Hello everybody!

After the month of November, where we had wonderful collage-themed artworks, we at Cudo Dao are calling again 3 designers / illustrators / tattoo artists to produce an illustration series with 10 artworks. These artworks will be posted on our Instagram page and will be available for sale on our mintbase.

The artworks will be posted as NFT on our mintbase and will be sold for 1 NEAR with royalties split between our DAO (50%) and the artist (50%) on the first sale. After the first sale the royalties will go only to the artist.

This project will be done in close contact with the CUDO DAO board.

Reward: 27N in total at the end of the work / free theme.
Each illustration must contain a title and a brief text about the art in question.

The deadline for submitting illustrations is December 31st, and the other 5 illustrations must be submitted by January 5th.

Please leave in the comments what you would like to do in your artwork and information about your creative abilities.

Any questions please feel free to contact us through our group by telegram.



I’m excited with the next month! =)

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Very interesting! I would like to participate in the project. I do digital illustrations and traditional paintings, mainly oil and watercolor.


I’ll love to be a part of this project. I’m very good with graphic designs and illustration working with you will be a great privilege


Beautiful project! I’m excited to participate.
I’m a 2d/3d visual artist, I work with digital and traditional art, I’m a visual arts teacher graduated from UNINTER, I’m Brazilian, and I do continuous treatment for anxiety and hyperactivity. Well, I would very much like to participate, and my proposal is to create a series of vector illustrations with plants of the Brazilian flora at risk of extinction, along with a mixture of self-portraits, along with each work a small descriptive text talking about each plant. I am looking for a profitable opportunity to portray a little bit of what my mental, physical and spiritual reality has been for the last 3/4 months of 2021. I would be happy to participate. Very grateful in advance.


Great guys
thanks for participating, please join the telegram group.

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Hi, im Blu from Brazil. I’m a transdiciplinary artist, that works over 15 years with music, noise, images and performance in many different ways. I’m mostly a glitch artist, when it comes to visuals, but in the past 6 months, i’v being dedicate myself to NFTs, as a fulltime occupation. I’v being experimenting on digital collages(in a series of digital artistbooks), voxel models, glb meta-3d images, videoart, and other improvised techniques using lofi means to express myself.
There are months of sales, and there are months os strugle and depts. But i’m very happy to finally earn something from my art, in the first time of my life, without having to work as Uber driver or in restaurants.
I also have to fight to keep my mental health(kind of same diagnosis of my friend @Natashacremonese , happy to see her here), cause can’t live without therapy and medications, but what really keeps me alive, is the art making.

From a period of 4 years, i’ve being traveller around Europe and Asia, doing a nomadic lifestyle, sicking for my artistic independence, but the fact that im a cook always helped me to survive. I even use to live in Lisbon(2010) but i wasent never part of the payed artists, my living was made as ilegal worker on restaurants.

All this stories and life experiences made me growl and be a versatile person/artist that i’m now. On this collection that i’ll made, if i get selected, i pretend to tell this stories visually, in a very different way, not that digital, but using watercolor and other analog means, as what i use to do when i’m in crisis(mental breakdowns) for therapeutic purposes. The idea is to create narrative, from the sequence of individual pieces, that create a route map, the can guide my obscure thought to the light, by portraying those “emotional landscapes” colors and shapes, on abstract fashion. Basically, i just told my motivational material to develop my research with a precise focus.

Thanks for the opportunity.

all the best dreamers and explorers


Hi! My name Is Majo and would really like to participate in this proyect. I work with pencils, ink, watercoulours and pastels mostly, and have done some oilpaintings too.
I really like to do nature and people portraits.

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Well, @lavy @Natashacremonese @blusw, they have been chosen to make up the Vertebra Project for this month. Welcome, and let’s keep going. I thank everyone who commented and we will always have more opportunities in the future.


thank you soo much! im soo haappy for it


very grateful for the opportunity.
I have already forwarded the 10 illustrations.

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Hello People

Me too, i already sent my 10 watercolor collection to vertebraproject@gmail.com 9 days ago by wetransfer. I would like to know if it was downloaded, cause the link is not available anymore.
if you please @lucterra , could confirm that you already downloaded it, that will be great?

thanks for the opportunity

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