[APPROVED] Video Creation for Marma J Foundation YouTube - December

Following in line with this bounty (which is now closed): [CLOSED] Blog / Video Content Creation - marmaj x NEAR - 10 marmaj tokens

(I have been creating content for the DAO/community for a few months now)
Previous months

  • September:
  • November:

For December, the process was quite similar. There were a total of 13 videos (more days off for the holidays). The videos start here: Coffee with Chloe in the Morning - Marma J DAO - December 2nd - YouTube

For this proposal, I am requesting 130 marmaj to be transferred to chloe.near through a marmaj DAO payout proposal. (10 marmaj for each video)


This proposal is approved! Please proceed to request your payout from the DAO.