Proposal: NXM guild membership eligibility

Hello My name’s Abdulrahman Damilola also know as Scarman , I’m applying for the NXM membership eligibility. My Near Tag is (Ace17.near)
My background on music : I started writing and recording songs in october 2016 in which i had my first studio session too ,prior to that i was a regular freestyler nothing serious about my music till i decided to take it up a notch in october 2016 since then I’ve released some tracks. but due to lack of funding for pr i had to take a break ,and work on perfecting my craft for the mean time till I’m ready to take on the world hitch free.
Recently i took interest in creating Music NFTS in a way to also support my mainstream music career independently , I’m glad to be a part of NXM and the respective Dao’s cause i know it’ll be integral in achieving my goals, and it’s also helped me understand the web3 better whilst connecting with other creatives in the ecosystem.
PS. I mainly do Afrobeat and Alté music

I joined NXM sometime in May 2022 but before that i was a member of the ReggaeDaO where i partook in the First DAO mixtape with the track “Bondolo” feat Mubzy.

Dao’s I’m in: I’m an active member of ReggaeDaO where I’ve taken part in the first Dao mixtape as earlier stated and also the First Dao live performance show too, A active member of The spirityut Dao ,BeatDao and also Dj Dao e.t.c

Here’s a link to my profile on Audiomack : .
Few of my songs are on here
I can provide more links to some unreleased stuffs too if requested.
And i own Exclusive rights to all my Songs and Instrumentals.
I’ve not minted my First music NFT yet I’m looking forward to doing that with The NXM guild . If I’m considered eligible for an NXM membership badge.
Thank You


Congrats @Scarmanbaba !
You have received NxM Membership Badge, please check out your wallet (ace17.near) to see it.


Wow thank you I’m honored

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