[CLOSED] FEMINU DAO Marketing Monthly Financing / September 22

FEMINU DAO Marketing Monthly Financing / September 22

Total amount requested: 600 USD IN DAI

In order to consolidate FEMINU DAO’s social media, I would like to make the fifth funding request to @marketingdao.

“This is the first DAO that is the fruit of one of the largest exhibitions held at Voxel by artists (non-binary, cis women, trans women, and transvestites), a unique initiative and therefore considered a historic exhibition within the NFT universe.

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FEMINU (Feminine NFTs Universe) was open for visitation at Museu xyz, which is a museum mapping the history of the Brazilian NFT, from March 8th to March 27th, 2022. At the opening alone there were about 300 people present. Parallel to the exhibition, a live chat was held to discuss art, NFT and dissident bodies, as well as an interview with Mia Siufi, the woman who was the first to open a gallery for women only.”

“One of the main goals for this year is to hold International FEMINU, an exhibition without borders, reaching artists from anywhere in the world.

In July the FEMINU DAO had its general proposal rejected and, among other consequences, we did not place an order for marketing. At the moment we are considering doing a redesign of our website and Facebook for October. This way we opted for concise marketing in September, focusing on Instagram and Twitter, which are fundamental for us to recover engagement, considering that our August proposal that has been approved, ([APPROVED] Funding Request FEMINU DAO August 22) is going to be executed at the end of August, so we can promote and give visibility for the events to be launched in next Sunday (28).

To perform this work we are bringing in Luiz Antonio (verissimo.near) who did his onboarding this week and who has extensive experience in digital marketing.

The social impact within the NEAR network will be significant, due to the movements not only artistic but educational and with a strong social bias, to be realized by FEMINU, including the first sound art exhibition in the Voxels metaverse. Twitter and Instagram are key to spreading the word about everything that will be accomplished, powered by Near Foundation.

Your support is very important to us.

Thank you so much!



Marketing Strategy:

1 Meeting per week for analysis and marketing strategy

TWITTER - https://twitter.com/FeminuDAO

5 posts per week (in portuguese)

5 posts per week (in english)



Audience analysis/marketing strategy



Twitter 200 USD

Instagram - Login • Instagram

5 posts per week ( english and portuguese in the same post)




Audience analysis/marketing strategy



Instagram 200 USD

Translation and Copywriting - 200 USD


translation and copywriting - 40 posts/month (20 instagram, 20 twitter)

Participation in 4 meetings as a bilingual mediator


Metrics of Sucess:

Reach at least 1,000 people on social networks.

Increase the number of followers to 350 in Instagram and 250 in Twitter

social network.

Total amount requested: 600 USD IN DAI

Report from the last approved proposal:

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@Mayramendes We hope to receive this funding because marketing is crucial at this moment for FEMINU DAO.

Hi @Mayramendes,

Can you clarify the initiatives you’re building up with the Feminu DAO?

What parts of the materials are educational and what is the subject of that:
(e.g. Training future founders, contests, etc)

(Promoting artist NFT projects, etc)

What are the expected outcomes of the above initiatives? How will it provide value to the Near ecosystem?

Thanks for your proposal. Looking forward to reviewing the answers.


Thanks for your proposal,

Marketing DAO has supported Feminu in the past. As the ecosystem deals with a bear market that has forced major changes at every level, as as the community is demanding a shift in focus to the way marketing efforts are conducted, I am not able to support this proposal at this stage.

While this is a low value proposal, and the work being carried out is valuable it its own right, I do not think there is a strong enough alignment to be eligible for community funding.


Unable to support this proposal in its current form


Dear moderators,
we really didn’t realize we had posted the marketing before posting our general proposal so that you could evaluate the great impact that a modest budget could benefit FEMINU DAO. We apologize and if possible we also ask you to wait because in a few days we will post our general proposal and then we will post the link here, with the proper explanations, and then you can actually make the evaluation that now is not possible because we have yet to complete our request. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. This will not happen again.

Grateful and wish the Best,

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Hi Feminu team – I see the request to pause here, but we are closing out/working to make decisions on proposals this week in the approach to NEARCON so as to avoid further delays.

I cannot support the proposal in its current form, so I am going to close this proposal out. I do applaud the diversity of your initiative, though I do question the need to allocate ongoing Community funds to the project after many months of support and a very rapidly shifting ecosystem.

I encourage you to stay vibrant, active in the community and with the project and please do feel free to come back to use with a new proposal in the future after you’ve sorted out the other proposal submitted, etc.