[CLOSED BOUNTY] Vértebra Project - September Round

Hello everyone on this forum,

After the month of August, where we had wonderful artworks, we at Cudo Dao are calling again 3 designers / illustrators / tattoo artists to produce an illustration series with 10 artworks. These artworks will be posted on our Instagram page and will be available for sale on our mintbase.

The artworks will be posted as NFT on our mintbase and will be sold for 1 NEAR with royalties split between our DAO (50%) and the artist (50%) after the first sale.
The first sale is total for the artist.
This project will be done in close contact with the CUDO DAO board.

To respond to this bounty, please reply to this topic expressing your interest and information about your relevant skills.

Reward: 1,8N per illustration / free theme. 18N in total at the end of the work.
Each illustration must contain a title and a brief text about the art in question.

The deadline to send the illustrations is 5 illustrations after 10 days of our agreement and the other 5 illustrations must be sent by October 10th.

Any questions please feel free to contact us through our group by telegram.


I’d love to be part of this project! My art expresses in so many stiles, and have the opportunity to expose it would be amazing.


hey, i would like to participate in the project.
I’m a tattoo artist and I think I can add to the project.
I would be very happy to participate!


Hello, goodnight! I am interested in the proposal. I am a multimedia artist, and I have a series of illustrations that seek to appropriate the language of fashion illustrations to deconstruct them into ethnic designs, with graphics and an indigenous-futuristic aesthetic. I would be very happy to contribute. Thanks.


Let’s go for another amazing month :clap: :clap: :clap:


@Mailza, @RenanMonte and @Priscila join us with the TG for more infos guys! =)


Great guys! Let’s talk through the group on TG.
We have work to do!

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Will just link @ameskla in here, artist based in Portugal :slight_smile: