[Closed] Culinary DAO's Funding Proposal For The Month Of July, 2022

Culinary DAO’s Funding Proposal For The Month Of July, 2022.

Council Members:
mohens.near cryptomuse.near fabdab.near

Community members: jami2017.near, kizzl.near, debhie.near, loveshields.near, pelumi2.near, tempearl.near, saliufunky.near, louietism.near, proudlymimi.near

Balance: current account balance _7.775N)

Funding Request: $3300

Target: culinay-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Culinary DAO is community of creative food specialists and food lovers. Part of our agenda is to contribute to growing the Near web3 space. While working towards self sustainability, we are open to building a healthy collaboration with other DAOS, as we all work together to build a bigger and stronger Near web3 community.

Culinary DAO’s June 2022 Report

Projects & Timelines:

Culinary DAO And MarmaJ DAO’s Collaboration.
One of our goal as a community is to build a healthy collaboration with other DA inOS, while working together to build a bigger and stronger Near web3 community. And that is why we are starting a project that will enable us to collaborate with all the existing DAOs.

We are starting off this project with a collaboration with the MarmaJ community.

This project is about creating a replica of the MarmaJ Chan character in either pastries or icing a cake.
[[Proposal]Culinary DAO And MarmaJ DAO’s Collaboration ]([Proposal] Culinary DAO’s Collaboration With MarmaJ DAO Bounty?

“Cook With Near” Event.
As part of our agenda to contribute to growing the Near web3 space, we are proposing the “Cook With Near” event.
There will be talks on Near Protocol and NFTs
where Chef and all food lovers will have Near wallets created for them. We will also educate
[Proposal] Cook With Near Event

Can You Cook? Bounty
This is a cooking bounty where participants will submit entries (short video clips) of themselves cooking their favorite recipes.
[Proposal] Can You Cook? Bounty

DAO’S Management $300
Total requested for projects: $2750
Total: $3300


Please check out our proposal


Hey Culinary DAO,

I just want to clarify that you received funding in April where it was proposed that you would be minting your works as NFTs

Yet I see here that you still have not made a store for yourselves as you are requesting for funding to do so here:

So far, I am not seeing how Culinary DAO is bringing value to NEAR as most activities seem to be off chain.

I also didn’t catch this in Marmaj’s proposal, will this be paid by you or them?


Hi @adrianseneca

True, we did say that we would mint the interviews as NFTs, and we still will but we didn’t get to open our own store because we did not receive any funds for it. This is why we have included it in our budget for this month.

Our DAO has only been funded once. Our strategy is to gather off-chain non-Nearians, get them interested and then to consolidate them as active on-chain members. As it stands, we have 12 on-chain members on our V3 AstroDAO - all equipped with voting powers. The projects lined up for this month will, without doubt, consolidate our DAO’s contribution to Near.

In our private conversations with Marma J Foundation, they have agreed to pay the prize of 8.19 Near each.

Thank you for your time. We’re available for further questions.



Hey there!

I see what you’re saying here but as I interpret it, you did receive funds to mint your NFTs in your proposal from April. When a deliverable is written in a proposal it is interpreted as something that funds will be used for, especially when it is a key component to merging the project into Web3.

In the future it’s always good practice to be as clear as possible to avoid this type of situation :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice @adrianseneca.

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Hey Culinary DAO,

Thank you for all your responses to our questions. Overall the concept of bringing culinary arts onto NEAR is very interesting. Unfortunately with the quality and inconsistencies we have seen in your past reporting and with the information provided in your projects proposed this month, the moderators do not feel comfortable approving you proposal this month.

  • Your Cook With Near Event is proposing to onboarding and display 20-30 cooks. This seems to be a very large number to hold in one physical space and potentially a bit too ambitious. Hosting an event on the scale you are proposing takes a lot of work and without a foundation of trust already built, it is difficult for us to confidently approve the hosting of an event that represents NEAR.
  • We are not able to see any culinary creations you have made to date.
  • We would love to see some more clarity in your onboarding strategies and what type of topics you’ll be touching on when you educate about NEAR and what types of solutions folks can utilize in Web3 within the culinary arts.
  • Your Can You Cook? Bounty does not seem to bring enough value to NEAR. We hear your statements that it will bring marketing but from your audience size we do not see enough value being brought in.
  • We suggest you build up your project a bit more, clarify the solutions NEAR is bringing to culinary arts and how you will structure your onboarding/education, the unique value you are bringing to NEAR, grow your community and build a roadmap that outlines how your project will grow.

Thank you for your energy in your proposals.



I find your disposition and submissions puzzling. Although I know that your decision is immutable, I will answer some of your claims.

This statement is incredible - literally.

To name an event of 20-30 people “a very large number…” is worrisome. How many people would you feel comfortable with? 5 to 10?

20 to 30 people “in one physical space”.

Seems to me that you intentionally chose these words to create a sense of spatial limitation so that you could dismiss this proposal with impunity. 20 to 30 people is far from being a very large number, except you are imagining that the event will be held in a tiny room. Nothing in the proposal remotely suggests this. I have been part of a Near event that had over 30 people in attendance. Said event cost less than “Cook With Near”.

“… potentially a bit too ambitious…”

What does this even mean?

Topics we will be touching when we educate about Near? Would you like that we provide a curriculum and syllabus too? The Culinary DAO is a niche DAO thus our unique events and activities naturally double as onboarding strategies. We will use NFTs, the Metaverse and inter-DAO collaborations to foster the growth of the ecosystem.

Many of the ‘points’ you raised are non-issues, it’s nearly impossible to respond to them. Some of them are tantamount to summary dismissal of the legitimacy of our DAO. Your last paragraph, for instance, questions the entire point of our DAO.

It is disheartening the level of subjectivity in this ‘review’.

Over and over again, we have highlighted the benefits our DAO brings to Near, including a providing a roadmap in the “Inscription Form” you mandated.

Three months without funding is a loud and clear message. A young DAO needs support to grow, not a death sentence. Asking us to grow our community without funding seems like a mockery. What’s the point of funding if communities can be grown without it?


Hello fam, how is it going with everyone. I noticed our community do dry n no activities going on there regularly. So I was thinking if we could get music involved in our community with some token, to make our community lively as we all know anything deals with music is lively @Gab @Hephzibah @Moohens2u


Thank you very much for your suggestions, we have plans to collaborate with many DAOs within the Ecosystem and we are definitely going to do some collaborations with NxM very soon.

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That’s a good idea. To greatness :clinking_glasses:

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This is different truely…i love this

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