[Approved][March][Report] Instagram Community Accounts

IG Community Accounts Report
Month : March
Tagging @marketingdao-council to review

  1. Tags Visibility
  2. Account Statistics
  3. Reward Breakup
  4. Connect with Us

1. Tags Visibility

Tags February March Growth %
[Feb → March]
#NEARProtocol 8166 10893 25
#NEARnews 802 1232 34.9
#NEARcoin 814 1256 35.2
#NEARtrading 674 1112 39.4
#NEARnft 7463 10762 30.7


Tags growth Feb → March

2. Account Statistics

Sr. No. IG handle Feb Followers March Followers March Posts
1 @nearcircle 460 638 85
2 @trending.near 184 337 78
3 @near_crypto 212 306 51
4 @nearprotocolnews 311 384 31
5 @nearianada 65 190 91

3. Reward: $2298 - $380 = $1918

I propose to reward our Five(5) Community Account Holders and Moderation as following

Sr. No. IG handle Total Reward
1 @nearcircle 560
2 @trending.near 412
3 @near_crypto 390
4 @nearprotocolnews 266
5 @nearianada 470
6 Moderation 200

The reward structure is different for all five contestants based on the efforts and quality of work produced. The reward structure has been proposed hereafter consulting it with all of them.

Our NEAR-IG DAO has $380 balance, which we are using for the March month payment and hence the total reward request is 2298 - 380 = $1918

4. Connect with Us

Telegram Group: Telegram: Contact @nearig
Submission Form for requesting IG Posts: NEAR | Instagram Posts Request



It is important that the entire NEAR community knows what our work is from the Instagram team that as a community we strive to do with professionalism and responsibility :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

Therefore, if you want more information about what we do, what our objectives and our work dynamics are, then enter the NEAR governance forum, where you can find the answer to all these questions and also apply to support the work team in the ecosystem :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Don’t forget to leave your like and your recommendations in the comments not only here at @nearcircle but also the forum post. We are a community that helps improve the world with the best third generation Blockchain through social networks! :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:


Awesome :muscle: thanks for sharing opportunities with Near community

Happy to support your proposal


Hi @naveen_in great work! Thanks for your report


Hi @naveen_in - I like that you are helping a variety of projects get noticed on your channels and making the form so accessible to the community.

Question - are the accounts you publish to your team’s or does your team choose the accounts to reward? Just curious how it works and whether you plan to expand the number of accounts you reward in the future.


Thanks. The goal is

  • We get good reach community accounts with some boosted tags with time which will be used to promote our stakeholders work/IG accounts to gain visibility.
  • Instead of us approaching other paid influencers for the reach our accounts can do it without any charge.

Right now, I am choosing the way to reward based on the parameters we need more to focus on. Sharing here the reward structure used for the March month.

Yes, the plan is to increase the accounts with time, but the position is going to be open for the people who have the following skillset

  1. Previous record of handling and growing an IG Account
  2. Blockchain Enthusiast and NEAR Protocol believer
  3. Good graphic designer
  4. Have a strategy to grow the community account
  5. Connections with the IG Influencers (Added Advantage)

Súper importante seguir trabajando Instagram como una de las redes sociales más interactivas del munod, aquella que puede traer nuesvos talentos al ecosistema e informar sobre novedades :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Hi @marketingdao-council members

We need one more approval on this proposal to get it approved
Kindly take a look on it.



The team is working earnestly to promote Near ecosystem on IG,which has had a huge impact in Near community.

Visit our page on IG and see the amazing work done there.

Kudos Team members and our amazing Admin.


How valuable that information about NEAR is being carried through Instagram, it is a totally powerful social network and which has reach to millions of people around the world, it is important to take advantage of this so that more and more people know about the wonders of NEAR. Excellent work!


Hello @marketingdao-council , Hope you all are doing great.

It’s been over 3 weeks to the proposal, we need only 1 council’s support out of rest 3 other than Dacha and Cryptocredit.

Please look into it, Thanks!


Hey Guys!

@marketingdao-council and @David_NEAR

Our work report is live on the forum since past 21 days and the decision is pending.

  • On the other side being a regular visitor of the forum, I am seeing the method of funds approval is elevating towards the requests which are asking for the advance payments for the proposals (pre-approval basis).
  • Hence, I request councils to consider the payment request of posts that are requesting for the payment after submitting the reports before considering other posts where the work has not even started.

Sharing here some of the last Astro DAO approved posts categorized within Post-Approval(Reports Submitter) and Pre-Approval.

Proposal Approved On Proposal Link Posted On Forum Post-Approval Pre-Approval
27-04 Astro 21-04 Y
22-04 Astro 17-04 Y
22-04 Astro 04-04 Y
21-04 Astro 15-03 Y
25-04 Astro 19-03 Y
21-04 Astro 24-03 Y
16-04 Astro 07-04 Y
16-04 Astro 07-04 Y
13-04 Astro 06-04 Y
13-04 Astro 03-04 Y
12-04 Astro 06-04 Y
16-04 Astro 04-04 Y

@marketingdao-council I greet you all…

Kindly take a look at this proposal,just one approval needed and we are good to go…


Good point made here!


I respectfully address the @marketingdao-council so that they please take into consideration the work of the month of March of this community that is dedicated to informing, disseminating, educating and creating graphic and intellectual content every day in which it is one of the most important social networks of our time, Instagram; so that they can give approval to this reward proposal that I consider has already been on the forum for quite some time. Thank you very much for your time and good will. Attached is the proposal of @naveen_in for the activities of the following months:


Your proposal was Approved on the forum. Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO



Thanks @marketingdao-council and @David_NEAR

Kindly find our Astro DAO proposal.


Hey @marketingdao-council and @David_NEAR

We have still not received our reward agreement. Can you guys please check this matter.