[Approved] December 2022 - Social media, Content Website Hub, High Active&antibot Quality of AMAs - Nearity

thanks @marketingdao-council for this proposal , this is nearity’s astrodao polll link


dear Community, @David_NEAR @marketingdao-council

This proposal wroten follow up below ann and document

The time to marketingDAO council handle December Proposal
[Announcement] Marketing DAO Resumes Operations and Guidelines for Assessment Marketing DAO Proposals by @satojandro
Type of content project defined Document by @Klint
Values and Focus by Illa


Another Proposals - Reports

Introduction: Nearity profile

June : First Proposal (June) - June Report

July: Second proposal - July report

August: Third proposal - August Report

September: proposal - report

November: proposal - report


Guild name:** Nearity
Funding scheme: monthly - December
Council:** nearityorg.near, samnguyen.near, ntrucchinh.near

Our main channel
Twitter - Instagram - Telegram chat - Telegram ANN - Facebook Page - Facebook Group
Our official website (SEO content Hub) https://Nearity.org

0. Chanel performance







1.[Promotion/Distribution/Promotional] - Promote project

Promote 9 - 10 projects from apply this form, list of applied project published in this fie manage by @marketingdao-council

LEAFES Digital Fashion Sho
Pulsar Finance
Dolia Cats, Meowrush

We had to meet with the project to understand their plans, design visuals & wireframes so they could understand the design and campaign intentions and reach consensus to continue process support for them. Support them design 3 - 4 inforgraphics(research, understand their documment/concept…), giveaway, instantly re-shout out their news/announce when they request, have meeting when they have important campaign…

Name of project catogory network target campaign that project require detail of targeting campaign contact email
LEAFES Digital Fashion Show and Competition in collaboration with the NEAR Protocol Meta Fashion House Near Attract more users into NEAR Protocol community and increase an awareness Designers: 100+ 3D designers engaged to participate
Twitter: 2000+ followers
Discord: 2000+ members
Metaverse space visitors: 1000+
Media coverage: 10+ posts and articles about the Metaverse Show & Contest in Web 3.0 media
@avechri cpw@leafes.pro
ChatMe Social Near Launching - Release main features on Protocol Share our project to NEAR community to get more users, chats and channels. Vlodkow#9783 vlodkow@gmail.com
hideyour.cash DeFi/Infrastructure Near Launching - Release main features on Protocol We would like to have as much betatesters on the protocol, as soon as we open to people test it. Around 200 users would be great. @hackachain admin@hackachain.io
Pulsar Finance DeFi, Tool Aurora & Near Aquiring users, loyalty campaing (Post IDO/ICO) We want to create a good user base, that contribute with input and constructive feedback so that we can continuously improve Pulsar’s dashboard and offer a better service to the whole community. Telegram: Contact @filpabrandao filipabrandaoapps@gmail.com
Joysticklabs GameFi Near Pre-Acquire Community (Pre-IDO/ICO orMint) We want to onboard community members. Currently we are still at the early stage and do not have community members. Telegram - @Mazi_Skillz info@joysticklabs.io
Dolia Cats, Meowrush Game, mateverse Near Launching - Release main features on Protocol According to the roadmap, we’re planning to launch a Meowverse Alpha and Meowrush Race mode Beta Tg: @daniildolia daniil.dolia@doliacats.xyz

300$ for promoting each project(duration 30 days)
sub-Cost: 300*8 =2400$

example for ton of task that we serve project

example report: Link

2.[Visual/design] Creative graphics, visual story graphics, shilling content social

Daily news: 50 post news all of highlight projects on near
Data analytics last update: update last performance flagship protocol on NEAR
Twitter: 30 - 40 advanced / Infograhics for projects: $1000
Shilling & introduction Megathread: 3 threads a month = 100*3 = $300
instagram, facebook fanpage, facebook group management: 400$
sub-Cost: 1200+300+200 = 1700

3.[Audio/podcast] - Live twitter space (AMA)

redefine Quality of AMAs

1/ Giveaway, tweets & graphics for pre-AMA

This is the most attractive Airdrop activity right now, so the additional information needed when collaborating with the project needs to be tweeted right below to make the overview of engagement metrics and readers really important. Centers with related information about the project and ecosystem such as: Featured events coming soon, New features to attract users, … will be tried immediately in the Giveaway graphic, AMA or additional tweet.

2/ Raise hand to ask questions directly in the AMA
In order to screen out people who are active and real, we allow AMA participants to request to have the microphone on and ask their own questions.

They had very interesting interactions during the AMA. Show that they are really interested and are very active. Both parties can objectively see that they are deserving of the reward. This requires the host and co-host to smoothly work through the script and discuss with the project to guide them. There are even some projects that need very detailed instructions and understanding of the meaning of the AMA

3/ Duration and quality each AMA
A meaningful and informative AMA needs to be groomed with scripts and questions to navigate the community depending on the stage of each project. Most of the questions are copied and made no sense. But their activities have worked quite well, so the solution for quality rewards is that they can raise their hands to ask questions and be reviewed and rewarded by both parties.

30 minutes is a typical AMA and it can be seen that the project is low on media preparation and needs more support

45 minutes is an AMA that could be getting better as the issues will need to be discussed in a little more detail and the AMA becomes more interesting

The duration of 60 minutes is an ideal and complete AMA, maybe the stories are told more, the average for a person to ask directly and answer is 2-3 minutes, so in 30 minutes we have can communicate directly with more than 10 very different community members on many different topics and angles

More than 60 minutes are usually big topics and a growing number of really interesting questions make the project. We usually do 60 minutes per AMA, sometimes the community and project are very happy to want more AMA but it needs to be maintained and saved for the next AMA.

we will host 10 AMAs per months with new standard that defined, with 200$ + 50$ reward per AMA
(Each AMA we will prepare script and discuss with partner the script, design graphics, host the prepare question form community, announcing the winners, keep user active our channels. Then we will publish the script of AMAs to our website.)

Sub-cost: 10*200=$2000

4.[Writing] - Website:

last month we archive ~620 increase x3 times with another month, users active and have experience on our website(tutorial content, explain what is about protocol, last update on NEAR…) and we increasing number of articles publish on website.

Article Report/review about project 10 article a months: 10*$100 = 1000
(4 weekly recap, 6 article in reports)
Management (SEO optimiazation by article, backlink building management, wordpress management): $300

we also upload all of graphics of in part 2, to our websites

Sub-cost Monthly : 1000$+300$=1300$
weekly recap: https://nearity.org/s/26th-week-recap-weekly-newsletter/
Report about project: https://nearity.org/s/what-is-the-octopus-network/
how to use dapp: https://nearity.org/s/how-to-use-learn-near-on-learnnear-club/

Total cost request: 2400+1300= $3700

Thanks for reviewing my Proposal, im looking forward to hearing from you @marketingdao-council.


Hello! Could you plese fill out the form? Thank you

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i ve just submit the form, @Dacha

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Hi @nearity

Thank you for your proposal.

Visual Design:
How do you determine the subject of these infographics?
Do you have a google sheet with these linked?

AMA / Spaces
Just listened to the first Twitter spaces you posted.
The first 12 minutes were mostly silence and trying to connect. If you try to build out an agenda prior to getting your guests onto the twitter spaces it’s going to go a lot further.
The questions from the “audience” seemed a bit forced.
18:07 - Reasked the same question…
24:00 - This question is clearly being read…
You’re asking for far too much to get this type of content out. Would you consider lowering this to $70 (like other projects). We’re trying to focus on quality… how do you plan on stepping this up?

Content (Articles)
Do you have some of the titles of the future articles you plan on submitting?
Are you just planning on summarizing news?

Management / SEO
What exactly are you doing with regard to this? Last we spoke, you were doing spammy backlinks which actually does more harm than good.

How do you plan on stepping up the quality of the content?

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Determine the subject of these infographics?

Storytelling visual design: We have to prepare tracking data/metrics, by time with concept in just Near ecosystem, or concept shilling for near or project on near by camparing with another chain’s ecosystem

Data visualization: when data hit a certain story to get outstanding insight we will do visualize it through graphics(onchain, defi metrics, traffic user, by certain frame of time)

…various of another insight that i require my team to visual it.

you could check more this sheet

so sorry , we often create ama before it happen 10 minutes.
we will add an agenda prior to getting your guests next another AMAs

i think we will recheck it and improve it to get more quality question.

each AMA, we have to prepare graphics, preparing script for project, host in reward for question,

in each AMA, we do session raise hand from the directly user on live ama.( to get active from user with project)

And finally we will publish the whole script of Ama on website, and project have tend to use it to educate thier community

with ton of task of each AMA, we need more team with vairious of skills to handle those @Klint.

but how about im ready to inscrease each ama we will get 150$ + 50$ reward for community? Instead of 250$ before.

Total AMAs is 2000$

In the future we are going to do the podcast about web3 industry with gather CEOs, KOLs, CMOs in our ecosystem or another chains, to discuss about bring some traditional industry to web3 on NEAR

Each month we have for 4 Newsletter and some of concept like that
What is X project What is Meta Pool? - Nearity Research or $USN Overview - $USN wind down- NEAR Resolutions - Nearity Research
How to use X dapp How to use Learn NEAR on learnnear.club? - Nearity Research or How To Farm On Pembrock Finance - Nearity Research
Top project in X catogory on NEAR ecosystem …

Upcoming concept and layout we want to do:

who is X on Near protocol
Interview with Person X on near

we just do social backlink and just get partnership/communication backlinks in near ecosytem
Dont do booking spam backlink ser(dont do GSA backlink, bookmark backlink)

i also think i should update my proposal dont inlude this part Management / SEO.

Total website writing: 1000$

thanks for @Klint detail in reviewing and grooming our proposal
hi @marketingdao-council
Nearity also update total request of proposal: $7100

Thank you for a great job. Happy to support your proposal.

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thanks your support and your way to directly and indirectly coordinate our work last December

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Hi @nearity – thanks for the proposal and your patience with the review process. I’m struggling with this proposal. Here are my thoughts:

  • While it’s clear you and your team are able to create and publish a lot of content, which you do consistently, your engagement numbers on your platforms and web site are quite small vs. your audience size and the amount of content you produce. To me, that signals that something is not working. Yes, there may be growth, but I am having trouble connecting the value of the content back to an equivalent value for the NEAR ecosystem.
  • We’ve funded your project in the past, so it has had support from the MarketingDAO and quite a bit of funding to allow it a chance to grow and thrive. I am not seeing the incremental improvement that I would like to see for the amount of funding that is going into the project.
  • We have new funding constraints since our relaunch and need to be extremely careful that what we fund is not only supporting community initiatives, but also aligning with the NEAR Foundation KPIs laid out in our guidelines. In my view, there is a need to fund projects that bring fairly equal, if not greater, benefit to the NEAR ecosystem than to themselves/their own existence via the funding provided by the community. In this case, it seems to me that $7100 would be of greater benefit to Nearity than to the ecosystem, as the engagement is similar to much smaller accounts and initiatives.

I’m not aiming to criticize you or your team for your efforts, but I want to be straightforward about the issues I am seeing with continued funding under our new structure and current market conditions.

As a way forward, is there a possibility that you would reduce your funding request to the one channel or type of content that is working best for you and your team?

I can’t support this proposal in its current form, but given your dedication to the ecosystem and long-standing participation, would be happy to hear your thoughts on how to align on something that will work on both sides.


Hi @Nearity,

Thanks for all the clarifications from your earlier messages.

The quality of the AMAs just doesn’t reach a professional level. I sat down and listened to a second episode below.

  • Questions being read
  • Long gaps of silence
  • Leaving the guest hanging for long stretches at a time.

The articles are not exactly what I was expecting either. Giving the information found on CoinMarketCap or elsewhere online doesn’t quite provide value.

These have been your most consistent element but we’re purely repurposing the materials that are also publically available.

I agree with @so608’s points and unfortunately, I cannot support this proposal.

Thank for your revision and thoughs


I agree to remove Articles by reviewing of @Klint and @so608 so608 in our side, we still need to improve and re-quality of content,


i agree with you we will down our reward to 70$ for each AMA that we do and how about we need 50$ for reward’s community? total 130$ for each ama


I must add that,

  • some projects are not confident to do ama, for various reasons → we try our best to encourage them to do it by actively regaining their project-building inspiration

  • our ama operation achieves a lot of satisfaction with projects in the ecosystem,

  • the scope of discussion on the forum cannot fully describe our shortcomings, or our efforts in different stages of work

  • some projects require scripting or Scenario approval before being asked, which limits the content of ama

  • we have to design of 2 unique graphics along and manage the distribution of rewards for members who ask worthy questions in ama

  • we are the first media agent on the ecosystem, there is a session that allows anyone to ask questions as soon as the ama happens live, not many projects before that, this make anti the bot join twitter space

  • After the AMA happens we publish the scripts on the website, and the project often uses it as a marketing resource and user education

  • in the future we hope to become more “professional” in the eyes of marketingDAO councils and look forward to maintaining this activity because of its significance to projects on the near ecosystem

  • you can ask Dacha to confirm our above information is absolutely correct, dacha is usually present in most of our workgroups and sees our efforts in the AMA(he is almost in the telegram group that nearity do promote and AMAs with project on near) cc @Dacha


we decide reduce 1/2 reward for mount of same workload with another month

1700$/2= 850$


i keep the Promotion project that apply through this form, list of applied project published in this fie manage by @marketingdao-council

total request that i follow by revision of @so608 And @Klint


Thank you for your patiently and faithfully feedback to make us better

Yes, thanks for great job!

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Hi @marketingdao-council i also update this proposal by removing article and visual part

The reward of proposal for “AMA” and “promote” part : 1300+2400=3700$

Thank you @nearity for your responses to the feedback and adjusting the proposal. I can support the revised ($3700) in this form for a month.

You still need the support of one more council member for approval. Tagging @marketingdao-council for visibility. Thanks!

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Hi @nearity i have reviewed your proposal and the comments from fellow council.

I note your replies and that you have adjusted the total amount requested, and am willing to support for one month.

Now moved to Approved

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You can now

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO.

2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction.

Have a great day :blush:


thanks @marketingdao-council for this proposal , this is nearity’s astrodao polll link


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