[Closed] Near Gospel Creative Workshop

My name is Timi Phoenix, I am a Contemporary Gospel artist based in Lagos Nigeria. Starting out in 2011, I have remained dedicated to releasing excellent contents that have included five albums, several singles and a catalogue of captivating visuals[videos] to further propagate the gospel. I have also collaborated with an array of gospel artistes contributing to projects in various capacities; from songwriting to singing, and performing at gospel shows. My commitment to contributing a quota in establishing gospel music as a valuable genre for this generation and beyond has remained a driving force. After My first introduction to the Near Protocol in June 2022, I saw a vision of an all-encompassing Decentralized digital platform that will yield an explosive growth. This vision is what led to the decision to execute a debut project under the NxM DAO. and in recent time work on other project in the Blaqk-Stereo DAO Near Tribe and more
So far, the journey has been a very interesting one with growing interests and support from artistes, producers and management executives, as we create this platform for the development of creative arts across Africa. All of these plans and efforts have led up to a groundbreaking, first-of its-kind event; The Gospel Creative Onboarding and Near protocol[web3] workshop. This will be held at [Kulture Yard] in Ikeja, Lagos, and will bring together 100 gospel artistes and creatives that are actively using their crafts to contribute significantly to the overall growth of the gospel music industry. Scheduled for a day with the month of September - October 2022, The event will be the start of a movement to establish a continent-wide Near Protocol.


To bring together a group of contemporary gospel artistes and content creators (creatives) in Nigeria and across Africa, equip them with knowledge of web3/Near Protocol.

Artist/Creatives content will be minted Under Gospel DAO Mintbase store and the revenue will be distributed to the creative / artist’s wallet. 10% will go to the dedicated Gospel DAO wallet for as returns on cost that will put in for promotion of sales of the NFTs minted and other Essential obligation of the DAO operations.

SCOPE OF WORK(Roadmap to event) ·

Pre-event activities In ensuring widespread publicity for the event, there will be sponsored posts and advertisements across all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) and blog posts about the event will also be published on viral online blogs ( Pulse). Influencers, including popular gospel artistes and ministers will also help in publicizing the event on their online platforms. Rollup Banner, Flyers and posters will also be strategically spread across the host city of Lagos to further generate awareness. ·
The event At the Gospel DAO event, a target of 100 – 150 people with vested interest in contemporary gospel music will be onboarded. The main event which is scheduled for 2 hours will be streamed live on Facebook and Instagram. Sessions will be anchored by web3 experts that will introduce the onboarded participants to the basic concepts of near ecosystem and ideologies behind NFTs and web3.
The opportunities that exist in this digital space will be further expounded including practical steps on how gospel artistes and creatives can take full advantage of this to promote their crafts and earn more from their work.
At the end of the event, a workplan will be developed to follow-up on the activities of each participant with the aim of ensuring measurable growth and expansion of the Near Ecosystem in the Gospel DAO.


  • Introduction to Web3 and Near Protocol Education

  • Open wallet for 100 persons

  • Question and Answers Segment

  • Integration of 100 creative to GOSPEL DAO Telegram/Discord group

  • Minting of NFTs of creative present at the event ( 40NFTs Artwork, Music & Unlockables )

Timeline : 5 Days From the Date Funding is Granted

I would like to request for a fund unto $1,230 to execute this smoothly

Target wallet : timiphoenix.near

Tagging @marketingdao-council

Items Description Cost
Venue [kulutre Yard] $250
Media (Sound, Photography Sound Eng. Projector ) $150
Publicity Sponsored Ads(Facebook $50) and Influencers (Pulse.Ng $150) $200
Artwork/Digital Fliers Near Protocol rollup banner and Fliers [design $50 /Printing rollup $70] $120
Drop Wallet Onboarding 100 Artist [Opening of Near Wallet] $100
T-Shirt Branded Near T-Shirts at $7 each $14
Refreshment Refreshment for attendees $200
DJ Music Entertainments and Performances [ DJ Humphrey ] $100
Near Rep. Including Organisers fees $100
Total Summary $1,230

I think this is nice , because I think the gospel music industry are not really Involved in web3 on like the secular.


As far as I understand, you are going to hold events. It’s a good idea. Who will you register 100 wallets for? Are 100 new users viewers? How will the introduction and training of WEB 3 take place?
Thx :blush:


The 100 wallets are for the Gospel artist and Creative that would be in attendance and they are also going to enlightened about The Near ecosystem and web3…we are having them introduction/integrated into the system through our platform


#gospel-dao telegram group :link: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Wow :star_struck: this is a nice move​:ok_hand:… A great Avenue to get gospel artists into web3… I’ve been hoping for this kind of move… I hope this get approved it’s a nice idea and I’m so sure this has many ways which it’s gonna impact near ecosystem… pls include educational class to make sure upcoming gospel artists know much bout Near protocols and NFTs… Good luck :muscle:


Really nice :+1:, I think your target is visible and


Hello @TIMI

Thanks for your proposal, however, it doesn’t follow our guidelines . The majority of Community Moderators have agreed to close your proposal. The main reason is that your proposal looks like a Marketing related proposal than Creatives action.

Feel free to submit your proposal in the next month!
Have a great week!

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Thanks for the feedback

Awesome goal.

Happy to support!


Looking forward to making it happen.

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Tagging @marketingdao-council for visibility


Tagging @marketingdao-council for visibility

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Hi @TIMI Thanks for the proposal – I understand what you’re aiming to do, and I appreciate and share your enthusiasm for NEAR.

While similar projects may have received Community funding in the past, I can’t support funding from the MarketingDAO for this right now for a few reasons:

  • I see a need to shift MarketingDAO priorities to focus on funding projects where I can see clear, significant potential for return on investment via long-term active users (not just opening wallets and onboarding, though those things are nice to have), new developers and allocating funding to projects with traction that need to grow faster than they could on their own.
  • I’d be more likely to support a future proposal if you could show metrics or some results/traction that demonstrate your community’s enthusiasm for NEAR. We have seen a lot of events project that onboard people, get people to open wallets, encourage them to create NFTs, but ultimately it has not show a massive impact to the NEAR ecosystem or its regular, active user base.
  • Last but also important, this proposal is for an event that is two days away – I recommend submitting future proposals with at least 5 weeks lead time

While I can’t support this at this time, I do encourage you to continue to participate in the ecosystem, stay active and perhaps connect with some of the Community members who are deep into the music scene and NFT marketplaces to look into way a project like this might be structured to encourage greater impact.


Thanks for your proposal,

The event sounds like a grea experience. However, contrary to what the Creatives DAO believes, I am of the opinion that this proposal is squarely on the Creatives DAO domain. The test is simple:
are people showing up to the event or are they showing up for the music? People are showing up, as far as I understand, for the music. Any wallet creation or NFTs are ancillary and with questionable benefit.

I do not support this proposal

Thank you for your feedback I would like to clarify;

  • The metric - the workshop towards creative is stated to have in attendance a minimum 100 attendees and we propose to onboarding them and this are creatives, we propose they will be actively involved in the growth of this eco-system. I also stated that the onboarded Enthusiast are to be channeled to a group to ensure they are provided with all necessary assistant to enable there smooth transition and operation in the growth of the ecosystem

  • The returns from this particular event - NFTs are going to gotten from artist, art music and other creative we expect this are to be minted on the mint base store

  • Day for event - this was stated prior to this particular date but due to the delay it’s most definitely will be adjoined,it’s now depending on the day its approval

Am looking forward to a review on your remark for this reasons

cc @so608

Thank you for your feedback however;

  • The event is not a music concert, it’s a Workshop. The aim is for education and training on web3 and the Near protocol.

  • Attendees are creatives which cut across the demography of those who can utilize and contribute greatly to expansion and growth of the ecosystem. This includes Programers, Animators, Art creative (Artist), Musicians and much more, It’s not a music concert.

I would believe this clarifies the point

Thank you

cc @satojandro

This are the excerpt reasons for which this workshop is based on
The last two are additional factor are to consolidate the main purpose and maximize the onboarded potential to ensure there effectiveness or efficiency

Cc @so608 @satojandro

Hi @TIMI thanks for your proposal.

I appreciate your idea of organising a workshop but would echo the points made by @so608 and would encourage you to find a way to address these issues.

Unable to support in current from.

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