[Closed Bounty] Logo for the Writer’s Guild

Obriiiii Ghini, tamos aí na atividade. Voltei pras antigas quando era publicitária, século passado ahahah tá sendo ótimo.

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Hello guys, Goodmorning :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, how’s your day?
Here’s my entry, hope you’ll like it.



what do you think guys? please let me know :sparkling_heart::pray:
here’s my near wallet: jonalcoran.near

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Writing is an Ancient art that has survived and revolved over the years, so I took my Logo creation from history to the present (with stylish portray of NEAR on a paper, which formed the circle)

Roxy The Entertainer



Hi this is my Idea…

Okay would work on this

Hey @bagadefente,

First of all I think the current logo of Writer Guild is already great. My perception is that under the pen of writers everything can be beautiful and have a new pair of wings. So I don’t change that much.

I have worked in the advertisement industry for 10 years and I believe that identity is the key when you deciding to re-make your logo. My submission is a re-work base on your concept to keep your original identity:

The elements includes a Pen with W shape for “WRITERS” and inside the G for “GUILD”. 2 Wings made from books, the iconic things that attached to the idea of writers.

=> Another inspiration that makes me keep the wing icon, to bring the feeling of supporting and stimulating your guild members.

My first contribution on Near Forum so far, I do hope that you like it. Even it is chosen or not I still happy to know your guild, you’re doing very great on Twitter. Feel free to leave any suggestion to adjust the logo that fit your desire! All the best!


This one looks really cool! :+1:


Thnk you sir @Kemal for liking my logo :heart_eyes:. I really love being part of this contest.

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Wow, what a work of art :astonished:

what about two pencils like a sword

How do I join the writer’s guild?
What are the requirements and rewards for being in the writer’s guild?

This one totally deserve it!!!

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This are my submissions



Hello Cefoon! You can start by joining our Telegram: Contact @nearwritersguild and keeping an eye on our forum to see what types of proposals are accepted.

Thank you! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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