[CLOSED BOUNTY] “Algo me diz” November

Hi everyone :smiley:

We at CUDO DAO are looking for a new Portuguese language writer / translator for the “Algo me Diz” project for the month of November

“Algo me Diz” is a project that works from an experience told in the first person. A mix of images and a good chronicle, offering to the viewer’s eyes images produced from a smartphone, and to the ears a personal and sincere narrative of the experience of being there, besides being focused on the valorization of local tourism.

With 4 videos per month (one per week), the videos will feed the CUDO DAO video platform and will be available on our Mintbase , Instagram and YouTube.

The author must submit a short text for each video (approximately one minute). This text can be a chronicle, a thought, a memory, etc … The only challenge is that this text begins with “Algo me Diz”.
This same text must be submitted translated into the English language.


Texts for 4 videos: 8N
Translations for 4 videos: 3N
To answer this open call, please reply to this thread expressing your interest and information about your relevant skills.

Any questions please feel free to contact us through our Telegram.


I am always delighted with the texts and images from Algo me diz :black_heart:


Hey there! I would like to participate this month as the writer :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: I am an artist and I also write poetry. I am really motivated to try out this kind of project with you guys! :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:


More than happy to help with the translation duties from this beautiful project :mechanical_arm:

Feel free to reach out if needed #GOCUDO


I’m a poet, publisher, artist and would be happy to contribute =)
Feel free to reach me and let’s do it!


If you want to Spanish, I am available here!


Hi @JulianaM and @parisinocencio we will be happy to have you in the next edition of Algo me diz, let’s talk more about it in our Telegram group :wink:


Right now we need the texts to be written in Portuguese and translated into English, but who knows in the future! Thank you :blush:


Thank you for your interest, in this issue we will close with the people who commented first, but we can talk again in the next issue, feel free to join our Telegram group and get the news there :wink: