[CLOSED] Filipino Artist Guild - Biweekly Art Challenge | Week 17-18

Biweekly Art Challenge | Week 17-18

Theme: Integrity | Create a superhero character that represents integrity. (Keywords: Trust, Honor, and Respect)
Duration: The start is on July 11, 2022 and will end on July 25, 2022.
Announcement of winners: July 28, 2022
Originality - 25%
Creativity - 25%
Cleanliness - 25%
Relevance to the theme - 25%

1st: 125 DAI
2nd: 100 DAI
3rd: 75 DAI
4th: 50 DAI
5th: 30 DAI
6th: 20 DAI

If you have any questions, feel free to mention the councils on our Telegram chat or DM any of the councils. When submitting your entries, please include your NEAR wallet on your reply. The entry of the winner shouldn’t be minted.


Celestia Verity as the Sallow Peacock
An original character made from scratch.
She embodies the word “integrity”
Peacock is a symbol of integrity such as the tulip tattooed on her body and also the white suit and her hair.
She is a brave warrior of Evermore. Uses magic tulip vines to seek truth and justice.



Centrus, The Great Centaur

Centrus is a great centaur, worthy of his position. He is the best archer because of his precision and accuracy. He is his kingdom’s hero. Their emperor handed him the gem in his chest, which can strengthen his arrows for saving their kingdom from attackers.



The Celestial Queendom

This is MARIA CELESTE, the ethereal queen who guards the rosary of trust in society. She is a living example of the ability to defend the society’s symbol, which is the jewel of Respect.

Even if the terrible falsehoods and judgment of the Evil Snake are trying to divert my attention, I’m still holding a rosary in order to provide clarity and return to my main goal which is defending the Queendom and empower them also to be a warrior in their own.:fist::raised_hands::prayer_beads:



Ruler of the Elves

"A heroine who has a tremendous devotion to her clan- Avery, the embodiment of integrity and honor. She would often guard atop of the hamlet’s tower, looking for anyone who has evil intent towards her people. "

Symbolism of Integrity comes in different forms, one of which is a beam scale- an object that is transcribed by the artist as a weapon to portray how the character utilizes it to inflict integrity to its surrounding. The artist also believes that using a “woman” as the subject is a great contribution to the story- as women have time and time again proved to the society how morally upright, honest and dignified they are.

Wallet: agathart.near


this is AIFE the warrior princess,She doesn’t want to be a Princess but To be A Great warrior…

She Has a Blind Fold , Symbolise Honor is honesty to what is, not blind duty to what you wish to be.

And Sword of Truth,Is the weapon wielded by the Seeker of Truth. The sword is watched over by the Princess when there is no Seeker to wield it.

SunFlowers, It relates to self-respect, which means being authentic and embracing your own individuality.


This is minerva the integrity warrior who want to maintain the honesty and uprightness to her country.
She more likely to be considered for important promotions and leadership positions in her country.
Near wallet: eyesore.near


Lightwing :star: the hero of the weak and protector of all realms of life.

Lightwing has been protecting the mortals from dark evil beings for around a thousand years already, traveling every corners of the planet and venturing the many realms of afterlife. Commited to only one mission which is save humanity and the weak. Earning the humanities trust and respect, and earning his honor as the hero of hope and integrity.

Creator ID: monosid.near


The Brave Mother

This is Supermom Teresa
the mother of integrity.
One can consider Supermom Teresa to have a great degree of integrity. Her entire life was devoted to helping those who were underprivileged. As she lived among them, she made it “her personal duty to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the lowest of the poor” . She prioritized others over herself. In addition to wanting people to be happy and healthy rather than living in abject poverty, Supermom Teresa contributed more than she received. This demonstrates her great level of personal integrity.



Shadow dragon is a mysterious rare dragon from the ancient greek mythology that they lives in darkness and the shadow has never been seen in a light of day. Shadow means “reflection” and dragon means “evil creatures” . She is a warrior. An honor to the land of fire, have the strength to stand up for what is right. Shadow Dragon trained herself to became stronger. She has a dragon tattoo on her back that gives her power and ability to defend the world from evil enemies. And will provide peace and tranquility. Humankind trust and respect her for being a great warrior.

      The Shadow Dragon



Woww this one is so Hot​:hot_face::fire::fire:, btw all the entries were all amazing :star_struck::star_struck:



A legend was born: The Black. During the day he’s shy, quiet, and reserved. But this mysterious black masked was hiding something more than your run-of-the-mill secret identity. During the night he’s confident, and a secret kick-ass hero. He solved crimes and fought injustice. Black also had a source of incredible energy, it repels the evil elements that roam the world. Humanity is honored for his good deeds for all. And everyone is looking forward to him that he can fulfill his role and the humankind had a lot of respect because of his good deeds and help to suppress the evil enemies.



“Sister Salome”

Sister Salome is a 68 years old nun that holds the power of “kamay ng liwanag”.Despite of her age, she’s still be able to control the hands of light so well. She’s doing her best to fullfil her duty as a nun and as a superhero, waiting for the next successor of her power.

wallet : zxcshrii.near


My Entry for the bounty “Superhero Characters with Integrity”.

Art Created by : jami2017
Superheroes name : “The Halo Girl”

Truth to her self being lock by his power. Strenght , Wisdom , Dignity ,Power of Eternity. She represents love and kindness. Integrety of Honesty ,Truth , Purity and Virtue.

Halo Girl save countless of lives fighting for demon and save humanity. She has the ability of strenght and power of light. Cleanliness to purify evil. Heal people in darkness. Her power shines like gloowing moon in the dark .

Near Wallet : jami2017.near


Wow! That was totally wicked! Beautiful i love your work always good luck

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World has been a chaos because of greedy individuals, specially those who had power and money. They bought justice and been unfair to most of the people who are in a lowest class in society.

Justice has been paid by money and power. It results an unfair rights for the poor individual, many of them have been imprisoned even though they were innocent.

At the back story, a poor girl ‘Justice’ was given a power to protect everyone and help them to get the justice they deserve. She fight for their right and make the suspect punish. She bravely fight them with a sword with a beam scale in a handle which represents balance / equality, it can also represents trust and honesty, and a gavel which used a weapon to get the justice and punished them with the consequences of their actions.

She’s a hero of integrity, a protector of the weak. A woman who’s brave enough to fight for the right of every individual. A hero who will fight until the end.



Jason The Sword Warrior

Having lost his family only when he was but a child, Jason made a promise to himself that he would be just, respectful and caring for those who are good but merciless to those who turned themselves into the evilness.



Thread of Yume

Yume a japanese depiction of dream makes a good example of enlightening a person’s broken wishes and fate. I made her character that uses her heart to pull the strings of the inner core of all the people suffering emotionally. Giving a thread to a person symbolizes trust. Showing empathy signifies honor. Showing compassion is a form of respect. Yume enlightens your existence by showing you all the million reasons on why you should live in this beautiful place. We all agree that we need a hero once we’re feeling down, especially in this reality.


Good day everyone, this is my entry for the Biweekly Art challenge. :purple_heart:

“It is an honor to call you, brother.”

Everyone believes that having a big brother is the best! He can Protects you, Guide you, and Teach you. Teach you how to be patient, teach you how to respect, how to be tough, and how to trust.

So meet Kuya, the superhero of the town and a big brother to his little sibling, They don’t have parents anymore so they just work together to survive. even though they’re just poor, this hero remained loyal and did not want to lose the people’s (specially to his little brother) trust in him as their super hero. kuya is ready to fight the evils, help others and make his area peaceful.

Kuya trust his brother to continue his journey when he’s gone.




Hi! Jariavex here. My hero entry is magay on. She adores the known tattoo artist, whang od. Little did she know that aside from the tattoo arts she made, shes literally a tribes queen which equips her with ancient skills like sorcery and witchcrafts which she uses to fight against evil and those who tries to harm her tribe.