[Approved] RU Community Guild (Media Partnerships & Influencers) February 2022 + Binance Promo Campaign

The goal of RU Community is to educate the Russian speaking community about the NEAR Ecosystem, provide support to all ecosystem projects with Russian localization, to increase awareness of the ecosystem, and to enable more local guilds.

We need the following funding to further our work in promoting NEAR.

I also made a reports showing what they have done for us.

Our report for December

We had an AMA session with NEAR cofounder Ilya Polosokhin on the DOUBLE TOP

Our guys were in NEAR.HACK in Kiev and helped the participants. @yulian @zavodil

In January we made payments: incrypted.near - 195N

With Double Top, we decided to try a pilot model where the Influencers themselves submit a proposal to the DAO so that we can review the content and decide whether or not to pay for it.
We are still refining this model.
This will add more engagement for new participants to work with our DAO.

Instead of CryptoLamer, we decided to try to work with the Moni Team.
And this work has already begun.

About Binance Promo Campaign

Payout: rucommunity.sputnikdao.near

1262 $NEAR


@Vladislav_vl25 hey there! some questions from me:

For all the YouTube influencers, are these all going to be video promotions? If yes, will it be an interview, platform walkthrough, tutorials, etc? full length or just a segment of the video?

What do the New Program and Binance NEAR/RUB promo content include?

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It’s not just videos, it’s posts in Telegram and other social networks.
And may be and a segment of the video.

The new program is a pilot model.
We used to pay per month and that included some content.

But to give more freedom to the Influencers, not to impose their information on them, so they can choose what’s best for their audience. And they to get more engaged in our DAO.
We will judge the content, how good it is, and pay them rewards.

Full information about Binance Promo Campaign

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Good evening! What is procedure of voting and decisions in your guild? Do community members involve in the process? Thank You

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At the moment it is decided by a committee of 4 members, but there are plans to expand this kind of voting.

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Could you list them?

Me, Yulian, Vadim, Andrew.

Thank you. Yes, will be great to see active community members in your DAO.

About media partnerships. Your guild works with best in class Russian/Ukrainian influencers . Behalf of RU/UA community members I want to say thank you and the guild leadership to the opportunity watching interviews with Near Leadership.

I will vote Yes for your proposal. Keep going to do your excellent job.



Happy to approve if there are no other comments from @marketingdao-council


David, can I submit this to the DAO or do I have to wait for KYC?
And the price has changed for the NEAR, at the time of application it was about $17.
Can I change it?

Or I need to wait for the new rules.

No funding proposals are submitted to the DAO anymore, only polls.

Check out the guide here:

Thanks, i thought that this prototype. :slightly_smiling_face:
Not the final version.


Thanks we got certain funds .

But this proposal was made at the rate of NEAR = 16.99$
If you take the current rate(on this day) at which we pay. NEAR = 11.3$
We got 1220N.
The difference in 678 NEAR (1898-1220). -35,73%. :expressionless:

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Sure, thanks David.
Ill make it.


I’m going to support this proposal. As a fellow Youtuber I am aware of the importance of creating content, to spread awareness and inspire people to join the NEAR ecosystem as contributors.

As I don’t speak Russian, I’ve delegated my assessment of the quality of previous work to Dacha.

I’m wondering whether your team would be open to receiving Content Requests? I think there are some high profile events, project launches, etc. that would be good to get more coverage on.


Additional proposal for extra funds to make up for price differential of NEAR has just passed. Apologies for the delays, we are working in narrowing processing times and implementing new processes.

We’ve launched a video contest(Youtube).
For several categories at once.

All about NEAR
All about AURORA
NFT-apps/games on NEAR
DeFi-apps on NEAR

We write about many projects and help inform the Russian community about them.

Thanks for your support.

Thank you for great job :muscle:

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