[April] Marma J: looking for content creators and video editors

Hi Sandboxers and NEARians,

We are happy to invite you to collaborate with Marma J :star_struck:

Brief Description of Project

Marma J shares how we leverage Web3 technology for social good in their blog. The project goal is to educate our community members on how to use the applications, tools, and technologies available within the Web3 space so that our community and its members are empowered to support their individual and collective initiatives.

Brief Description of Project Opportunity

The goal is to use these guides as a way to educate and onboard the growing Marma J community in a fun and exciting way (walking people through using interesting Dapps)

Some of our previous guides:


Creation of more guides that would be useful for individuals entering the Web3 space that are looking to interact with the Marma J community (specifically on NEAR).

  1. Creation of blog articles

  2. Creation of a few highlight videos of lifestream on Marma J channel.

Required Skills

For the contribution to guides we offer 2 opportunities:

  1. Content creator for the Marma J blog
  • English fluency
  • Experience as a copywriter
  • Knowledgable about blockchain: DAOs, AMMs, DEXs, DeFi services
  1. Video editor for Marma J lifestream videos
  • Experience in video editing
  • Ability to emphasize the most important moments in materials

Favorable Skills

  • Native English - speaker


10 Marma J for an article/video



Next steps for you!

Are you interested in the project? Apply to the project through the project dashboard Projects Dashboard

We are accepting applications made through the form only

Drop a comment in case of any questions :blush:


Hi there, I am a video editor who knows a bit on the relevant subjects. I am trying to figure out how to apply to this “form only” you mentioned. Where is the link for that?

Hey, here through the button "apply’’ Open Web Sandbox | NEAR Guild