[Closed] April 2022 - Introduction of near to 1 million youths within Lagos Nigeria -

Project description: introduction of near protocol & nxm community to 1 million youth

I’m a youth coordinator and pastor of a youth church. I’ve been a creative art director for over 5 years teaching kids, teens and youths the creative art both in dance, music, drama, spoken word and even fashion/Tailoring. It’s given me a far & in-depth reach of young creatives across Lagos state, rivers state, Edo state and southern Africa.

I have a caring heart for young people and I pay extra attention to them always looking to see a positive change in their lives and being the youth pastor of a church with at least 1000 membership strength hosted weekly, one concern of mine for the past few years has been how to equip & empower most of them and provide everyone with a place/platform for them to express their creativity without limitations.

Live with INEC youth ambassador

Frank Edwards being made INEC youth ambassador


On set with a senior church pastor

Addressing an audience of 1000 youths on-site and about 3000 connected live via internet

With the discovery of the near ecosystem, I see that there’s so much potential for greatness if they all become a part of it and that brings me to the basis of this project proposal.

In the next 1 month, I’d like to have a series of major events that’ll reach out to at the very least, over five thousand [5000] young creatives in Lagos in the first event and Thereafter, within the period of 6 months, we aim to reach no less than 1 million youths across the whole state through series of events. They’ll be empowerment/creative events that’ll showcase music, dance, spoken word and exhortations In which the near ecosystem will be introduced.

Live on stage addressing an audience of about 100,000 people on-site and millions online which was broadcasted in several languages on several tv stations, showcasing in music and spoken word at the Tafawa Balewa square Lagos Nigeria during TOTAL EXPERIENCE 2016

The debut event project tagged (phase 1) will be broken into 2 stages.

Stage 1 : publicity and content generation.

  • This stage will kick off with bringing together most of our church members both active and non active to a venue we will use for content creation and weekly rehearsals towards the show-day. It’ll consist of at least 200 young creatives fully vibrant in their crafts which include dance, music, drama and spoken word.

  • During rehearsals, they all will be introduced into the near eco system and wallets should be opened for the interested majority.

  • Meanwhile, production of publicity materials will commence with printing of fliers, banners, branded t-shirts and face caps etc of which members of the church will go out daily for massive publicity and penetration into every street and block on the Lagos Island. We have every street and catchment mapped out for thorough sweep.
    Ground troops During one of our recent massive Street campaigns

  • through massive one-on-one publicity, data collation of everyone reached will be generated and used for follow-up to constantly remind them of the event and any questions they’ll need answered about the event.

Stage 2: The event

  • by this stage, we will be inviting very popular artist who will be coming to perform to a craving audience. We will capitalise on their fan-base and online followers to drive up publicity
  • we will be driving up publicity reach through online campaigns with bloggers, influencers, and all of social media platforms. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, telegram etc. And by the day of event, through physical and virtual publicity, minimum of 5000 people should have heard of the near protocol, NXM community and the web3. A call back center will be active and running to answer calls from both online publicity and one on one invitations.
  • We’ll begin decorating venue for event and getting little costumes And props for the performing acts.
  • on The D-day of event, we aim to host minimum of 2000 people on-site and onboard no less than 1000 people on that same day. While onboarding is going on, we will host them with drinks and snacks in branded nxm bags.

Funding scheme: Milestone based.

Metrics for measuring success: database will be generated through one on one publicity. A team of at least 30 people are on standby for this. They’re workers in my church and are dedicated to whatever project we undergo.

Phase 1 Goals:
• introducing 5000 youths to the NXM community to provide them a platform to explore and express their creatives
• onboarding Min 1000 youths and creating wallets for them all.
• create a telegram group and possibly a dao for gospel creatives as a church community is already in existence and will just be introduced into the near eco system.

I believe the potential here is limitless and I’m open to ideas & support from everyone to take it to the next level.

Every art put together and performed on that day of event will be captured in stills and minted. We believe that the event will be historic and no moment should be forgotten as every historic moment will be captured and minted into the NXM mintbase store.

@Hawwal will be invited to address the audience on NEAR ECO SYSTEM, COMMUNITY, BLOCK CHAIN and all It entails.

Time Duration:
phase 1 is estimated to take 3 weeks duration.

I will be using social media influencers for promotion, along side bloggers.

For first phase, Requesting a sum of $1,868

$509 for publicity items: banners, fliers, t shirts, face caps
$150 for online promotions with bloggers & influencers
$70 for rehearsals logistics
₦300 for booking fee for invited celebrity artist
$100 for soft drinks and snacks while onboarding is going on
$234 for the onboarding and activation of Near wallets.
$500 Event hall rent for day of event and studio rent for dress rehearsal


This project is not new to us as we have pioneered events like this, hosted subsequently, every year and I believe the introduction of near protocol/community to the people I lead can positively impact their lives and in turn, give them the opportunity to impact lives and community also

Recent event in the past


@marketingdao-council :slight_smile:

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This is good sire. 1milliom Lagos youth!!! That’s huge.
I like that the proposal is well written and detailed.


:heart: @moon thanks for comment sir

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@BigM007 thank a million. The future is NEAR. Let’s do it big. We’re gonna change lives. Change the narrative. We’ll make this world a better place

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Who is the “very popular artist?”

What is the venue / event hall?

How will people sign up for wallets?


Hi @Sholaspark – thanks for submitting your proposal. It looks like you’re quite new to the NEAR community. Have you participated in the community or ecosystem outside of this proposal?


Oh hi there, :blush: @so608 Oh yes I have.
I’m a crypto enthusiasts and I’ve been for quite a while. I was introduced into the near eco system by @hawwal but have been active in activities in NXM.

Good evening

Could you please create an Excel file and clarify these expenses with links on printing agency?

What stands for “ rehearsals logistics”?

I’m not sure about your country, but I can buy 480 coca-cola cans and 100 large bags of chips in Walmart. I think $500 is too much.

~ 70 wallets ?

Thank You

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This is will be massive provided the layout and strategy are implemented

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Hello @Sholaspark
I like your energy and enthusiasm.
How did you know about NEAR and who helped you with onboarding?
What previous events (where you meet with NEAR) did you visit?

Your proposal looks like a promotion (I see someone correctly tagged marketing-dao)
PS: sorry, onboarding-dao doesn’t support events with budget over $500

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Hi @dacha
Thank you for your kind response.
Kindly find attached excel sheet for publicity.

After putting a call through to the printing agency, I found out that prices had gone up a bit so budget is slightly off but has been adjusted in the sheet above

The target used to plan for this event are as follows: min up…
100 onboarded
1000 on site
5000 reached via one on one reach out and online publicity.

Please bear in mind that these materials well be used through it the 1 million youths campaign so in the next project, most of the items won’t be purchased again. Things like banners, t shirts, face caps. Except more hands are adopted for faster and wider reach.

Rehearsals logistics refers to the cost of transportation of everyone in the planning committee and also the upcoming performing acts for the day. It will also feature anything else unaccounted for that may arise in the process.

All expenses will be accounted for in final report.

These are the cost of refreshments as of today. Targeting for min of 1000 people during onboarding.
I assume it’ll take lots of days to onboard them so we’ll have it in batches. These refreshments should last them all during onboarding period.

Hi @mr_free

There were about 2 most recent I attended @larkim

Attended some metaverse events on cryptovoxel like MuTi live, and @larkims Traditional Event, and i also attended steeryo album launch last year.
before I got onboarded by @Hawwal. The last one I believe was hawwal’s nxm astro voyager live recording.


[quote="[proposal] April 2022 - Introduction of near to 1 million youths within Lagos Nigeria -, post:10, topic:17669"]
Oh yes I have. I’m a crypto enthusiasts and I’ve been for quite a while. I was introduced into the near eco system by @hawwal but have been active in activities in NXM.

It’s great. So, you are familiar with other blockchains, right? What blockchains are you familiar with?
Did you promote other blockchains before? if yes - share please your experience.
Thank you so much!

I’m familiar with blockchains, yes, but for promotion… Not really. I’m mostly an active trader in binance, octa fx…etc
But NEAR COMMUNITY is the first of it’s kind I’ve encountered hence my dire interest in it’s promotion.

I may be new in the NEAR COMMUNITY but I’ve been a leader & creative art director for years, managing thousands in my few years so most of my concerns have been the growth and empowering of young people being that I work with them daily.
This keeps me really busy with events That involves them. But with the discovery of the Near eco system and all it entails, I’ve keen interest because amidst all the happenings in the world today, I see it’s potential to really put the future in the hands of the youths.

These events are things that always happen with me and this current campaign,1 million youths In 2022, will definitely happen.

But I can only imagine the possibilities of NEAR coming on board. The ripple effect will be revolutionary.

P.s although I don’t think I tagged onboarding-dao because yes it’s really publicity and marketing initiative but I think daos should be able to come together, combining resources to make greater impact when/should need be rare opportunity presents itself.
We’re one after all.



If i got you right, important part of your life is fashion, I believe that you have at least one costume for events.

How many wallets were opened? Would be great to see a list of them. Thank You

I’m suggesting to you start the way with 10-20 people, and reduce rewards to $200-$300


Well, yes but those costumes have other branded designs on them from other events. I was looking at costumes branded with NEAR LOGO to drive the message in.

The Onboarding is today. Have quite a number of people who are ready and will be meeting with them shortly. But was awaiting final pay out to receive funds for onboarding but that hasn’t been approved yet.

Okay then, I’ll go with your suggestions. Perhaps, anything more might be really overwhelming.

I’ll adjust the necessary above. Thanks so much for your wise and kind response.:heart:

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Thank You. Yes, I think it’s great solution. Let’s start the ball rolling and see on results :muscle:

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Total budget now @ $1604 instead of initial $1804. @dacha