[CLOSED] Expanded NEAR text-based adventure onboarding game by Ready Layer One

Project Name: Ready Layer One Onboarding Game (working title)
Link: TBA, will be hosted through https://readylayeronepodcast.com servers (we will use a shorter, separate domain depending on the final name of the game)
Funding Reason: For expanding version 1 development and have it ready for NEARcon 2022

Description: We are building a text-based, it’s in the style of like the 80s terminal-based games which take you through opening a wallet, making a transaction, using the explorer, minting an NFT, trying DeFi, etc. At the end of the game, the player will have created a mainnet wallet, minted a Ready Layer One NFT, and have a sense of what NEAR is and how to navigate it. It would work on both mobile and desktop.

Details: The game is a fun educational experience where the person learns all about NEAR and completes challenges(activities) using a testnet wallet that we make them. Then at the end, we create a mainnet wallet and they mint an NFT as their “prize” along with a little near in the wallet so they will have their personalized wallet ready to go.

The user will be on testnet at first for the game since the wallet would be preloaded with NEAR for activities and there isn’t a consequence for swapping, spending, etc. This would all be done on the testnet of ref.finance, burrow, etc. We are also working on integrating the gov.near.org site to introduce community involvement and plan to introduce multiple other options within the game to expand the offerings and length of play for the user. Then, at the end, we create/give a mainnet wallet since the real point is to get people on NEAR with a wallet, where their final task is to mint a real NFT. (See attached flowchart for more details). We have also partnered with NEAR NFT project, Secret Skellies Society, to use their minting platform for the last activity.

RLO_OnboardingV1_1.pdf (72.5 KB)

We could easily add other projects/tasks to the flow. Due to the way it is being built adding in other projects throughout the game would not require big lifts. We’ve envisioned adding more ecosystem partners over time.

With the additional funding, we would also make sure to launch with multiple languages and add more down the road. Additionally, with this funding, we would expand our first version to include items related to Aurora and Mintbase to give a larger picture of the ecosystem.

Here is a quick preview video of the unbranded site (graphic and style to come) and a brief visual of how it would work. https://readylayerone.s3.amazonaws.com/RLO_OnboardingSample.mp4 1

Team: Joe is a software developer and architect with over 15 years in the web2 space. He will be architecting and developing the entire project. He has hands-on built software platforms used by 100,000s users and architected systems used by multiple billion-dollar financial companies.

Jared is a content creator. He’s the director of video for a tech company in NYC. For the past 10 years he’s been focused on marketing content that amplifies the brand strategy and delivers the content globally for marketing and social media teams. He will be developing the videos/content needed for the game (we got this covered and some of the development from a grant from the Marketing DAO).

Funding Requests: Development of the game = 2119N
All server hosting costs are wrapped into our main podcast project and not included here.

DAO: ready-layer-one.sputnik-dao.near
Wallet: readylayerone.near - Owned by Jared & Joe

Promotion: We plan to promote this on our podcast, socials, and website. We believe this can be a nice addition to onboarding tools on the ecosystem and we hope community stakeholders will also adopt this as an option to onboard people. Our plan is to have this live before NEARcon 2022.

Success measurements: Success is a mainnet wallet created. Our first goal is 100 new wallets which help give us feedback on how this is working. Our second goal is then the next 1000 wallets based on any needed iterations from the first goal. Long-term, we can continue to refine the tasks the user needs to complete and this could help onboarding 10s of thousands of wallets because it will be an easy way for people to create a wallet for someone and help them learn a little about NEAR and how to use it.

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To clarify, this is an additional funding ask. This funding, beyond the MarketingDAO, helps get a more full-featured version, you can see some of the changes in comparing the flowchart and details in the two proposals. The TL:DR of it is that it would extend the gameplay, add more ecosystem integrations, and include multi-language support on day 1 launch.

Marketing DAO has approved full the game development and marketing.

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I spoke to a member of HG and this proposal to expand the original design is not going through. This does not affect the original proposal to develop the game as proposed, only to expand on it.

I could have been more clear, and apologize for the confusion.

Thank you,

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great project by a great guy!!! anxious to see this take off!