propel Shitzu’s growth and amplify the impact of Shitzu BOOST, we request a second round of funding. This investment will enable us to:

  • Reward participants, upgrade our tipbot to recognize active stakers, revise the validator structure for token emission, and push for more unique content creation.

By providing [quantifiable metrics on user growth, community engagement, or other relevant factors], we believe Shitzu is poised for even greater success. We’re confident that Shitzu BOOST will become a valuable tool for NEAR projects seeking to expand their footprint within crypto.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to discussing this proposal further.


The Shitzu Team

Specs of Boost

  • Deposit at least 20N with our validator: shitzu.pool.near
  • Send 1k Shitzu tokens to rewards.0xshitzu.near
  • once verified, post the desired tweet on our TG
  • Expect 20–40 engagements by community-minded folks with a vested interest in NEAR’s success

requesting 5000$

Wallet: shitzu.sputnik-dao.near


Thanks for the proposal @agt - noting that you’ve clarified a few questions I had about the validator staking and asked via Telegram. I am happy to support this for another month during what in my view is a critical time for the ecosystem.


Thanks for your proposal and overall contribution! Happy to support

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Hi @agt i have reviewed your proposal and am happy to support.

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