[APPROVED] Vértebra - Illustration Project

Hi guys,

CUDO DAO is looking for 2 designers / illustrators / tattoo artists to produce a series of illustrations with 10 artworks that can be transferred to the skin. These artworks will be published on our Instagram page (to be created) and will be available for sale on our mintbase.

This project will be done in close contact with the CUDO DAO council.

To respond to this bounty, please reply to this thread expressing your interest and informations about your relevant skills.

Bounty: 5N per illustration / free theme. Let us see your creativity.

The deadline for artwork delivery is 10 days after our agreement.

The artworks will be mint as NFTs on our mintbase, being sold for 1 NEAR with split royalties and revenue for the DAO (10%) and the artist (90%).

Any doubt feel free to contact us on telegram.


Very nice guys,

I am Sara, from Tiradentes, Brazil, and I would love to be part of this project.

I am a tattoo artist of almost 10 years and I believe I have good artwork to build this project with you.

You can check my work on my Instagram page


Uau! You are very fast SaraMosli

Join us in telegram group and let’s talk about this.


Hi everyone at Vertebra.

I found the proposal very interesting and would like to participate. I have experience with drawings and recent I started do tatto works.

Can I be part of this project?


Hello Rick!!! Talk with us on Telegram. Will be a pleasure receive your artworks.


Hello friends!

I am no tattoo artist, but I do have a particular style of drawing which I hope could be of interest to this project! My drawings are below, I think it would be tough to recreate the whole thing on skin (at least very time consuming) however per say it could be used to fill shapes and other elements of tattoos. For example the tattoo itself could be a circle with a snap of these drawings as a fill.

I am not necessarily proposing these exact drawings, these are rather reference for the type of art I am able to contribute :slight_smile:


Hello @Konsounds,
I definitely love your artwork. I love the textures.

I think if it is done by a tattoo artist he would have to specialize in doing this type of work on the skin, because it is not easy.

I would love to have your contributions in the future. This was our first proposal on the forum (for designers) and we are still creating our community here. This month we are already closed, but there are still many interesting things to come.

So thank you very much for showing us your art.


Thank you for the kind words!

I definitely agree on the fact this would need to be done by someone specializing in such tattoo work. Am looking forward to seeing this project and community grow further. Amazing project for starters :slight_smile:

All the best,