[CLOSED] Blog / Video Content Creation - marmaj x NEAR - 10 marmaj tokens

Bounty - 10 $marmaj (reduced from 15)*

The Marma J Foundation is looking to support the NEAR ecosystem by supporting content creation that can instruct the marmaj community on how to more efficiently interact with the NEAR blockchain tools/Dapps at their disposal (Mintbase.io, Ref.finance, Sputnik.fund Wallet.near.org)

The content that is created from this bounty should focus on topics that mainly concern the marmaj community. The Marma J Foundation is deeply ingrained within the NEAR ecosystem so any guide that supports the marmaj community should also serve the wider ecosystem as well.

The following are requirements for written blog posts:

  • All content creation ideas/topics should be proposed and then [APPROVED] by a Marma J Council Member before any work gets started (unapproved submissions will not be rewarded).
  • Blog posts must include helpful media throughout such as screenshots, images/videos, and hyperlinks to credible sources.
  • Blog posts must be a minimum of 800 words (previously 500 words) and a maximum of 2000 words.
  • Blog posts must include headings/subheadings and be formatted for easy readability. Please also use a spelling and grammar tool (recommended: Grammarly) to check your work before submission.
  • Approved content created from this bounty will be posted on the marmaj.org website with credit given to the original author.
  • Content may be edited slightly before going live, please reach out to info@marmaj.org to have the content altered or removed.
  • Please note that if heavy editing is required on our end, the payout request amount may be altered by a member of the Marma J DAO council.

Some ideas to create content on:

Helpful Resources:

Ref Finance:



If you would like to write to create content on one of these topics, or you would like to recommend your own, please reply to this topic including your near account and the general idea you have for the blog’s outline in your reply.

Please also feel free to submit a full proposal: https://marmaj.org/marma-j-dao-proposal-submission-guide/

A member of the marmaj DAO council (@chloe / @bianca / @mecsbecs) will reply to your post/proposal with next steps :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

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How about Joint issuance of Hakuna Matata NFTs?


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At the moment, we are only minting internal mints on the marmaj store, but we do have the Letsbbcre8iv store that anyone can join as a minter :ok_hand:t4:


I would like to gather the work in progress material for ‘Love and Affection’ in a short blog post.

So far I can show the first phase from sketch to lineart in two videos, and the beginning of the colouring and inking in some pics.

I plan to have the artwork up for auction on mintbase with 80/20 share, and 100/100 royalties in favour of the MarmaJ foundation.


This would be wonderful @serste, when you are ready to submit your proposal, feel free to create a new topic so you an organize your proposal efficiently.

Here is an example of a creative proposal that came in a couple of weeks ago from @TRENDHEO. The post starts as a [Proposal] and then as we work out the details, it’ll change to [APPROVED] and you can submit to the DAO after.


Hi! As I won the New User of the Month award for September 2021, I would like to summarize what I learned about the near ecosystem in this month of use, having my first experience with Marma J. The idea is to make a report, starting from my experience, to explain some concepts that I needed to learn and help other beginners, like me, to understand the NEAR platform. I am writing in Portuguese, my native language, but I also manage translations in English and Spanish. I’m already working on a sketch.


Awesome! This would be wonderful to support the Marma J Foundation and the community of individuals that may want to follow a similar pathway.

Technically you were selected from the Open Call for artists which we do on a weekly basis, but either way, it would be great to read more about your experience! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please create a new topic in the Marma J Foundation subcategory to note your ideas and your full proposal so that we can [APPROVE] this wonderful project idea.

Here is a guide: https://marmaj.org/marma-j-dao-proposal-submission-guide/

Once your report is added as a blog to the marmaj blog you are able to submit a payout proposal to the DAO.

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I was wondering if there’s need and space to write portuguese guides for Marmaj Blog… if yes… I would love to make about Marmaj Mintbase Store and Walkthrough of how to submit a proposal/bounty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If no… I would love to make too in english about how to submit a proposal/bounty to @marmajfoundation , with all steps.

I can write about my experience, doing a illustrated guide for the blog :white_heart:

Thank you for attention and love as always.


Personally I do not think we would need this type of a guide in Portuguese, google chrome auto-translates into whatever language you would like, and @bianca is going to add translation for other languages to the website through a plug-in.

As for guides in general, it is always helpful to have guides for how to interact with the marmaj community. I think that a specific guide for how to mint on the mintbase store could be helpful because it is unique. Minting on the letsbbcreativ store is simple enough, anyone can mint pretty much anything. For the marmaj store, since it requires a proposal first and also should be around the theme of “Love/Support/Positivity”, it can be a bit confusing to understand the process.

Feel free to submit a proposal on creating a guide on minting on the marmaj store (also can include how to set royalties and splits and other settings as well). I think that adding your experience would be great as well.

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Hi @chloe can i also join??
Making a blog post about MarmaJchan dtiy collecting in paras? Or about The Marmajchan Birthday? :heart:

Hi @Ligaya! Thank you for reaching out with your suggestion/ ideas :slight_smile: At this time the bounty is closed. Our apologies, we had discussed closing this bounty on a previous community call but forgot to change the title on the forum to reflect that.

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Hello @bianca would there be a chance to re-open this bounty sometime?

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Thinking that it should be open again for February with some new improvements. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Looking forward to that :relaxed: