[Report] Culinary DAO'S Report For The Month Of June, 2022

Culinary DAO’s Report For The Month of June, 2022.

Project Name: CulinaryDAO

Project Status: Completed

Council members: mohens.near cryptomuse.near fabdab.near

Community members: jami2017.near, kizzl.near, debhie.near, loveshields.near, pelumi2.near, tempearl.near, saliufunky.near, louietism.near, proudlymimi.near

Current account balance _____[(7.775N]

Astrodao: culinay-dao.sputnik-dao.near


We did not receive any funding for the month of June. We used the month to strategize on how to become sustainable as a DAO.
We added some of our members on astro. Others will be added this month.
We also created a profile on Tamastreams so we can begin producing and sharing of audio recipes to attract more users to our ever growing Near web3 users community.
Our community is fast growing, we now have 36 members on Telegram, 18 subscribers on YouTube, 54 followers on Instagram, 7 followers on Tiktok.
We also had to cover some cost from our personal purse due to lack of funding, because some of the projects were already set in motion. Can You Cook? So far as gathered 472 views on YouTube Can You Cook? - YouTube

We also had to pay the entry we got for Restaurant feature from our personal purse Restaurant Feature Bounty Entry 1 - YouTube

Links to previous works:

Accounting Balance before funding: [(7.775]

We received: $0 Currently: [(7.775]

Next Steps: We encourage everyone to come join our fast growing community:

[@theculinarydao] - (Login • Instagram) - Instagram @theculinarydao -

TikTok (Culinary DAO Telegram: Contact @) Culinary DAO
Telegram: Contact @Culinarydao Culinary DAO

The Culinary DAO - YouTube 1 - YouTube

Tamago: https://www.tamastre

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