Hi guys!

Another Month approved!!!
Cudo Dao is calling again 3 artists to produce an illustration series with 10 artworks. These artworks will be posted on our Instagram page and will be available for sale on our mintbase.

The artworks will be posted as NFT on our mintbase and will be sold for 1 NEAR with royalties split between our DAO (50%) and the artist (50%) on the first sale. After the first sale, the royalties will go only to the artist.

This project will be done in close contact with the CUDO DAO board.

Reward: 12N in total at the end of the work / free theme.
Each illustration must contain a title and a short text about the artwork in question. (required)

The deadline to submit illustrations is January 31, and the other 5 illustrations must be submitted by February 5.

Please leave in the comments what you would like to do in your artwork and information about your creative skills. I will be chatting with those interested via Telegram, any questions please feel free to contact us via our Telegram group.



Hi!! Im Majo AND i really would like to participate in tour proyect. Im an illustrator, love drawing nature and portraits!
Really looking foward to see collegue s works.


Hi. I’m interested in joining this bounty. my idea is to contribute through art made using the lightpainting technique.


Hello! I would love to take part. I use sound and coding to create visual art that represents that moment in time. Happy to share some work with you all if you would like. :slight_smile:


Cool! I’ll sign up for as many Cuda projects as I can, I loved Dao. For this bounty, I would like to illustrate 10 Brazilian artists who performed incredible works and which made our artistic and cultural universe even richer. Like Elis Regina, Clara Nunes, Bezerra da Silva… among others. Along with the illustration I will put one of his musical productions as an inspiration for the illustration. Whether in text or visual composition


Hello Goodnight.
I am interested in participating.
I’m a visual artist and I work with painting, illustration, photography and tattoos.
I am available to participate in the project. Thanks.


thanks to all who participated!
@Majo.imtimed @thiago.7hc @mwhyden they have been chosen to make up the Vertebra Project for this month.

The Vertebra Project is closed for now but new opportunities will come.