[CLOSED] 70 near to be won by Vself project 2022 ( Till 6th Nov )

Hello Nearians
Welcome to the vSelf and NearInsider Giveaway!

:woman_technologist:t3: vSelf is working on delivering a decentralized identity platform to the web3 community. Our digital life is dominated by big tech companies, which is convenient on the user experience level but leaves us with very low to no rights to our personal data and account. In vSelf, we aim to bring ownership over personal data back to the users.

:green_heart: Story to tell:

Share your story on what kind of problems with the digital identity you have encountered.
Tell us if you have experienced issues with

  • privacy/ data leakage
  • censorship or deplatforming.

What did you do? How did you fix this problem?

Feel free to use any medium to tell your story. No limits, just your creativity and authenticity. Post it in this TG group and let our team choose the winners.

:star:Total prize: 70 $NEAR
TOP 1: 35 $NEAR
TOP 2: 20 $NEAR
TOP 3: 10 $NEAR
TOP 4 (2): Each gets 5 $NEAR

:alarm_clock: Deadline: Nov 6, 2022, 23:59 GMT

:eye: Rules:

*Note: It’s Mandatory to join all the Social Channels :sparkles:

More Info about :


Link of your telegram group pls??