[Approved][April][Funding] Instagram Community Accounts

Hey @marketingdao-council !
Kindly consider our April Month Funding Request of $5243. Sharing the breakdown of requested budget.

Requested Amount: $5243
Funding Month: April

  1. Funding Breakup
  2. Work Report

Funding Breakup

April Month

  • Total Accounts: 6
  • Max. Amount Limit of Each Account: $700
  • Accounts Handling Reward : $700 X 6 = $4200
  • Moderation: $500

    Total Amount: $4200 + $500 = $4700

March Month

  • One Account was left for Claiming the reward.
  • Account: @near_insights
  • Reward: $416
  • Due to Change in the Price of NEAR, our IG DAO treasury got reduced to $153 from $320.
  • Requesting to cover the difference for the March Month Payment: 320 - 153 = $167

    Total Amount: $416 + $167 = $543

$4700 + $543 = 5243

Work Report

April Month


Hi Naveen,

I think it would be best if we could jump on a quick call so I can have a better understanding of the nature of the work and all the projects you are currently involved with. I’ll DM you my calendar availability,



Sharing here the Tag and Account Growth achieved in April Month

  • Tags Growth


  • Account Growth

Detailed Report: [April][Report] Instagram Community Accounts


Tenemos que seguir apoyando a las personas que trabajan con el Instagram y desarrollan de multiples formas el ecosistema de NEAR con su aporte, tal vez, no todo el mundo entiende la importancia de las redes sociales y su impacto en el las distintas comunidades; estp ayuda a conseguir persoans que se perfilen para ser desarrolladores, educadores y em prendedores en la tecnologia Blockchain, que en el caso de NEAR es la mejor de tercera generación :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: No perdamos la oportunidad y los avances que hemos construido con aquellos que bien han trabajado una de las redes sociales más importantes de la historia de la humanidad!

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Thanks for posting – a few questions:

  • You’re requesting for April – going forward, are you planning to request funding for past work? We typically fund proposals before work has taken place. If you will be requesting for past/completed work regularly, then I think it would be good for the MarketingDAO council to understand that.
  • In looking at the charts, can you clarify for me what is meant by number of tags – does that chart reflect the number of times those accounts were tagged by other accounts or something else?
  • In terms of the request to pay the difference due to NEAR fluctuations, the other members of the council may feel differently, but I do not think it is feasible for us to approve funding due to the volatile nature of crypto. I would recommend requesting funding in stablecoins going forward (on your poll).

So the objectives of dissemination and massification of information are subject to the price of NEAR?

If the NEAR were at $22, would the financing and reward for posting on Instagram, which is one of the most important social networks in the world, be approved?

It would also be nice to know the position of the other members of the council as soon as possible ( @marketingdao-council ) :thinking:

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We are requesting here for the already completed work along with the report. I have posted one advance funding request also few weeks ago but haven’t received any comments on it so far. So its a new proposal for the already completed work.

If the @marketingdao-council can consider our advance fund request here’s the post of it

Number of tags here signifies the times they have been used throughout the month with the posts done by our community accounts and the other accounts on Instagram.

The difference I am requesting is of $167 that also because last month the total budget was of $2000+ but we have asked for the less amount as we were having $320 funds in our DAO at the time of requesting the funds. That stored fund lost its value until we received the funds. As it took around 3 weeks to get the approval on our funds request.


Was there a public announcement for this? As far as I know being in the NEAR Community and regular on NEAR Forum specially in MarketingDAO category, funds were used to get approved for the existing campaigns after the work is done and report submitted. That’s what still happen with Regional guilds’ proposals. Thanks!

Cc @David_NEAR @Dacha

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Hi Naveen,

Thanks for jumping on a call with me last week. I’ve debriefed the rest of the Council members and I’m happy to move this proposal to approved.

You can now go ahead and submit Poll to AstroDAO.

Remember to submit a Progress Report


Thanks AVB for that meeting and the suggestions that can improvise the work we are doing.

Also thank you @marketingdao-council members for considering the proposal.


Thanks for sharing the details of Instagram Community Accounts.


Astro DAO Proposal: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-352?status=all&fromCreate=true