[ CLOSED ]3d Assets for NEARHUB

Hello Near Communty

We want to propose a bounty for the development of 3D assets to be used and shared among the near ecosystem at nearhub.online

We asked for a budget of 300 usd to buy 10 assets from the community members. They should be presented as a .glb file to be posted at the CC NEAR folder, under a CC license.

Please share the asset at a reply under this post, with a 4 view render and a perspective view.
Specify the number of polygons, materials, and size of the file. We will choose 10 from this list, then get in contact to trade the glb, and you will be eligible to get a reward of USD per asset choosed by the Guild Council

Original material only. Thank you and Good Luck


Oii ameiii quero tentar participar mas nao entendi a pasta

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A pasta vai ser onde os arquivos glb criados ficarao hospedados pra quem quiser usar, sobre licensa cc de remix

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The folder is where the files will be hosted, for the community to download and use it.

foram criados um sapo, uma cachara, um peixe, um conjunto de pedras, uma flor, um conjunto de flores, uma araucária, uma árvore, uma espada-de-são-jorge e uma carranca, conforme apresentados abaixo.

we’ve created a frog, a Barred sorubim, a fish, a set of stones, a flower, a set of flowers, an araucaria, a tree, a snake plant, and a wooden frown sculpture, as presented below.

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haha que legal, ficaram demais! Muito obrigado.

@CasaLocomotivaStudio had some trouble with the forum posts, so we create a drive folder and put the images there. They created these material and was choosed by the clan council.

These are the 3D assets developed for NEARHUBs

batch 1

batch 2

all the GLB files are already uploaded at the drive CC Folder and can be downloaded, remixed and free to use at CC BY 3.0 REMIX license.

We are ready for the transfer.

300usd to casalocomotiva.near


@jefedeoro check these assets.

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