[Approved] CUDO DAO MAY Funding Request

Project Name: CUDO DAO

Project Status: [in progress]

Project members:

Heverton Harieno: @hevertonharieno

Lucas terra: @lucterra

Talita Lima: @talitafflima

Thiago Cunha: @thiago.7hc

You can see a summary of our last month of activities here.

Project Accounting: 55.32 N account balance

DAO cudo.sputnik-dao.near

**Retrato Falado Subtitles 2,5N e translation 3,1N

**Pending reward payments at Algo me says 6,3N writer and 3,1N for translation (The writer will ask for payment in the next few days)

** Interpret bounty PT-EN: 32N waiting necessity

** Postal Bounty March: 3,3 N waiting the artist ask the payout.

**Transcription and translation CUBASHOTS April: 5N

DAO: cudo.sputnik-dao.near

Funding Period: March

Updated Project Timeline:


  • The March edition of Postal was a success. A photo series was created with 10 dancers from Belo Horizonte and all this material was minted as NFT on our store. Thanks this project, 10 new wallets was created:

  • leone_hs.near

  • vaiveve.near

  • grasielanunes.near

  • iagoquintanilha.near

  • mendes_76.near

  • eveccfe.near

  • carolz_oliver.near

  • rafaelferreira.near

  • is_lorran.near

  • jennifer_bertolinoo.near


Retrato Falado

Algo me Diz

  • New places were recorded during April and all new movies are now available in our Mintbase and on our new YouTube Channel. In April, we opened a Bounty and invited a new writer @marinaesia to create 4 new scripts that will be portrayed with our images in 4 new videos.


  • In April we shooted 2 new episodes with Henrique Neves e Francisco Lourenço in their studios and also in their creative spaces. Both episodes will be published during May on the Incubadora Channel. There you can check the last released episodes.

MUTI Session

  • During April we shooted two new artists; Julio Marotta and Meta. For these new episodes We have enhanced and added a short interview, making the project even more powerful and complete. All this material will be available soon on MUTI channel.

During the months of May and June, we will concentrate our activities in Brazil, taking our projects and initiatives to artists and professionals in small cities, so that NEAR as a brand, just like CUDO, expands and grows even more. Therefore, in order to carry out the actions we have planned for this DAO and reach the goals proposed in the roadmap for May, we request funding for the following activities:

Council Matters:

  • Council work 250 USD * 4 = 1000 USD
    Sub-total = 1000 USD

Support from an English speaker

Bounty to pay a PT-EN speaker to support us on meetings and texts = 100 USD

Subtotal: 100 USD

Specific projects:


  • Fund to pay 10 beginners photographers that will participate in our workshop and create the series with 30 photos/NFT’s = 300 USD.
  • Fund to manage the uploads on our Mintbase = 50 USD
  • Fund to pay the workshop minister = 100 USD
  • Fee to create 10 new wallets = 30 USD

Sub-total = 480 USD


  • Bounty to select the local collective that will be supported for us to create throughout the month of May = 300 USD
  • Fund to manage the uploads on our Mintbase = 50 USD

Sub-total = 350 USD

Algo me Diz:

  • Fund to Production & editing of our new 4 videos that’ll be published throughout the month of June = 300 USD
  • Fund to pay the Bounty for the new local writer = 100 USD
  • Transcription and translation for EN = 50 USD

Sub-total = 450 USD

HistĂłria de Bagagem:

  • Fund to Production & editing of our new 5 videos with immigrants that returned to Brazil = 200 USD
  • Subtitles edition = 100 USD
  • Translation = 100 USD
  • Fee interviewees = 50 USD

Sub-total = 450 USD


  • Fund to support the new episode = 500 USD

Retrato Falado:

  • Fund to production a new interview = 300 USD
  • Video edition = 120 USD
  • Translate = 50 USD
  • Subtitles edition = 40 USD

Sub-total = 510 USD

MUTI Sessions

  • Fund to support the new sessions = 600 USD

Sub-total = 600 USD


  • fund to production = 340 USD
  • Video edition/workshop = 120 USD
  • Onboarding Team = 50 USD
  • Catering = 50 USD

Sub-total = 560 USD

Total asked = 5000 USD (430 N)

Reference: 1N = 11,63 USD

Near price today, chart, market cap & news | CoinGecko 1 01th May 13:05 time Brazil!

:NOTE: After approval, all payout proposals will be for the N values displayed here; members of the CUDO DAO council and members of the community will have to use this as reference when asking for rewards. Those will be fixed once and if the request is approved by the council of the Creatives DAO. This must be done in order to protect the DAOs funds, otherwise we risk being unable to fulfill our commitments. That also means that members can ask for their payout at any point during the month. Used conversion rate: tba.

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.


Hey @talitafflima, Thank you for Woderfull & Detailed Proposal. I would love to say that This proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization


Thank you so much, we will order soon.


Poll created on Creatives Astro: