[Guild Report] Blaqk Stereo Dao May Report

May for all of us at Blaqkstereo was mind blowing. And we are so geared up for the month of June.

Project name: Blaqk Stereo Dao May

Project status: [in progress]

DAO: blaqkstereo.sputnik-dao.near

Project members:



We Upgraded our DAO on Astro from V2.0 to V3.0
Astro DAO (Blaqk Stereo Upgrade)

Telegram Program - Blockchain 101 2nd edition, Introduction to the Blockchain, NFTs and Near protocol.

Highlights: online call attendees 5-6 members.
We initially planned on having calls like this every third Friday of the month. But due to busy schedules of most of our members, we decided to choose every last Saturday for this call. Also we will be developing a very interactive course outline that will be available for our soon coming website. With these are several other entertaining projects we have coming soon.

Telegram group is at 22 members and growing.

Instagram at 188 and growing.

Twitter at 32 and growing.


TikTok at 6 followers and growing

Within the month we set up our YouTube channel where we intend posting all our video contents.
We got 2 subscribers and a accumulated views of 223.

Within the month, we added a new council member @Sholaspark
Here’s his introduction below and instagram profile:

Unfortunately @Larkim is a council in two DAO’s already so he had to step down as a council in Blaqk Stereo


@Hawwal can you add links instead of screenshots so info can be checked?
I also noticed that the council members changed from last month. One has left and another has entered but there is no mention of this anywhere in the report.

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Hi @ted.iv I apologize for the error, that Information skipped my mind while writing this report. I have updated the report with all the necessary information and links to each screenshot.